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No Fear

Self-knowledge is the fruit of action. We learn about ourselves through the choices we make. It’s within our life experiences that we find glimpses of the person we’re meant to become (if we pay attention). 

The Hero’s Journey is just as much about reading our lives backwards as it is about creating the future. The journey teaches us that to move forward, we sometimes have to cast off from the harbors where we previously dropped our anchor. We don’t need to remain hostage to world views, values, and ambitions that no longer fit us.  

Clothes. Friends. Lifestyles. As we grow, both physically and metaphorically, we outgrow things that once fit us. In the mid-90s, I loved No Fear T-shirts. They fit perfectly. Their in-your-face messaging appealed to my 16-year-old self. Today, not so much. 

I don’t feel the need to wear shirts that remind everyone that second place is the first loser…No Fear. Plus, if you handed me something from my highschool bedroom closet, I would physically struggle to squeeze into it today. Just like I would struggle to fit into some of the friendships I’ve had in previous stages of my life. 

Values. Worldviews. Ambitions. They evolve and grow as we do. The titles and accolades we once chased fit us like a 90s No Fear t-shirt, but now it is time to move forward. 

Thankfully, they weren’t all for not. They gave us experiences. 

Our experiences up to this point are important to our story. They contain unharvested wisdom about ourselves that we need to take the time to examine during the upcoming journey. It’s in these experiences we learn about our values, our priorities, our strengths and weaknesses, and our likes and dislikes. Without them, we most likely wouldn’t have been ready to answer the call. 

The Hero’s Journey is about inner growth, and we may be required to take it at multiple stages of our lives. But, that’s another discussion for another Sunday. 

So next week we will look at the Call to

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