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  • They Support Trump. They Want Him Impeached. – Emma Green, The Atlantic – We will never know what our political landscape might have looked like had the Republicans put forward a presidential candidate in 2016 who could plausibly buttress their claims to represent non-elite, non-coastal hoi polloi. But some such folk, at least, would be happy with a deus ex machina that resulted in a 2020 candidate who talks and acts a little bit more like, well… a midwesterner. 
  • What Will Happen to Conservative Catholicism? – Ross Douthat, The New York Times – In a world with daily upheaval of yesterday’s status quo, it’s still quite striking to observe an institution that has generally operated on a somewhat longer time scale evolving in the span of mere decades. Of course, this isn’t actually the first time the Roman Catholic Church has experienced fairly significant shifts; Ineffabilis Deus and Vatican II both occurred within the last 200 years. For Protestants in particular, the current conundrum faced by Catholics who aren’t willing to relinquish core tenets of their faith to follow the pope is weirdly recognizable.

  • This essay is just Harry Potter for people who think comparing things to Harry Potter is stupid – Rosa Lyster, The Outline – Usually when I make a clever analogy from, say, the plot of Children of Men to “millenials whose pets are their children”, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling that I’ve somehow made the world a better place. Yet perhaps an ability to connect the dots between bits of pop culture isn’t a perfect correspondence to the ability to meaningfully reflect on and dialogue with the world I live in...

  • God’s Garbage People – Matthew Schmitz, First Things – A healthy reminder that godless secularism still isn’t the most pressing concern for Christians in many parts of the world, but also, and more generally, that being a religious minority doesn’t mean having to give up your faith; instead, your faith needs to be a lot stronger. We in the West have much to learn from our sisters and brothers elsewhere.


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