London Symphony Orchestra with conductor Bernard Haitink

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Happy September! We are bringing in the new month with some incredible new releases and specials.
7 New Releases. . . 2 New Specials. . . and more!

Brahms, Bernard, Beautiful
LSO Live has a new album with conductor Bernard Haitink. They performed Brahms’ Symphonies 1-4 now available in 2ch Stereo and 5ch Surround Sound DSD and DXD.

Cello & Piano Works… Rediscovered
Cantabile Vol. 1 and Cantabile Vol. 2 are out now from HR Recordings. Cellist Michael Kevin Jones plays rediscovered music for cello and piano.

We Are Jazzed About ZILT
ZILT, the self-titled jazz album, is now available for all listeners at NativeDSD. Recorded and produced by Jared Sacks of Just Listen Records.

A Successful Sequel
Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos 2 & 4 is the latest release from Channel Classics. The follow-up album from Anna Fedorova is receiving wide praise.

Norway for the Win
LAWO Classics have another album celebrating Norwegian music. Out Of Step is a collaboration by saxophonist Lars Lien and pianist Sergej Osadchuk.

An Original Album
Poul Ruders: Rudersdal Chamber Players is an album of original works by the composer. Produced by OUR Recordings, the album is available in stereo DSD and DXD.

LSO Live & Bernard Haitink Special

25% OFF 11 LSO Live Albums!

To celebrate LSO Live’s new album Brahms: Symphonies 1-4, we are offering 25% OFF the 11 other albums they made with conductor Bernard Haitink.

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Other Specials

HR Recordings Special: 20% Off 5 DSD Albums!
To celebrate the release of Cantabile Vol. 1 and Cantabile Vol. 2
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*Offer ends Friday, Sep. 9th end of day (CET). Excludes the two new releases.

The David Manley Jazz Recordings (DSD Bundle) contains the best jazz recordings by the legendary microphone/amplifier designer and producer. Receive a special 30% Off when you purchase the whole bundle.

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New DSD Release

A Masterful Conductor, for a Masters Works

For a long time, the composer Johannes Brahms was regarded as the epitome of the conservative who, in contrast to the representatives of the Wagner and Liszt successors, fell back on old forms that supposedly no longer had any life.

In fact, Brahms was a profound connoisseur of the music of the past, right down to the polyphonists of the 16th century. He made use of old types of form, such as the variation and the passacaglia associated with it. He adopted the traditional four-movement structure of the classical symphony and its sequence of movements, respected the scheme of the sonata movement and hardly went beyond Beethoven in his instrumentation.

Bernard Haitink, Conductor (1929–2021)
With an international conducting career that spanned over 60 years, Bernard Haitink is considered to have been one of the most celebrated conductors of his generation. Born in 1929 in Amsterdam, Haitink studied the violin and conducting at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, later studying with the German conductor Ferdinand Leitner. In 1956, he made his debut with the Concertgebouworkest, and became its Principal Conductor in 1961, a position he held until 1988.

New DSD Release

This album is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

Rediscovering Music for Cello & Piano

Talented cellist Michael Kevin Jones returns to NativeDSD with another stunning album. Along with Henry Wong Doe on piano, this album is a rediscovery of music for cello and piano. Featuring works by three lesser-known composers worth rediscovering. Anton (or Antonio) Diabelli’s Grand Cello Sonata op. 92 has never been recorded until now. Bernhard Romberg was a famous, touring virtuoso cellist, often called “Hero of all Violoncellists, the King of All Virtuosos”. Surprisingly and unfairly almost unknown today, Michael Henkel wrote this fabulous, highly melodic and virtuosic 'Piano and Cello' sonata

New DSD Release

This album is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

Even More To (Re)Discover

Michael Kevin Jones and Henry Wong Doe have even more seemingly unheard works on cello and piano. Dive in to this 2nd Volume of rediscovered music. Composers include Fritz Herbst, François Marie Louis Schwab, Maria Witkowska Jabłońska, Gaetano Braga, Henri Benjamin Rabaud and more.

New DSD Release

Now available to all NativeDSD Listeners!

This album is available exclusively in DSD and is not available on SACD.

A Blend of Influences and Styles

This record captures ZILT’s playful interpretation of this repertoire and the spontaneous and informal style they developed to match their material. It calls to mind the small crowded stage on which their music evolved. We can hear Blom and Cleaver explore the boundaries between high and low art, popular and high-brow, in a musical dialogue between different generations and eras of Jazz.

Recording Specs

Recorded in DSD 256 by Jared Sacks of Just Listen Records.
Microphones: Bruel&Kjaer 4006, Schoeps, Neumann, AKG
Digital Convertor: DSD256 Horus, Merging Technologies
Pre-amplifiers: Rens Heijnis, custom design

Introducing ZILT - feat. Jasper Blom & Ian Cleaver

New DSD Release

This album is available exclusively in DSD and is not available on SACD.

A Follow-Up That Does Not Disappoint

With over 35 million views, Anna Fedorova's live performance of Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto is the most viewed classical concerto video on YouTube. We are proud to release the long-awaited studio recording of this beloved concerto, together with Rachmaninoff's 4th Piano Concerto.

This album is the follow-up to Anna's 2020 release of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 1 with the same orchestra and conductor. Anna will complete her Rachmaninoff cycle with the release of the 3rd Piano Concerto in the spring of 2023.

RACHMANINOFF // Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 4 by Anna Fedorova

New DSD Release

Fantastic Norwegian Music Brought to Light

“It was important that the works were composed for saxophone and piano, and that we as performers believed that they were works that deserved to be realized into sound, and given attention beyond their catalog listings in various music libraries. The works become audible and alive through such a recording, rather than existing only as visual notations in the composers’ manuscripts. There is so much fantastic music created in Norway and the Nordic countries that we wanted to bring some of it to light in order to make musicians and audiences, potentially all over the globe, more aware of the high quality of works from these countries. The recording also documents some of the different artistic directions and variations to be found among Norwegian and Nordic composers around the turn of the millennium." – Lars Lien

New DSD Release

This album is available exclusively in DSD and is not available on SACD.

A Body of Original Works

The music presented on this recording straddles almost three decades, beginning with the clarinet and piano piece Throne from 1988 through the Clarinet Quintet and the most recently composed, the Piano Quartet from 2016. Needless to say, stylistically the early piece differs significantly from the two later works, both of them sharing a kinship, a “brother-and-sister act”, but in tender and loving recognition of their older ancestor Throne.
In 1988 I was approached by the American organization Concert Artitsts Guild with a view to write a, I’m tempted to say, pièce de resistance, for the Swedish clarinet virtuoso Håkan Rosengren, who came out First Prize Winner of the 1987 Concert Artitsts Guild International New York Competition.
- Poul Ruders, composer

LSO Live & Bernard Haitink Special

25% Off 11 LSO Live Albums!
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Gear Spotlight


Melco redefined the real potential of Hi-Res digital music playback over Ethernet or using USB DAC when it was introduced a few years ago... ...Now, with the introduction of the Melco EX Series, new standards of convenience are achieved, especially for Browse and Search of the music library. New software for the user interface on the OLED display gives more detail of status and playback, with internationalisation covering most metadata requirements, along with advanced options for the CD import and archiving process. Internet Radio is fully supported using the Melco Music HD App.

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

Celebrating Pentatone’s Dedication to DSD

Dear DSD Listeners,

Our 20th Anniversary DSD Sampler contains tracks from the all-time favorite DSD Albums. It is available in DXD, DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256, and DSD 512 through NativeDSD's unique Higher Rates Program.

We hope it will help you discover some highlights from the PENTATONE catalog. The booklet contains the complete track list of our 20th Anniversary Sampler, including album covers and links to the corresponding albums at NativeDSD. Those 10 favorite DSD Albums are also listed below under 'You May Also Like...'

Here’s to another 20 years of recording and releasing music with our excellent artists and a wonderful team!

Thank you, dear listeners, for your support over the years.

Best Wishes,
The Pentatone Team

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