Our recent newsflash about the outline planning application (with all matters reserved) for eleven houses on the Penwarne Road sparked a total of 37 comments on the Cornwall Council web-portal, none of them in favour of the application.  The Highway Development Management also lodged an objection.  As you know, the NDP team view this application as not in line with the clear preference expressed in the survey of opinion last summer when 93.5% of respondents voted not to support developments of more than 10 new houses, and 77.7% voted not to support those of more than 5 new houses. 
We would like to thank those who took the time and trouble to register their objections to this outline application in such detail and so forcefully.  If you haven’t made a comment on the Cornwall Council web-portal it should still be possible to do so although the official closing date was April 25: we understand that even late comments and objections will be noted and may be taken into account. The application number is PA19/02775.



The next meeting of the NDP steering group will be held on Monday 13th May in the bowling club at 7pm, and all are welcome to attend. This meeting is headlined  “Meet The Consultant” when we will introduce you to James Evans the planning professional who is helping us to prepare the initial draft of the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan which will in due course go to Cornwall Council for scrutiny. In the meeting on May 13th James will explain in detail the process going forward, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more fully how an NDP can affect future planning decisions.
Then in June, when we hope to have this first draft Plan available, James will explain how objectives and policies within it reflect the matters raised through last year’s public consultation. That would be the version submitted to Cornwall Council for their assessment as to whether the direction of the NDP requires further supporting reports to proceed to the subsequent stages, which will involve formal public consultations. The June meeting therefore is when we hope to share with you the policies we have drafted and the supporting evidence for inclusion in the NDP, and invite your feedback and comments: that will be a key opportunity to get involved and shape the policy direction within the NDP before it proceeds to formal consultation.
Upcoming dates:         13 May, 7pm the bowling club
                                    17 June, 7pm the bowling club

All residents of the parish are invited to attend. If you have mobility issues and find it difficult to get to the Bowling Club, especially on dark evenings, pop a note with your name and phone number in the NDP mailbox in the Mawnan Smith bus shelter, or email and we will contact you to try and arrange a lift for you.



Two separate documents will form part of our Plan, one being a Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA) and one being a Settlement Character Assessment (SCA).  The former has already been produced and a copy is available for you to read (not to take away!) in the Cornish Maid Café; we understand that some of you have already looked through it.  When the Settlement Character Assessment document is likewise ready we will let you know so you can look at that too.  If you saw friends or neighbours walking the streets with notepads and clipboards, and taking photographs, they were making the observations about our built environment that is the core of the SCA, and which none of us want spoilt by inappropriate additions, whether so by scale, location or their design.

Representatives of the parish council and the NDP steering group recently attended a meeting arranged by the Cornwall Council to explain how in future their planning team would be structured.  Essentially Cornwall will be divided up into 8 areas, each with an allocated planning team (we are in Area 3 with Falmouth and Penryn), supported as and when required by a countywide specialist team.  The idea is that the teams will become very familiar with the areas they are responsible for and can develop good working relationships with the town and parish councils in that area, as well as other interested parties such as NDPs.   We welcome this innovation if it lives up to its promise.


The May 1st edition of the Falmouth Packet carried the story about housing developer Wainhomes resubmitting plans to build two new homes at Swanvale on a site that locals want to keep as open space. This is a reminder that developers can always make changes to previously agreed plans, including coming back for permission to build more houses than initially agreed. 
In Mawnan parish we have had experience of the way in which developers alter their plans. 
Falmouth Town Council has voted to recommend refusal of the plan: Cornwall Council will take the final decision.
In another story a Cornwall councillor is reported as calling for the government to give back responsibility for building control to local councils in a bid to improve the quality of homes being built by developers.  This follows the discovery that hundreds of new homes in Cornwall had been built without vital fire safety barriers.

Minutes available online:
Latest minutes available online at
- Draft minutes from January's meeting
Note of a Briefing to the Mawnan NDP SG held on 3 Dec 18
Survey results available online.

You can now view and download the NDP survey results in pdf format here.


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