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German label Sommelier du Son have been creating DSD albums from some of their vinyls. Co-owner and operator Dirk Sommer has written a detailed explanation of this process. Scroll down to read, or click here.

Garage Pompeuse is a live album by world-renowned lounge music group De-Phazz. It features some of their biggest hits like The Mambo Craze and No Jive. And if you haven’t heard of the band, they are sure to become new favourites.

Germany’s famous bass player Dieter Ilg recorded Verdi’s Otello live at Schloss Elmau in 2011 and it is now available in DSD 64.

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New DSD Release

Not Available on SACD

This albums was transferred from analog and is now available in DSD.

Birgit Hammer-Sommer and husband Dirk Sommer recorded this album live in 2014. Eight years after producing and recording the album - and after eight years of it only being available on vinyl - the duo that are label Sommelier du Son have transferred it to DSD!


German engineering has always been appreciated worldwide. It is innovative, technically sophisticated down to the smallest detail and makes life more beautiful. Attributes that also fully apply to the band De-Phazz founded in 1997 in Heidelberg. Created by the diligent sound collector and sample architect Pit Baumgartner, the „Godfathers of Lounge“ are the most reliable and pleasant German export commodity since the VW Beetle, and the most musically charming invention since the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen invented Mp3.

The name has always been a bit heavy on the tongue. Many still know the music better than the name of the band – and hardly anyone knows that the band – founded in 1997 by Pit Baumgartner – originated in the charming city of Heidelberg. Thus, De-Phazz is indeed a successful export "Made in Germany“, but probably the most famous, unknown band in Germany!

This is an exclusive DSD album and is not available on SACD.

New DSD Release

Not Available on SACD

This albums was transferred from analog and is now available in DSD.

In the fourth act of Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Otello’ the story culminates with Othello, frantic with jealousy, planning to murder his wife Desdemona. At this point you hear Verdi’s stroke of genius – a powerful bass line that goes right through you, and for bass players this line has been one of the highlights of classical music ever since. Dieter Ilg discovered it early in his career and it has been the initial part of his daily practice ever since.

The pianist Rainer Böhm had first attracted Ilg’s attention in 2007, when he was judging the Jazzhaus piano competition which Böhm won. In the meantime, Böhm has been awarded with several other important accolades. The style of the French drummer and percussionist Patrice Heral is also one of a kind - it varies from subtle passages to powerful solos with loops and mouth percussion. The trio precision in the use of musical expressions is balanced through their recognition of the importance of pauses, as well as the power of calmness.

This is an exclusive DSD album and is not available on SACD.

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Blog Spotlight

“No wonder if the cover looks familiar to you. Seven years ago I reported on the creation of the Dephazz LP Garage Pompeuse and offered three files for free download. In the meantime, a lot has happened in terms of digital recording and playback technology. That’s why the title “Trashbox” is now available in DSD256 and PCM 384/32.

As mentioned in the article about the Cen.Grand , I got back to the Garage Pompeuse master tape because I made a DSD version for the download portal . In addition, the Analogoque Audio Association decided to make the album available as a tape copy at 19 or 38 centimeters per second. Today it is no longer a problem for some analog/digital and very many digital/analog converters to process files with high bit and sampling rates. And with DSD, the DACs often accept a multiple of what can be generated natively – i.e. without arithmetic tricks. In any case, I don’t know of any A/D converter that can produce more than DSD256, i.e. a 1-bit data stream with 11.3 megahertz. But what use is the immense ability of the converters if there is very little material to exhaust their potential accordingly? Two files are now available for free download, which you can use to challenge your converter a little.”
- Dirk Sommer, Sommelier Du Son

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Jazz At Its Finest

All of the artists and composers involved in this recording, with the exception of Wayne Shorter, are—or were— interconnected in the fertile Philadelphia jazz sphere.

Al Stauffer and Tom Lawton regularly performed together in a MidCity venue. Joel Levine and composer/pianist Uri Caine were members of another working group. Stauffer and Bernard Peiffer were musical partners for a dozen years, an association that ended with the composer- pianist’s death in 1976. Lawton and Levine studied piano with the late French expatriate pianomaster and studied improvisational concepts with Stauffer.

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