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Picturing the Invisible: Focus 1 is the latest release from Anderson Audio NY. Masterfully recorded during remote sessions connected via the internet, this unique album is available exclusively in Stereo DSD and 5 Channel Surround Sound DSD.

Elkwood has an album of new classical works by composer Elena Kats-Chernin. Kismet features violinist Vov Dylan and renowned Australian pianist Clemens Leske.

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In honour of Picturing the Invisible: Focus 1 , the latest release from Grammy nominated Tonmeister Ulrike Schwarz, we are offering a selection of her productions at a discounted rate.

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New DSD Release

DSD exclusive, not available in SACD

Duets Recorded Through Cyber Space

Following her initial album at NativeDSD – the
Audiophile Edition of Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickenson – saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom returns with Picturing The Invisible: Focus 1. The new album is a selection of compositions by Bloom inspired by the science photography of legendary NYC photographer Berenice Abbott.

New DSD Release

DSD exclusive, not available in SACD

From Lockdown Boredom to World Premiers

This collection of over 10 new works, world premiers and performances featuring some of Australia's finest musicians was born from Covid inactivity, where Violinist Vov Dylan and Composer Elena Kats-Chernin found time to grow from musical friends to musical collaborators and in the process delving into the vast array of music that Elena has composed.

During the first lockdown of the 2020 I found myself composing random unrequested pieces, organised in a collection called “Isolation Suite”. When Vov contacted me in 2021 about a student playing a piece of mine, we got to chat about what I was writing at the time and I played some of those pieces to him. That started an avalanche of new arrangements for Vov, of these and some other works of mine for Violin, Piano and some other formations, always with Vov’s beautiful Violin playing in mind.
- Elena Kats-Chernin

Eliza Aria (for Violin & Cello) by Elena Kats Chernin. Vov Dylan (Violin) & Susan Blake (Cello)

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About this album

Signs Of The Coast is a Great Jazz Fusion album that features over an hour of music performed by guitarist Eugenijus Jonavičius and his Jazz quartet.

The album was recorded to Analog Tape at Studijofonas Recording Studio in Lithuania. It was transferred to Stereo DSD 128 by Analog Father using the Korg MR-2000S DSD recorder and Analog to Digital Converter for release at NativeDSD Music as part of the first trio of DSD albums from the label.

Signs Of The Coast is the result of several years of creation. Songs on the album were written at the Vydūnas Center of Kintai, where workshops for artists and musicians are organized. Eugenijus is a frequent guest in recording studios, participates in artists creative camps and organizes guitar master classes. Actively participates in Lithuanian and foreign jazz festivals.

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