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Charlie is a former SFACC dog, then Rocket Dog Rescue doggie, now a pandemic hero. He has been accompanying an essential school worker to greet people when they enter the school for temperature checks. ... "He's there for the frayed nerves of the parents+teachers+students. He sleeps well after these days where he's had the kids work him over.“
Dear Friends,

During this season of short days and long reflections on what is important in our lives, we think about how animals—indoor pets and outdoor wildlife—have helped us this year while sheltering in place. Perhaps we appreciate more the beauty of birds, squirrels, and other creatures encountered on walks or outside our windows. At home, our pets have helped us stay sane; they rely on us but we rely on them too, for comfort.

As the year comes to a close, we’re grateful for the compassion, generosity, and bravery that has touched us in different ways during these long months. And we hope for better times. Every day, SFACC embraces challenges with heart and innovation, continuing to rescue, rehome, and reunite animals of every species. In November, 82 animals found their forever homes: 12 dogs, 63 cats, and 7 (other animals). And an even greater number were transferred to specialized partners, including 29 dogs, 75 cats, and 60 others.

In this issue, we share stories of animals lost by circumstance and found through the care and love of humans; reunions and photos of furry friends welcomed into new homes; and dogs who traveled the extra mile to just the right rescue partners. We find the brightness that shines when our community comes together to help animals in need.

Wishing you all health and peace. 

In gratitude,
~The Friends of SFACC
SIP Update for SFACC

The shelter building remains closed to the public until further notice. The agency continues to offer limited services, available by appointment. Staff is available by phone from 8:00am to 5:00pm (415) 554-6364. For animal-related emergencies (animals that are injured, sick, in distress, loose in traffic, neglected or abused) call the SFACC dispatch number at (415) 554-9400. Animal Control Officers are on duty between 5:00 am and 12:00 am. Please visit for updates. For Volunteer program updates, please call 415-554-9414 or email 

A Special Pup Comes to SFACC
Paris was surrendered to our shelter with hind-end paralysis after she chased a cat off a balcony. This sweet, young puppy immediately stole everyone's hearts with her friendly, happy-go-lucky demeanor while she dragged her back limbs behind her to saddle up beside the nearest human. We dusted off a long-stored donated wheelchair and MacGyver’ed it to fit Paris just right. With a little coaxing and a lot of treats, Animal Care Attendants, Behavior & Training, and Vet Staff took turns doing “wheelie” sessions with Paris to get her comfortable in her new contraption. Fast forward a week and not only was Paris cruising around behind our staff in the hallways, she had a wonderful adoption partner, Pit Crew, ready to take her on and find her a forever home thanks to our Dog Transfer Coordinator, Katy. Paris’ story is a great example of how much SFACC accomplishes through collaboration, both internals and with our partner organizations. 
An Update from PitCrew: "Paris had her first vet appt Friday and will be back to see her Physical Therapist next week! We adore her and her new name is "Daphne" as in Diaper Daphne. She is in great spirits and being a regular puppy stealing slippers & paper towel rolls.”

Watch her initial rescue by Officer Fenson, broadcast on LiveRescue.

Here's a video of Paris/Daphne wheeling around the SFACC yard.
USF P.A.W.S. Student Fundraiser
P.A.W.S. at USF, otherwise known as Promoting Animal Welfare through Service, is a University of San Francisco student organization that brings awareness to animal welfare and volunteers with Bay Area shelters and organizations. This fall, the group chose to help SFACC and held a virtual fundraiser, selecting much needed items from the shelter wish list, like collars and bully sticks for dogs, cat heating pads and scratchers, tropical fish food, and more. All of the donations were quickly distributed when they arrived at the shelter and the animals—not to mention the animal care staff—were so excited to have this enrichment. ...Huge woofs and meows to Nicky Lam and the generous P.A.W.S. team!  
Road Trips - Dog Transfers in November
Thanks to ACA/Dog Transfer Coordinator Kathryn Jones and a dedicated team of volunteer drivers, many dogs have been transported to partner organizations by SFACC volunteers and staff. Sharing a few recent trips...

FELIX went to rescue in Orange County with a breed specific rescue, DC Dogos).

Beautiful POUND CAKE went to Sacramento (thank you transport volunteer, Terri Matranga!) with NorCal Bully Breed Rescue.

DOLLY MEADOWS and JEFF BRIDGES, who were great playmates in the ACC yard, are off to be service dogs for veterans as part of Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) Pets and Vets program.

was escorted by volunteer transporter Jess McAntee to Oregon. “This loving and handsome, but anxious boy is starting over with the help of South Coast Humane! He had a fun drive up and we enjoyed a sleepover along the way. Thank you to Kathryn Jones for finding placement for him and supplying a deluxe swag bag of puzzle toys, stuffies, and treats to keep this smart boy entertained. And also to the shelter staff for helping him hang in there til it was go time!”

Breaking News: The Animal Control Officers of SFACC  are featured on A&E Live Rescue Show: Fridays & Saturdays at 6:00 pm. 
EPISODE: Officer Stephanie Pone rescues a pigeon from someone’s chimney.
EPISODE: Officer Rebecca Fenson picks up a very special puppy. Pittie pup Paris was paralyzed after a fall and learns to use a wheelchair. 
EPISODE: Officer Pone assists a skunk stuck in a hole.
EPISODE: Officer Dayna Sherwood helps a coot who got lost in a backyard get back to the water where it belongs.
EPISODE: Officer Pone helps a hawk trapped in a courtyard between two buildings.
Wildlife Around Us
Baby raccoon rescue! Thank you to San Francisco Fire Department and our Animal Control Officers! The story from SFFD: Neighbors called 911 for loud cries and screams in the area of 15th and Santiago. The source was a trapped baby raccoon. SFACC responded and could not free the baby raccoon. That’s when #SFFDT18 Truck 18 was called to the scene. The crew took a quick lesson from SFACC on how to calm and comfort the Raccoon. They then went to work freeing the baby raccoon from a V split in a large tree, where somehow the raccoon had become wedged. After a few minutes of rescue work, the raccoon was free only to clutch and hold onto the firefighters who had just saved its life. In light of recent events, we have named him FREEDOM. Freedom is now in the care of SFACC and will be released to continue its life, with a few new friends who will always be there if needed. We are #yoursffd.
Fall Recommendations from SFACC Partner Wildcare…
If you're planning a tree pruning, wait to trim trees until trees lose their leaves to be sure all young animals and birds have left the nest. If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal, call WildCare (415-456-SAVE (7283)) or SFACC dispatch (415-554-9400) to determine whether the animal needs help! These handy flowcharts will help you determine whether to intervene: Found a Baby Mammal flowchart OR Found a Baby Bird flowchart.
Touching a baby animal will NOT cause its parents to reject it. This is a myth. Some young animals may not need rescuing; please call first if you're not sure whether an animal needs to be rescued.
Stuck snake. This gorgeous python was trapped under a fence; our Animal Control Officers unstuck the snakesnag, brought him to the shelter, and now he’s happily in rescue.
San Francisco Animal Care & Control is taking appointments for Commercial Dog Walker Permit processing and vehicle inspections. Vehicle inspections are on the first Thursday of each month. The next inspections will be held Jan. 7, 2021. Call (415) 554-6364 to make an appointment.
Microchips work! After being missing for four weeks from another county, Shadow was reunited with his family thanks to his microchip. Chip your pet and keep the contact information up to date.
Covid-19 and Pets
Until we learn more about how this virus affects animals, treat pets as you would other human family members to protect them from a possible infection. Because there is a small risk that people with COVID-19 could spread the virus to animals, CDC recommends that pet owners limit their pet’s interaction with people outside their household and follow these guidelines:
  • Keep cats indoors when possible and do not let them roam freely outside.
  • Walk dogs on a leash at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from others.
  • Avoid public places where a large number of people gather.
  • Do not put face coverings on pets. Covering a pet’s face could harm them.
  • There is no evidence that the virus can spread to people from the skin, fur, or hair of pets. Do not wipe or bathe your pet with chemical disinfectants, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any other products not approved for animal use.
Talk to your veterinarian if your pet gets sick or if you have any concerns about your pet’s health.
Featured Animals for Virtual Adoption
Mama cat AUTUMN (A448376) is a gentle soul with a kinked tail. She raised her kittens in a foster home and is now ready for her own forever home! This petite (~6lbs) orange tabby cutie can be somewhat skittish, so previous cat experience is a plus. She will readily come to you and loves to be pet and to play with toys. To adopt Autumn, submit this virtual adoption application.
CARINA (A446561) is a tortoiseshell kitten that originally came into the shelter in September, shy and undersocialized as a community (semi-feral) kitten at around three months old. She has been spending time in a loving foster home where she's become adjusted living the life of fancy feast, a warm cozy bed, and the companionship of the older resident cats. She is relatively calm and sweet but can by shy at times. We recommend an experienced adopter for her with no young children, but resident cat-savvy cats are highly recommended as they'll continue to bring her out of her (tortoise) shell.
Sweet NUTMEG (A449275) exudes coziness just like her namesake spice with her gentle face licks, warm body leans, and heart melting eye gazes plus an amazing pair of ears. Nutmeg was found as a stray in the Bayview and is interested in new people, cars, tennis balls, and cuddling. She has heard a thing or two about force-free, positive reinforcement-based training and thinks it sounds right up her alley. This two-year-old beauty is sure to warm up the life of whoever gets to adopt her. Nutmeg's adopters should have previous dog experience. A family with kids 8 years and older might be a good choice for Nutmeg.
LULLABELL (A449538) is a sweet and wiggly little big girl. She is a social butterfly who shows off her wiggly booty when she meets people in the shelter hallways. This one-year-old Boxer mix is energetic, playful, clever, fun-loving, and eager to please. She will benefit from a positive reinforcement training class and will certainly bring excitement and joy to the lucky person or family that adopts her."
Meet LUKE SKYHOPPER (A448562), who is destined to rise from his humble beginnings (hopping around the streets of SF) to be one of the greatest buns you'll ever know. Very social, handsome, and good natured, Luke Skyhopper is here to rescue you from life without a bunny. Cute and curious, this is the rabbit you're looking for! Luke should be the only bun in his household.
The animals available for adoption change daily. Keep checking with us on Facebook and the SFACC website. If you're interested in an animal, please complete the online application for virtual adoption. If you don't find the pet you're looking for, search the many local rescue groups and
Stories and Adoption Updates
For more shelter stories, fundraising news, and adopted animal updates, visit these links:
Happy Adoption Tales
Wildlife Updates
Featured Animals for Adoption
News & Events
Community Partners
Interested in Fostering?
See all available animals on the SFACC website and FACEBOOK.
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Don't miss Officer Edith!(@OfficerEdith)
Over 1,000 cats and kittens have been adopted from SFACC's Cat Adoption Center at the Pet Food Express store, 1975 Market St. The website description usually notes if a cat is at PFE. You can also check by calling the store (415) 431-4567. Thank you, Pet Food Express, for helping SFACC cats find their people!
Adoption Specials
**Virtual adoptions are underway! Check for updates.
  • When you adopt two animals, the second adoption fee is discounted 50%.
  • Animals who have been available for over 30 days, are 8+ years old, and special medical/behavior adoptions are discounted 50%.
  • Senior adopters: inquire about discounts. 
  • There is no fee for an adult dog or cat adopted by a veteran.
  • Adopters of all pit bull-type dogs receive a Welcome Home Gift Bag with toys and treats. 
DID YOU KNOW? ...All animals that you adopt from SFACC receive:
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • A microchip (dogs/cats)
  • Up-to-date shots
  • License (dogs/cats)
  • One free visit to an S.F. veterinarian
Immediate Need Update
The dogs at the shelter chew away their stress with these bully sticks! Find them on our Amazon wishlist or purchase anywhere and drop them off. Select Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control on and ship directly to the shelter.
Thank you so much for all the recent donations! Our storage is full to bursting! If you’d like to support us, please consider donating to Friends of SFACC to help support our work. Your donations of any size fund ongoing shelter programs and supplies that are not covered by the SF City budget. SFACC is grateful for their community of adopters, volunteers, and donors. We appreciate your support!

Check out the current capital campaign for the new shelter!
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