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  • The Accidental Masterpiece of Gucci Menswear – Ben Sixsmith, Arc Digital – In the universe of problems facing our modern society, high fashion probably doesn’t make it into the top 50, and using a single fashion show as an example of progressivism-gone-wrong feels more than a little like proof-texting. But to the extent that many of our institutions have been busily reifying the exact caricature that their opponents had been (unjustly) sketching out for decades, it’s a tiny bit instructive to see this through the lens of something less likely to be the hottest of hot button topics among our readership.
  • Is Everyone Female? – Eve Tushnet, Commonweal – A second entry in this edition’s series of analyzing a thing you may not think about very often in the service of something that hits a little closer to home. Whether or not you are willing to grant the premise that femaleness is about subjection, Christ certainly granted the premise that redemption was about subjection, even unto death - albeit a subjection defined by its utter triumph over the same. If you follow him, perhaps it would be as well to more regularly explore whatever aspect of your being is less traditionally masculine.

  • Only Telephones Are Good – Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic – Leaving aside for a moment the question of whether we should encourage such clickbait-y headlines, this (perhaps slightly tongue-in-cheek) argument for the absolute superiority of telephones is a reminder that not only is efficiency not the raison d'être of humanity, but in fact humans have a remarkable ability to organize fairly efficient systems out of nothing more than humans talking to one another. 

  • What My Epilepsy Taught Me About the Value of Time – Elizabeth Bruenig, The New York Times – As usual with Ms. Bruenig, this is partly a history lesson, partly a moving meditation on the well-lived life, with a reasonable dose of Roman Catholicism thrown in for good measure. But the value of God-given time and how it interacts with our individual maladies, both physical and spiritual, is worth contemplation beyond the few minutes it takes to read this article.


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