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The first release in a cycle honoring the great George Walker is out now. The National Symphony Orchestra performs Walker’s Sinfonia No. 4 conducted by Gianandrea Noseda in a specially priced DSD Single.

Hunnia Records’ latest release is a Pure DSD 256 album titled Music For Flute And Piano. Recorded in DSD256, it is the 6th Pure DSD album from pianist Laszlo Borbely at NativeDSD. The new album is available in its recorded DSD format exclusively for NativeDSD listeners.

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New DSD Single Release in Stereo and 5 Channel DSD Surround Sound

DSD exclusive, not available on SACD

The First in a Series to Honor George Walker

In January 2022, the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) and Music Director Gianandrea Noseda began performing and recording the complete cycle of George Walker's Sinfonias, in celebration of the composer's 100th birthday. Remembering and honoring the music of George Walker is particularly special for the NSO given the mutual connection to Washington, D.C.

"The Sinfonias of George Walker have been an extraordinary musical discovery for me," said Gianandrea Noseda. "They are concise in expression, rigorous in structure, and they have their own unique sound world. I am certain that the performances we are giving will result in recordings which confirm that George Walker is one of the great composers of recent times."

The NSO Celebrates George Walker @ 100 With Five Sinfonias

New Pure DSD 256 Release

Pure DSD Exclusive, Not Available on SACD

Natural, Raw and Realistically Transcendent

With his 6th Pure DSD 256 Stereo release at NativeDSD Music, pianist Laszlo Borbely is joined by flutist Szabolcs Szilágyi. Their new album features compositions for piano and flute by Kodaly, Prokofiev, Liebermann and Kernis.

Szabolcs Szilágyi says “In particular, whether it is necessary, or even right, to follow conventions (the beaten track) when recording music, for example, or whether the performer can claim the right to show the listener the world he lives in, the world he knows best, with all its beauty and its countless oddities, even risks? More simply: does the performer dare to be personal enough? Because that's the point.

The works on the album and their authors are much more closely related than one might at first think. One composition each by two Eastern European geniuses (Kodály and Prokofiev) and two contemporary American composers (Liebermann and Kernis) is closely similar in genre, easily paired. Prokofiev's and Liebermann's sonatas have strong dramatic elements and are also the most significant, and without exaggeration, landmark compositions in the flute repertoire. Prokofiev's startling eclecticism and inimitable mood swings are all imprints of a deeply undulating tradition. Liebermann's work also draws on tradition, but with more naturalistic and direct means than his predecessor - there are few more extreme works. Both sonatas demand witchcraft virtuosity from both instrumentalists.”

New DSD Bundle

It's time to get funky with this new DSD Bundle. Starring a trio of funk music releases in DSD including Funky Butt by Jazz saxophone legend Arnett Cobb from 2xHD and Jazzology Records, Blues Band from The Vivino Brothers on DMP and Sugar Hip Ya Ya by Dionne Bennett on Hunnia Records.

What is a DSD bundle?

NativeDSD Bundles are a mini collection of DSD albums created by the NativeDSD team that brings the works of a special artist, music label or musical genre to your personal library. Better yet, when you buy all 3 albums in a bundle, NativeDSD gives you a special 30% OFF discounted price on the full bundle. Expanding your musical horizons and collection while saving money at the same time.

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

About this album

Signs Of The Coast is a Great Jazz Fusion album that features over an hour of music performed by guitarist Eugenijus Jonavičius and his Jazz quartet.

The album was recorded to Analog Tape at Studijofonas Recording Studio in Lithuania. It was transferred to Stereo DSD 128 by Analog Father using the Korg MR-2000S DSD recorder and Analog to Digital Converter for release at NativeDSD Music as part of the first trio of DSD albums from the label.

Signs Of The Coast is the result of several years of creation. Songs on the album were written at the Vydūnas Center of Kintai, where workshops for artists and musicians are organized. Eugenijus is a frequent guest in recording studios, participates in artists creative camps and organizes guitar master classes. Actively participates in Lithuanian and foreign jazz festivals.

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