We are happy to report that Mawnan Parish Council has submitted to Cornwall Council, on behalf of the NDP steering group, the finished draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. On receiving the draft plan proposal and supporting documents, Cornwall Council is responsible for checking that the submitted neighbourhood plan has followed the proper legal process, such as the neighbourhood area being designated, and that the legal requirements for consultation and publicity have been followed.

The full draft Mawnan NDP is a total of 16 documents, totalling over 1,000 pages. Some of these were external documents, such as the AONB management plan, but many of the others were documents that were available to you when we ran the public consultation online last September and October, but revised to take account of comments and observations raised with us.  

The main additions were a Basic Conditions Statement demonstrating how we have followed the necessary legal steps, and a Consultation Statement which focuses on the consultation last autumn, but also includes a summary of previous community engagement and consultation that has been undertaken. It summarises the main outcomes of such engagement and how this informed the content of the NDP.  

All the documents are now on the Mawnan NDP website ( and may be directly accessed clicking here.

The link will take you directly to the page on the website outlining with a brief description each and every constituent document, and enabling you to click on any of these you may wish to read. The main Policy Document, along with the Non-Designated Heritage Assets and Local Green Spaces documents, have seen some minor changes to take account of comments, observations and corrections submitted to us during the consultation last autumn. The Consultation Statement, and its appendices, is a new document required of us at this time.  It contains a huge amount of information (the appendices alone total 598 pages including in-full the correspondence we entered into with those who had submitted comments).


Once Cornwall Council has finished their legal scrutiny of the submitted draft they will publicise it online for a further 6-week period and will notify anyone referred to in the Consultation Statement that the plan has been received.  Any representations received will be passed to the independent examiner who will be appointed; we will give you more information when this stage is reached.

We have had no opportunity for a full year during Covid to hold meetings at which we could explain what we were doing, and answer your questions, but intend to return to these as soon as restrictions on public gatherings allow.


In February last year we included with one of these newsletters an activity map for December 2019 showing progress towards a neighbourhood plan across Cornwall’s 213 Parish and Town Councils.  Below is an updated map (the most recent available) to July 2020.  Area 87 is Mawnan, and coloured orange it shows only that our Parish had been designated as an area for a development plan.  When the map is updated we will have jumped two steps and will be coloured green!  We are making good progress although the restrictions of Covid-19 slowed us down quite a bit.  The map is available online in a larger and clearer format at


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Acting on behalf of Mawnan Parish Council, the NDP Steering Group is charged with the widest possible consultation with parish residents on the plan they produce. Therefore, we maintain contact records from public events and meetings to demonstrate contact and to help us organise our business.  This data will be held securely and confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, will not be shared with third parties except where we use a bulk mail service such as MailChimp, and will be used to inform you of NDP progress and related matters of interest.  The data will be destroyed on completion of the NDP process.  Your rights to privacy are set out in our Data Privacy Notice which can be accessed via the website at  If you have any concerns about our data holdings please contact the Data Controller whose details are given in the Privacy Notice.
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