On June 17, some 20 parishioners attended our last steering group meeting and were presented with an over-view of the policies which we propose to include in the first formal draft of the Mawnan Neighbourhood Development Plan.  Following discussion with the Parish Council, this will be the version of the Plan to be submitted to Cornwall Council for screening as to potential environmental impact, and whether we will be required to produce a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) document.  We do not expect to be required to produce an SEA, and therefore hope, after due consultation across the parish, to complete this stage a bit later than hoped, but anyway by the end of September.  

We are fully aware that to date only the 20 who attended the meeting on June 17 have some understanding of the emerging Plan, but the intention is that following submission to Cornwall Council this early draft Plan will be made available to everyone in the Parish, through a link in one of these newsletters, by posting on the NDP website, as a printed copy or copies available for reading in the Cornish Maid café, and at a small exhibition in Mawnan Smith village in September.  You will be encouraged to comment and make suggestions at that time; at the meeting various questions and issues were raised (such as measures to mitigate the impact of climate change on future development) which likewise will help us as we further refine the contents of the NDP.

On 1 July, 2019, Cornwall Council’s planning officers refused permission for the proposed development as being contrary to a number of Policies within the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030, as well as being contrary to the aims and intentions of a number of paragraphs within the National Planning Policy Framework 2019.  You can read the refusal in full HERE (click ‘documents (17)’ then ‘Refusal notice’) or on the Cornwall Council Planning portal using reference PA19/02775.

In particular, reference was made that any application put forward on the basis of affordable housing need should include evidence of such need, and in this case the planning officer concluded that the registered housing need has already been met by recent existing development in Mawnan Smith.  The Mawnan NDP will include a policy which addresses this issue and supports schemes which genuinely respond to the local needs of the Parish and which provide housing at prices below the affordable housing price thresholds defined by Cornwall Council, especially working in conjunction with Community Land Trusts or Housing Associations.

The planning officer made specific reference to the Mawnan NDP: “Mawnan Parish Council is in the process of drawing up a Neighbourhood Development Plan for its area through a Steering Group.  The emerging NDP is at an early stage in its preparation and to date no draft plan has been published, consequently it carries no weight in the consideration of planning proposals at this time.  However, the NDP will continue to gain weight as it progresses towards being ‘made’.”  This is a clear pointer to your steering group that we should move as quickly as possible to complete the task ahead of us.  Whilst no mention is made of the large number of comments against the application made by members of the public on the planning website, they must have made an impression on the planning officer as a demonstration of the level of opposition to the proposed development.


Cornwall Council owns 91 farms covering 10,819 acres (4,489 hectares), equivalent to about 1.5% of Cornwall’s land area and making it the third largest local authority owned Council farms service in the UK.  Farming in Cornwall contributes £594m to the local economy of which around £15m, or 2.5% is attributable to the Cornwall Farms Estate.  As you probably know, one such farm is Meudon Farm located on the Maenporth Road.

The Council has launched a public consultation on its future strategy for the Farms Estate and invites comment from members of the public amongst other consultees.  You can learn more about the County Farms Strategy by clicking HERE as well as reading the Draft Strategy 2019-2039 and the Consultation Summary, and then there is a Survey in which you can submit your views and comments.

You may recall that a couple of years ago the UK government required all local authorities to submit details of their land holding that were theoretically available for housing development, and Cornwall Council was required to include (among others) Meudon Farm as being ‘available’ for some 1,800 houses - a co-called Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).  You can read the latest update on the SHLAA HERE.

An accompanying statement reads:

"A site's inclusion in the Assessment does not imply that it will be made available for housing or granted planning permission. The SHLAA is a technical study and not a policy document. It will identify possible housing sites and assess overall housing potential to support the development/review of the Local Plan as part of the evidence base and inform the brownfield register."

We have been assured that Meudon Farm is not being considered for housing development, but of course in the long-term policies and strategies can change (the review refers to having a 50-year time horizon).  This strategic review of its farm holdings is an opportunity, if you so wish, to encourage Cornwall Council to continue its ownership of the farms as a vital and growing contribution to the economy, landscape and environment, and not succumb to the pressures of turning any of their holdings into building sites - and especially those in an AONB.

You may have noticed in the Falmouth Packet on June 26, that a planning application had been submitted seeking permission to build 30 houses in Mabe, which Mabe Parish Council has “vigorously” objected to and has recommended it for refusal to Cornwall Council.  Mabe is some two years behind Mawnan in considering an NDP, but this application shows that the pressure from developers to build significant numbers of new houses in this general area continues unabated.  

It is not expected that there will be any meetings of the steering group in July or August.  But, as mentioned above, we do hope to make the first draft NDP document available for you to read - it is a substantial document of over 80 pages, plus the Local Landscape Character Assessment document many of you have already read in the Cornish Maid café (do drop in and ask Sarah if you haven’t already done so), PLUS a further similar sized document on the design and character of the built environment in the parish.  We will let you know as soon as possible when and where these are available, and we will plan for a modest exhibition of the Policies and findings early in September to allow you to talk to us about the proposals, their justification and their intention.  Remember, this NDP is YOUR NDP, and everything it contains has been derived from the answers you gave to the questionnaire last summer and the comments you freely submitted then and at various events over the preceding year.  We expect to put in an appearance at Run Mawnan on September 22 to give you yet another opportunity to talk to us about the Plan.
Minutes available online:
Latest minutes available online at
Survey results available online.

You can now view and download the NDP survey results in pdf format here.


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