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  • The Noonday Demon – Jonathan Malesic, Plough – In an age of what Josef Pieper called "Total Work," we can come to believe that we have no value beyond what we do; jobs become identities, and free time becomes a curse. A robust ethic of leisure is the proper weapon to fight off the demon of acedia.
  • A Smile Transformed – Eve Tushnet, America – A tender look at the lives of people with terrible teeth, many addicted or homeless, and the restorative relationships formed with the dentists who serve them. Their service is no mere transaction, but a bond of trust formed as someone is lifted from a place of shame and learns to laugh again.

  • What Is a Nation? – Myles Werntz, Mere Orthodoxy – In the opening essay of Mere Orthodoxy's symposium on Christianity and nationalism, Werntz argues that while borders may define a nation, they are more porous than the stark lines on a map would indicate. A nation's people is tied across time and space to others through relationships of inheritance and economics, and this reality is crucial for more deeply understanding a nation's identity. The symposium has responses so far from Matthew Lee Anderson, Jake Meador, and our own Matthew Loftus.

  • Cars All but Banned on One of Manhattan's Busiest Streets – Winnie Hu & Andrea Salcedo, The New York Times – New York's subways are an icon of public transportation, even while countless commuters on buses are stuck in the city's famously congested traffic. But on 14th St, no longer, as the once-crowded thoroughfare has been closed to cars. While our hearts bleed for the poor driver who has to drive five (5) whole blocks out of his way now, this is a promising step towards arranging cities around actual people, rather than their vehicles.
  • A Doctor's Dilemma – Randianne Leyshon Holbrook, UMBC Magazine – This is not RICOE-commissioned material, but it may as well be: a profile of RICOE editor Matthew Loftus, written by the wife of another RICOE editor, with photos taken by the wife of another RICOE editor, published in the alumni magazine for the alma mater of three RICOE editors and even mentioning RICOE itself. RICOE.

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