Dear Friends of the UCSF Aging, Metabolism, and Emotions (AME) Center, happy summer! We are excited to share a few updates from our research team. Scroll below to  join a research study this summer, browse our latest media, and take a look at the brand new AME website!
Featured Event

Cultivating Stress Resilience 2.0
The Science of Renewal 

September 20 - 22, 2019
1440 Multiversity

Immerse yourself in a deeply restorative weekend with Dan Siegel, MD, psychiatrist and executive director of the Mindsight Institute, and Elissa Epel, PhD, psychiatry professor and health psychology researcher. This research-based weekend workshop will integrate mindsight with the science of stress resilience and healthy longevity through didactic presentations. 
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Participate in AME Research!
Become a part of Stress and Resilience Study at UCSF!

AME Center invites women ages 30-60 to be a part of a study that aims to support women in learning new stress resilience techniques. Ready to try something new? Join our study at and tell friend!
Recruiting research participants for the CLIF Study!

One of our faculty members, Dr. Alexandra Crosswell, is currently recruiting older adults (age 60 - 85) for a short research study.
We are seeking older adults to come to our research lab for a study on physiology, emotions, and computer tasks. This study involves a 15 minute online questionnaire completed at home, and a 1 hour visit in to our research lab in San Francisco (3333 California St). During the visit you will answer questions about your life and emotions, and complete computer tasks. You will also be connected to non-invasive physiological equipment that will monitor the activity of your heart and breathing rate.

There is no risk involved in this study. For your time you will be compensated $40.
Contact Sheyda at  (707) 739-6803 for more information
Featured AME Story 

Mindfulness as a Tool to Combat Stress and Overeating at UCSF.

Dr. Rachel Radin, Ph.D., is investigating the relationship between stress and unhealthy eating choices through mindful eating practices. Read more about Dr. Radin's experience and current research project on the new AME Website. 
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Interested in joining a study that incorporates mindful eating? Learn more at 
New Media 

Dr. Elissa Epel on Telomeres and Role of Stress Biology in Cellular Aging

Watch Dr. Epel share the latest research on telomeres and the role of stress biology in cellular aging as a guest on Found My Fitness with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. 

The UCSF Guide to Healthy and Happy Eating 

This twelve step guide to healthy eating in the 2019 UCSF summer magazine highlights the work of several AME faculty and collaborators, such as: Drs. Aric Prather, Elissa Epel, Rachel Radin, Frederick Hetcht, Andrea Lieberstein, Laura Schmidt, Ashley Mason, Andrea Garber, Hilary Seligman, & more!
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