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Latest Releases

Photo credits: Darlyne Komukama; Allison Joyce/Getty Images; Manar Shukri

Case Studies on Addressing Early Childhood in Three Host-Country Contexts

RTI International, Jul 2020
Commissioned by the Moving Minds Alliance, the case studies in Bangladesh, Jordan and Uganda explore the experiences of families with young children in accessing early childhood services in refugee-hosting contexts, based on site visits, interviews with stakeholders including parents and caregivers, and policy document review. 
Read the cross-country analysis > 
Read the case studies > 
Photo credit: Manar Shukri

Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

RTI International, Jul 2020
In this blog post, Katherine Merseth King, RTI's Director of ECD, summarizes her team's case study findings – including common challenges and promising practices – and makes recommendations for action.
Read the blog >

Featured Resources

1. Photo credit: UNICEF/UNI333202/Bhardwaj

Global Guidance on Reopening Early Childhood Education Settings 

UNICEF, World Bank and UNESCO, Sep 2020
This guidance note outlines key principles and practical measures for decision-makers to consider before, during and after the transition from closure to reopening.
Read the guidance >
Source: Save The Children

Protection Beyond Reach: State of play of refugee and migrant children's rights in Europe

Save the Children, Sep 2020
This report aims to highlight key changes that affect children, looking at five key themes – protection at Europe’s outer borders, immigration detention, access to asylum and residency, family reunification, and guardianship. Read the report >
Photo credit: Daniel Wheeler/NRC


Norwegian Refugee Council, Sep 2020
A recent NRC investigation revealed that displaced children in the Middle East are reporting an alarming increase in stress levels triggered by fear of COVID-19, a trend particularly concerning for young children and their future development. Read the report >

COVID-19: A reason to double down on investments in pre-primary education 

UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti, Sep 2020
This paper provides a benefit-cost analysis of investments in pre-primary education in 109 developing low- and middle-income countries and territories, using data from 2008 to 2019. Read the report >
Photo credit: Aga Khan Development Network/Lucas Cuervo Moura

Nurturing Care Quote Cards

Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development, Sep 2020
Incorporating quotes from nurturing care champions, these social media cards are designed to help amplify the Nurturing Care Framework's message at the global, regional and local levels. Access the cards >

The Key: Education and Early Child Development & COVID-19

Theirworld and Global Business Coalition for Education, Sep 2020
A toolkit of resources equipping stakeholders to make the case in advocating for education, including ECD. Access the toolkit >
Photo credit: Ryan Donnell/Sesame Workshop

COVID Experiences in the Context of a Challenged Economy: Data from the Ahlan Simsim Project in Lebanon

NYU Global TIES for Children, Aug 2020
Findings from phone-based surveys with teachers, teacher aides and caregivers suggest that the current pandemic and accompanying economic crisis have turned already difficult realities into dire ones for many caregivers. Read the report >

Additional Resources

Upscaling Community-Based Early Childhood Programmes to Counter Inequality and Foster Social Cohesion During Global Uncertainty T20 Task Force 4: Social Cohesion and the State, Sep 2020

Sector-wide analysis of early childhood development and education in emergencies in Colombia and considerations to strengthen systems globally New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, Sep 2020

Economic Costs of Preprimary Program Reductions due to COVID-19 Pandemic Inter-American Development Bank, Sep 2020

Early Childhood Development and Sustainable Development Goals Think20, Sep 2020

Impact of a two-way short message service (SMS) to support maternally administered childhood mid-upper arm circumference monitoring and expand malnutrition screening in Kenya: the Mama Aweza trial protocol BMJ Open, Sep 2020

Pregnant Immigrants and Asylum Seekers During COVID-19 Women's Refugee Commission, Sep 2020

The Effect of Early Childhood Education and Care Services on the Social Integration of Refugee Families ZEW Centre for European Economic Research, Sep 2020

Guidance Note: New Design for the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) Tape UNICEF, Sep 2020

Pathways to a more peaceful and sustainable world: The transformative power of children in families Development and Psychopathology, Sep 2020

Protecting the Future: Education Response During COVID-19 Jesuit Refugee Service USA, Sep 2020

The abandoned children of the Islamic State The Lancet, Sep 2020

Webinar Series Report: Young children amidst COVID-19 ARNEC, Sep 2020

Translational research to support early childhood education in crisis settings: a case study of collaborative working with Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education, Sep 2020

Two Diverse Communities Who Are Refugees Transforming Their Parenting and Self Efficacy Skills through Early Childhood Education IntechOpen, Aug 2020

Transnationalism and care of migrant families during pregnancy, postpartum and early-childhood: an integrative review BMC Health Services Research, Aug 2020

Navigating the Nexus: A brighter future for refugee and host community children in West Nile, Uganda World Vision, Aug 2020

Improving Early Childhood Education in Rural Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Aug 2020

Unseen Costs: The Direct and Indirect Impact of U.S. Immigration Policies on Child and Adolescent Health and Well‐Being Journal of Traumatic Stress, Aug 2020

Protecting Forcibly Displaced Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic UNHCR, Aug 2020

Recommendations for the New GPE Strategic Plan Global Campaign for Education, Aug 2020

Beyond School Walls: Inspiration From Disruption Education Above All, Aug 2020

Learning in a COVID-19 World: The Unique Risks of Falling Behind for Children in Humanitarian Settings IRC, Aug 2020

Family Separation: Barriers to Reunification of Syrian Refugees in Jordan University of Notre Dame, Aug 2020

The plight of the ECD workforce: An urgent call for relief in the wake of COVID-19 Early Childhood Workforce Initiative, Aug 2020

Access to citizenship for abandoned children: how migrants’ children become ‘stateless’ in Japanese orphanages Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Aug 2020

Qualitative Research on Key Early Childhood Behaviors in Cocoa and Non-Cocoa Communities in Côte D'Ivoire Busara and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Aug 2020
Skilled breastfeeding counselling UNICEF and WHO, Aug 2020

Child malnutrition and COVID-19: the time to act is now The Lancet, Jul 2020

Documenting Syrian Refugee Children’s Memories: Methodological Insights and Further Questions International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Jul 2020

Mobile Child Protection in Urban Settings Plan International, Jul 2020

Newcomer families' experiences with programs and services to support early childhood development in Canada: A scoping review Journal of Childhood, Education & Society, Jul 2020

Childcare in a Global Crisis: The Impact of COVID-19 on work and family life UNICEF-Innocenti, Jul 2020

Lessons learned evaluating the baby friendly spaces program for south Sudanese refugees in Gambella, Ethiopia Conflict and Health, Jul 2020

Supporting Young Children after Crisis Events Young Children, Jul 2020

Save Our Education Save the Children, Jul 2020

Maternal, paternal, and other caregivers’ stimulation in low- and- middle-income countries Plos One, Jul 2020

Safe Back to School: Technical Annex 7: Additional Considerations for Early Learning Programmes (ELPs) INEE, Global Education Cluster, Global Protection Cluster, Jul 2020

Impact of conflict on maternal and child health service delivery: a country case study of Afghanistan Conflict and Health, Jun 2020

Early childhood suspected developmental delay in 63 low- and middle-income countries: Large within- and between-country inequalities documented using national health surveys Journal of Global Health, Jun 2020

The High Cost of COVID-19 for Children: Strategies for Mitigating its Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank, Jun 2020

Age-related patterns of early childhood development practices amongst rural families in Burkina Faso: findings from a nationwide survey of mothers of children aged 0-3 years Global Health Action, Jun 2020

Refugee Families with Children with Disabilities: Exploring Their Social Network and Support Needs. A Good Practice Example Frontiers in Education, Jun 2020

If not now, then when? The importance of intervening early to provide family-based environments for all children The Lancet, Jun 2020

How should we study intergenerational trauma? Reflections on a 30-year birth cohort study in Soweto, South Africa Somatosphere, Jun 2020

Connecting the Brain to the Rest of the Body: Early Childhood Development and Lifelong Health Are Deeply Intertwined Harvard Center on the Developing Child, Jun 2020

Global Call to Action in the Context of COVID-19 for Children in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings Early Childhood Peace Consortium, Jun 2020

Effects of the Mother-Child Education Program on Parenting Stress and Disciplinary Practices Among Refugee and Other Marginalized Communities in Lebanon American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Journal, Jun 2020

Migration and COVID-19: Venezuelan children between a rock and a hard place World Vision, Jun 2020

The Syria Crisis: No Lost Generation Advocacy Brief No Lost Generation, Jun 2020

The situation and the role of Early Childhood Development in the context of Syria and Iraq crises No Lost Generation, Jun 2020

Parenting Styles and Programs: What Works for better Parenting in the MENA Region? UNDESA, Jun 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees in Greece Refugee Trauma Initiative, Jun 2020

Webinars & Multimedia

Unlocking Early Childhood Education  

Theirworld and Global Business Coalition for Education, Sep 2020
At a side event on the margins of the UN General Assembly, panelists discussed the importance of the early years and identifying concrete actions to ensure universal preschool is funded, accessible and equitable for all children. Watch the panel >

The Healing Power of Learning Through Play: Adapting and Scaling Play-Based Early Childhood Development

BRAC and CPC Learning Network, Sep 2020
In this webinar, speakers from BRAC, Columbia University, the LEGO Foundation and Sesame Workshop showcase the development, implementation and evidence collected from iterations of the Play Lab model. Watch the webinar >
International Rescue Committee

COVID-19 — Solutions for Pre-primary Education

INEE and UNICEF, Sep 2020
Focusing on ECD in humanitarian settings, panelists offered a framing of the global pre-primary education landscape and shared insights into innovative examples from the field. Watch the webinar >
Source: Brookings Center for Universal Education

Scaling impact in education to reach the world’s most vulnerable children

The Brookings Institution, Aug 2020
Jenny Perlman Robinson and Patrick Hannahan discuss how Real-time Scaling Labs generate evidence and provide practical recommendations around the process of scaling impact in education, including early learning. Listen to the podcast >
Journal on Education in Emergencies

Early Childhood Development and COVID-19

Journal on Education in Emergencies, Aug 2020
Interview with Muna Abbas, Country Director for Plan International-Jordan, in which she describes how the pandemic has affected the region’s refugee population and people on the front lines of ECD service delivery. Listen to the podcast >

Promoting Early Childhood Development Globally in the Time of COVID-19

American Academy of Pediatrics, Ummeed Child Development Center, Hilton Foundation, Aug 2020
A panel of experts addressed the impact of COVID-19 on ECD programs and provided tangible ways to promote ECD during the pandemic. Watch the webinar >

News Digest

The IRC and LEGO Foundation partner to bring remote-learning opportunities to refugees and displaced children during COVID-19 IRC, 23 Sep 2020

CRS Applauds House Passage of Global Child Thrive Act Catholic Relief Services, 22 Sep 2020

Discover the New Knowledge Hub on Early Childhood Development in Latin America and the Caribbean! Inter-American Development Bank, 21 Sep 2020

Healing the wounds of war and displacement to ensure the future for Colombia's next generations Harvard Graduate School of Education, 18 Sep 2020

Children’s continued learning and welfare should be at the centre of decisions around school re-open WHO Africa, 18 Sep 2020

Greece/EU: Bring Moria Homeless to Safety Human Rights Watch, 16 Sep 2020

Depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy may harm childhood development, study finds CNN, 15 Sep 2020

Bringing School to Jordan Children Living in Lockdown War Child Holland, 10 Sep 2020

COVID-19 could reverse decades of progress toward eliminating preventable child deaths, agencies warn WHO, 9 Sep 2020

Change in the humanitarian sector, in numbers The New Humanitarian, 9 Sep 2020

“Years don’t wait for them”: 5 Things to Do Now to Protect Children’s Rights During Covid-19 Global Washington, 4 Sep 2020

COVID-19: At least a third of the world’s schoolchildren unable to access remote learning during school closures, new report says UNICEF, 26 Aug 2020

Bangladesh & Myanmar: More than 100,000 Babies Born in Refugee and Displacement Camps in Recent Years Save the Children, 24 Aug 2020

From Chaos in Moria to Despair in Athens, Greece Human Rights Watch, 20 Aug 2020

During the pandemic, are the little kids all right? Survey shows COVID is taking a toll now and will in the future. USA Today, 19 Aug 2020

Conflict and coronavirus spark a hunger crisis in Burkina Faso The New Humanitarian, 19 Aug 2020

Protecting the Mental Health of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic (and beyond). Communication Is Key. Inter-Amerian Development Bank, 17 Aug 2020

Displaced children need education support in a language they understand Global Partnership for Education, 17 Aug 2020

Children in Beirut suffer from trauma after deadly blast AP News, 12 Aug 2020

The importance of monitoring the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on young children and their families World Bank Blogs, 11 Aug 2020

80,000 children displaced due to Beirut explosions UNICEF, 6 Aug 2020

Reflecting on the Second Year of Ahlan Simsim: Expanding Our Reach Sesame Workshop and IRC, 5 Aug 2020

Children will pay long-term stress-related costs of Covid-19 unless we follow the science Stat, 4 Aug 2020

Children in Central America and the Caribbean facing dual threat of stronger hurricane season and COVID-19 UNICEF, 3 Aug 2020

Mothers and their babies look to the future in northeast Nigeria IRC, 3 Aug 2020
How Kenya is fighting back to protect breastfeeding: Addressing infant formula industry tactics during COVID-19 Healthy Newborn Network, 1 Aug 2020

Life as widower and a single father in a refugee camp during COVID-19 emergency AVSI, 31 Jul 2020

A newborn survived an attack at a hospital in Afghanistan. Now the long road to recovery begins. The World, 30 Jul 2020

Using Technology to Communicate COVID-19 Health Information to Hard-to-Reach Communities ELMA Philanthropies, 22 Jul 2020

A year with no school: Mental health fears rise for Kashmir’s children The New Humanitarian, 21 Jul 2020

40 million children miss out on early education in critical pre-school year due to COVID-19 UNICEF, 21 Jul 2020

Opinion: During Difficult Times, New Hope for Malnourished Children Newsweek, 16 Jul 2020

Caring at a Distance – Psychosocial Support for Refugee Children in Greece International Step-by-Step Association, 14 Jul 2020

Early childhood development centres help young children cope with refugee life UNICEF Uganda, 14 Jul 2020

Time to Care: Childcare as an Opportunity for Children, Families and a Strong Economy ECDAN, 14 Jul 2020

Why has a two-year-old girl lived her entire life in Australian immigration detention SBS News, 8 Jul 2020

EU Solidarity on Migrant Children in Greece Could Change Lives Human Rights Watch, 7 Jul 2020

There was an effective vaccine. An outbreak struck anyway. The Washington Post, 7 Jul 2020

WHO’s early years childcare guidelines have changed - Here’s everything you need to know World Economic Forum, 6 Jul 2020

'I saw so much killing’: how therapy is helping South Sudan's refugees The Guardian, 2 Jul 2020

From survive to thrive: The 70-year battle to change how governments support families Quartz, 30 Jun 2020

Physical play with fathers may help children control emotions, study finds The Guardian, 30 Jun 2020

Not just numbers: Syrian families identify their needs and concerns as war enters tenth year UNICEF, 29 Jun 2020

Let’s Not Leave the Youngest Children Behind Center for Global Development, 26 Jun 2020

What Happens When Kids Don’t See Their Peers for Months The Atlantic, 24 Jun 2020

Urgent action needed to safeguard futures of 600 million South Asian children threatened by COVID-19 UNICEF, 23 Jun 2020

30 Years Ago, Romania Deprived Thousands of Babies of Human Contact The Atlantic, 23 Jun 2020

Two young refugees, 500 books, and a new way to learn during COVID-19 IRC, 22 Jun 2020

COVID-19 as a risk factor for obstetric violence Healthy Newborn Network, 19 Jun 2020

How far do citizenship laws in European Union Member States safeguard the children born there from statelessness? European Network on Statelessness, 12 Jun 2020

Events & Opportunities

Job Opportunity: Education Programs Manager
Organization: iACT
Deadline: 5 Oct 2020
Location: Hermosa Beach, California, USA

Annual Conference 2020
Dates: 5-9 Oct 2020
Organization: Zero To Three
Location: Online

2020 Annual Meeting: Infectious Disease Outbreaks and the Protection of Children
Dates: 5-16 Oct 2020
Organization: The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
Location: Online
Job Opportunity: Project Coordinator, Early Childhood Care and Development
Deadline: 9 Oct 2020
Organization: Save the Children
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Job Opportunity: Senior Researcher, Education
Organization: IRC
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Call for Papers: Volume 2, Issue 1
Deadline: 12 Dec 2020
Organization: Journal of Childhood, Education & Society
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