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Channel Classics has a new EXCLUSIVE EARLY RELEASE for NativeDSD Listeners only. Obsession by Niek Baar and the Netherland’s Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra is available in Stereo and Surround Sound DSD and DXD.

Bass Trombone
Clare Farr’s
Loudmouthed Beauty is an album of concert pieces showcasing all the best parts of the bass trombone. Released on LAWO Classics label.

Vinyl to DSD
Live At Birdland is an album of jazz standards by Paul Kuhn and his trio. Another album transferred from vinyl to DSD by Sommelier du Son. Check out a related blog post by engineer Dirk Sommer.

Renowned Ravel
Renowned violinist Lina Tur Bonet plays Ravel on À Moune, her latest release with Challenge Classics.

Choral Classics
Challenge Classics
is also releasing the latest album from vocal ensemble Cappella Pratensis titled Apostola apostolorum. The ensemble performs nearly-forgotten choral manuscripts from the 15th century.

Channel Classics Special

We have teamed up with Channel Classics in celebration of their latest release to offer NativeDSD Listeners a Special Discount.

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Sommelier du Son Special: 5 Days Left!!!
25% Off 4 Sommelier du Son albums. Ends Tuesday, August 23rd end of day Central European Time.

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Exclusive Early DSD Release

One Week Before Official Release Date

This album is available 1 week ahead of its official release date,
for NativeDSD Listeners only!

Niek Baar’s Debut Album

On this recording, Dutch violinist Niek Baar returns to the pieces that inspired him to become a violinist. Together with the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, he recorded wonderfully romantic, well-known and exuberant repertoire, including Ravel's Tzigane, Tchaikovsky's Souvenir d'un lieu cher and Tartini's Il Trillo del Diavolo.

The connection between the musicians is palpable. Niek says that “The Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra played every moment as if we were playing the most intimate chamber music repertoire, and that inspired me to take risks, to go outside of my comfort zone, and perform as a whole with each other.”

Niek plays a magnificent and rare violin made in Cremona in 1729 by Carlo Bergonzi. On this recording produced by Jared Sacks, you hear the ‘core’ of the instrument, including all of the gritty elements that accompany the sweet, soprano tones that the violin is most famous for.

New DSD Release

This albums is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

The Beauty of the Bass Trombone

"Despite its loudmouthed reputation, there is so much beauty in the bass trombone. The aim of this album is to showcase all the best sides of the bass trombone: robust yet fragile, colourful and flexible, juicy bass notes and beautiful melodies. By commissioning and playing new works and allying myself with great friends on trombone, organ, harp and piano, I have attempted to give new colour to the bass trombone repertoire. I hope the album can be of inspiration for many future bass trombone recitals."
– Clare Farr

New DSD Release

This albums is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

Swinging from Analog to DSD

Paul Kuhn and his trio made a guest appearance at Birdland on March 21st, 2010. Delighting the audience with performances of standards including It Don't Mean A Thing, Puttin' On The Ritz, As Time Goes By and Route 66.

Sommelier du Son recorded the entire concert in both analogue and digital. Sommelier du Son is proud to be able to present you with the Analog Recording by the swinging man at the piano.

Dirk Sommer from Sommelier du Son has transferred the album from the Original Analog Master Tape to Stereo DSD 256 using the Mytek Brooklyn Analog to Digital Converter. It is exclusively available in Stereo DSD 256 as well as Stereo DSD 128 and DSD 64 at NativeDSD. The additional editions of the album were created by Tom Caulfield at NativeDSD Mastering Labs using the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering software.

New DSD Release

Exquisite Violin Music

"Ever since I was a student, I have dedicated much of my practicing, studying and concertizing to Ravel’s music. I have always admired his virtuosity which, contrary to other virtuosic music, does not seem to me empty or banal at all. I have also often felt that, had I been granted the genius to compose, it would have been in a spirit similar to Ravel's as I feel deeply identified with his music.”

- Lina Tur Bonet

New DSD Release

15th Century Choirbooks, Sung again

The devotional organization Brotherhood of Our Illustrious Lady (Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap) - founded in 1318 in the southern Dutch city of
’s-Hertogenbosch - invested considerably in recruiting and employing the best singers and organists for its chapel, which performed a wide variety of polyphonic music. No fewer than nine choirbooks with this repertoire are still preserved by the confraternity, including three manuscripts from the Alamire workshop, which was renowned for creating luxurious music manuscripts for courts all over Europe.

After centuries of silence, this magnificent collection is finally sounding once again. With the five-year project The Den Bosch Choirbooks (2020-24),
Cappella Pratensis, itself based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, is giving these manuscripts the attention they deserve.

Channel Classics Special

25% Off Channel Classics Albums!

For the release of Obsession we have teamed up with Channel Classics to offer you an opportunity to widen your DSD library. Below are some of our
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Blog Spotlight

How Does Analog Become Digital? With Dirk Sommer

Producer, Recording/Mastering Engineer and Owner of the label Sommelier du Son takes us on a tour of how he creates digital DSD music from analog albums. Dirk Sommer also offers FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS for comparison at the end of the article.

“… Using the professional equipment in our demonstration room, I was able to perceive some subtle differences between the three variants, but these are by no means negligible in the high-end area. Incidentally, our visitors/readers rated the differences very differently: they ranged from “slightly different, but cannot be clearly described” to “clearer than I could have imagined”. Incidentally, the differences made the biggest impression on an initially very skeptical colleague from the pro area with his own studio…”
- Dirk Sommer

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Gear Highlight

CiAUDIO VDC-7 MKII - Upgrade Power Supply

The VDC-7 MKII is a low noise high performance power supply designed to improve the sound of many audio products. The VDC Series are tightly regulated “Linear” supplies rather than standard “switching” types, as switching types generate noise which can contaminate audio signals. The design uses a high quality transformer, discrete Schottky bridge rectifier, and lownoise filter/regulator circuit, providing clean, noise-free power.

Comes with FREE DSD ALBUMS of your choice. Learn more.

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

To tell a story with an abstract combination of sounds, Beethoven's Fifth makes exhaustive use of the technique of networking throughout the piece, employing recurring motifs as building blocks to construct multiple themes. In the symphony. two motifs can be called most important. One is. of course, the so-called "fate" motif, which makes a powerful impression with its famous rhythm, falling melody, and dark minor-key sound. appearing in all four movements and representing the dark side of this piece. Another is one with upward conjunct motion on the bright major scale (ti-do-re, or do-re-mi etc.) Because of its intricate elaboration. it is not easy to identify the second motif. but it can be found mainly in the subsidiary-theme sections of each of the four movements. Variably called the "Hope, Liberation, or "Rescue" motif, this motif shines light into the dark world of the Fifth. The story of the symphony can be read as the confrontation between the "fate" motif and another that resists it.

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