You may have heard, but probably most of you will be as yet unaware, that last Thursday the Mawnan Parish Council voted 5-4 in favour of supporting the application for a development of 11 houses on Penwarne Road between the existing row of houses and the house immediately adjacent to the entrance driveway to Grade II* listed Penwarne House, and less than 200 yards from the boundary of the AONB.

Councillors Philip Moyle (chairman), Graham Marsden (chair of the planning sub-committee), Malcolm Faiers, Peter Bradley and Caroline Toland voted to support the scheme, whilst Councillors David Nash, Jackie Whibley, Anil Prasad and Tim Brooksbank voted not to support it.  Councillor Rex Sadler was an apology for the meeting.

In our newsflash last week we reminded you that in the survey we conducted last summer 93.5% of you said you would not wish to see new developments of over 10 houses, and that more than three-quarters (77.7%) of you did not wish to see new developments of over 5 houses.  The survey pointed out that historically around 7 new homes were being constructed in the parish each year, and that was likely to continue, so your opinion, and accompanying comments, were for development in addition to those 7.

The NDP steering group considers that the parish council vote flies in the face of your declared preference as to how the parish should accommodate growth, and deals a blow to the value of the survey of opinion that some 340 of you took the time to participate in.  The team who have worked hard over the past two years, starting from a base-line of no special experience in this field, to bring forward a Neighbourhood Development Plan which highlights the wishes of the residents, and the many volunteers who have supported them, will justifiably feel very let down, especially as the parish council gave no prior indication of their intention to support this application although they had been in discussion with the applicant for at least 18 months.

It is not too late to place your comments on Cornwall Council’s planning website, quoting reference number PA19/02775.  You may comment in favour of the application, or against by giving your reasons why you do not support it.  BUT, THE DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS THIS THURSDAY, 25TH APRIL.

We believe there are good planning reasons why this application should fail. If you look on the planning website you will see some objections which have been put forward, and you can, if you wish, include these in your own comments.  In addition you might feel that some of the comments below, in your own words, reflect how you feel:
  • Cornwall Local Plan Policy 3 states that proposals should consider the significance or importance that large gaps can make to the setting of settlements and ensure that this would not be diminished.
  • The existing housing on Penwarne Road is a low density straggle of houses which Policy 3 excludes as being suitable for continued ribbon development
  • The Cornwall Supplementary Planning document makes clear that any development proposal put forward as being a rural exception site for affordable housing should be affordable led and "viability appraisals should work backwards from 100% affordable housing with the number of market homes limited to the absolute minimum necessary to cross- subsidise the affordable homes”.  
  • The application is for a ’significant’ development outside a settlement, which is contrary to the Local Plan. 
  • The development is contrary to the democratically determined wishes of the residents of the parish that new developments should be limited in size, with 77.7% not supporting developments of over 5 new houses.
  • Mawnan parish has already fulfilled any requirement to contribute more open market housing to that required of Cornwall as a whole.
  • The Cornwall Local Plan Policy 27 does not support development which would increase the likelihood that addition road traffic would result if residents have to use their cars to go anywhere. 
  • Penwarne Road is the main road into Mawnan Smith from outside the parish, the traffic is swift and there are no pavements.  It is not suitable for pedestrians.
Other comments will continue to be uploaded onto the planning website.

The NDP team hopes you will feel moved to place your own comments on the Cornwall Council planning website.

 Over to you.

If you wish to view this application, or comment on it, you will need to go to the Cornwall Council website and search planning application number PA19/02775. The direct link to the application is here.
Survey results available online.

You can now view and download the NDP survey results in pdf format here.


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