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LV 427 Designs 24 Hour Exclusive Free STL. Hungry Trolls: Bretonians Kickstarter. WoW Buildings Free STL. Sync Ratio Systems 4 Free STL files. Alternative Armies Free Miniature On Every August Order. Interview with DMG Miniature Factory.
LV 427 Designs
Exclusive Free STL | Only 24 Hours!

The system allows for a quick setup time. Just grab a corridor, get the design going, add a few rooms here and there, drop in the door, you're done! Storage is a breeze with this, no more pieces falling all over the  place. Feel like a prison? Maybe a medical bay? Just grab a tile and go!

"I have a set of these. They are amazing! I want more. I want all of them!"
 - Sereth Painting

$0.00  $12.00
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Hungry Trolls: Bretonians Kickstarter
Offer Ends in 3 Days
For only $29.40 you will have more than 35 models and 50 items to build your beloved and “special” Bretonian army.  You will be able not only to build a Fantasy Army, only you put the limits to enjoy them as you want in your hobby.  Include presuported files FREE.
50+ STLS  For only $29.40
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WoW Buildings

Free Destroyed Tank STL | Ends in 11 days!

Welcome to WoWBuildings latest Kickstarter, we have themed this around the Chernobyl disaster and more modern times. Buildings, vehicles, miniatures, are all included in this one, and if you back it via this link and quote at the end you will get an exclusive free miniature, with various backing types including a seller license you can't go wrong.

$10,652 pledged of $1,113 goal

110+ backers

$0.00  Quote
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Alternative Armies

Ends September 1ST | Free Hann Merchant

August at Alternative Armies!  Free Hann Merchant in packages, great for 28mm and 15mm scales sci-fi and fantasy. There is a lot happening in August. The Ikwen are coming! Erin cetlic myth is returning!

$0.00  In every August order
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Sync Ratio Systems Kickstarter

Free Miniature Bases STLs | Bottom of KS Story | Ends in 25 Days

We're providing digital files for a range of thematic bases that you can 3D print to use with your miniatures.  Each base has four different versions including flat, flat with supports, magnet holes and magnet holes with supports.  Square version and base toppers unlockable through stretch goals. 

$2,104 pledged of $5,000 goal

100+ backers

Early Bird Sets  Regular tiers
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The Creator
Chad Hoverter - DMG Miniature Factory
Into it deep and quitting his job to sculpt full time Chad through DMG Miniature Factory took his destiny into his own hands. Learn here out it all started & where he's going next!
Why Did You Start DMG Miniature Factory?
Quit my job in 2014 to sculpt full time, partly because I had always wanted to make my living doing something creative and I was more and more disillussioned with the daily grind in the corprate world.

How did you ever get into the sculpting business?
Just luck I guess, I had gotten to the point where I was so heavily converting fugires that I decided I need to learn how to just straight up
sculpt what I wanted instead of cobbling things together.  About that same time, two of my friends just happened to be designing a game that needed miniatures. So it sort of just fell in my lap.  A few years later I quit my job and started sculpting full time.  

How did you come up with your name?
LOL really dumb, but I had a core group of friend and we had a chat room.  At the time I was very fond of Guinees beer. And so when I joined the chat room I signed in as DrinkMoreGuinness. almost 20 years later Im still DMG, even though I dont even drink Guinness anymore lol

How Did You Come Up With Focusing on miniature sculpting?
As mentioned above it was just kind of a right place right time thing. I had a need for making my own minis and a customer. Hasn't really stopped since then.

What Have You Been Working On Recently? 
Well, freelance is picking up a bit, but in the past few months I''ve ben spending most of my time on DMGMinis Patreon, making 40k proxy minatures. Right now, my focus is Grey Knights. I also moonlight with another Patreon channel called Dark Foundry Miniatres whene I make Spatran themed 40k proxies.

Can you tell us what might be upcoming?
I'm almost done with the core units for Grey Knights so Im starting to sprinkle in some Thousand Sons stuff.

What's Been Your Favorite Sculpt to Date?
Probably my Dreadknight. non- baby carrier all the way!

What does an average day look like for you from start to finish?
Up by 5:30am, coffee, emails and Patreon issues, coffee, sculpt til about 7:30am, coffee, wake up the wife and kid, coffee ... now water ... sculpt til dinner and then its time to hang with the fam for a couple hours before bed! 930pm-10pm (yeah Im old)
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