Houston Symphony orchestra, conducted by Andrés Orozco-Estrada

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We’ve got some great new releases and special offers to make this a memorable musical weekend.
4 New Releases. . . New DSD Bundle. . . New Special. . . and more!

Speaking of Musicals
Pentatone has a new release with the Houston Symphony orchestra. They bring us unforgettable numbers in Bernstein: West Side Story Suite.

Made with Passion to Heal
Norwegian label 2L has a new album out titled Tuvayhun: Beatitudes for a Wounded World. Available in Stereo & 5.1 Channel Surround Sound DSD & DXD plus 5.1.4 Channel Immersive Auro3D Sound.

It’s Bartók O’clock
Hungarian label Hunnia Records are releasing a new Pure DSD 256 album! Pianist Laszlo Borbely, along with the Savaria Symphony Orchestra, perform Bartok's Piano Concerto No. 1.

Another Pure DSD Album
On The Rhodes Again is another Pure DSD 256 album from Hunnia Records. Based in the style of European jazz, with a twist!

A Bundle of Manley
We have created a new DSD Bundle of David Manley’s Jazz Recordings. Receive 30% Off when you purchase the entire bundle!

Pentatone & Houston Symphony Special

25% OFF 4 Houston Symphony Albums

To celebrate Pentatone’s new album Berstein: West Side Story Suite, we are offering 25% OFF the 4 other albums they made with Houston Symphony.

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*Offer excludes West Side Story Suite
**Offer ends Friday, September 02 end of day (Central European Time).

Other Specials

The David Manley Jazz Recordings (DSD Bundle) contains the best jazz recordings by the legendary microphone/amplifier designer and producer. Receive a special 30% Off when you purchase the whole bundle.

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New DSD Release

Timeless Musical Numbers

Leonard Bernstein’s music for Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical and film West Side Story is among the most colourful and significant pieces of the twentieth century, blending together classical, jazzy and Latin inspirations. Houston Symphony and Andrés Orozco-Estrada present the West Side Story Suite, a string of highlights, containing energetic movements such as Mambo and Rumble, while closing with Maria and Tony’s romantic love music.

New DSD Release

This album is now available in 5.1.4 Channel Immersive Auro3D!

Music That Heals

The music of TUVAYHUN takes us on a journey through deep emotions and deeply human situations. The music moves in and out, occupying the liminal space between ancient and modern, sacred and profane. We move from semi-liturgical chant to lively folk dance, from rich orchestral layers to stark solos, from the familiar to the exotic, and back again. The music illuminates the many different peoples and experiences the texts evoke, and serves in sonic form as a reminder of the universal and enduring message of the Beatitudes.

New Pure DSD Release

This is a Pure DSD album offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256.
This albums is available exclusively in DSD and is not available on SACD.

Essential Piano Works

In his 7th Pure DSD 256 Stereo album at NativeDSD, pianist Laszlo Borbely is joined by the Savaria Symphony Orchestra. This performance of Bartok's Piano Concerto No. 1 was conducted by Janos Kovacs.

Bartók is a trademark. Hungaricum, if you like. A trademark that feeds on his Hungarianism, his roots, the fixed idea of the brotherhood of peoples and the silence of the universe. To play Bartók is ultimately to realize our own smallness. This is the superabundance that enhances an artist's day, again and again. It is this 'biblical' vision, so to speak, that always – and ever more forcefully and insistently – tears the first laborious step towards excellence...out of me.
Laszlo Borbely

New Pure DSD Release

This is a Pure DSD album offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256.
This albums is available exclusively in DSD and is not available on SACD.

A Blend of Influences and Styles

The new album is a result of an experiment where Gábor replaced the acoustic piano sound with a Fender Rhodes Mark I piano, creating a completely different soundscape, which gave the original compositions a brand new shine. The music was Recorded Live to Stereo DSD 256 at Mixát Stage.

The style of the band is based on traditions of European jazz. But it is also influenced heavily by modern American movements (neo-soul, funk, etc.) and even electronic music.

New DSD Bundle

When you buy all of the albums in this bundle, NativeDSD gives you a special 30% OFF discounted price on the full bundle.

Collector’s Items in Jazz Recordings

This DSD Bundle consists of 4 albums containing David Manley's best jazz recordings. As a figure head of his time in high-quality recordings, we are sure that NativeDSD Listeners will enjoy these exceptionally-produced albums.

Pentatone & Houston Symphony Special

25% Off 4 Houston Symphony Albums!
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Offer excludes West Side Story Suite.
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Gear Spotlight

Warwick Acoustics Sonoma M1 - Headphone Unit

Warwick Acoustics has brought together some of the world’s leading professional audio engineers to create the Sonoma Model One (M1). This is an integrated headphone system of a DAC, amplifier/energizer and open-backed headphone unit. The Sonoma M1 has been optimised from the ground up with one single minded goal. To deliver uncompromising, astonishing HiRes Audio performance in a truly exclusive package.

Designed for comfort and optimised for today’s Hi-Res Audio formats, The Sonoma headphone unit employs the finest materials and the latest transducer technology to deliver outstanding acoustic performance.

Delivering performance without compromise, ESS SABRE reference DACs, an AKM Premium ADC, and custom 64-bit double-precision fixed-point DSP, sit at the heart of a high precision, ultra-low noise, low distortion system.

The Sonoma system supports all of the Hi-Res Audio formats an audiophile would expect from a class-leading audio product.

Comes with 6 FREE DSD ALBUMS of your choice. Learn more.

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

Creative and Inventive Songwriting

David Elias's widest lens of songwriting and performance in his DSD catalog, "Slipper DSD Sessions" provides a glimpse into the varied expressions in sound. Ranging from whisper quiet acoustic ("Miracles Take Time (solo)" to a Heavy Wood sound with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums ("White & Blue"). Or a wilderness ranger roving type apocalypse as an acoustic and electric quartet ("Poor Polly").

These songs are all Live Studio Performances recorded direct to Stereo DSD without overdubs or edits. Creative, Inventive, Spontaneous, Intimate. The songs on this DSD EP “Slipper DSD Sessions” represent a small sample of the types of music David Elias has done at Slipperworld. An 8-track Sonoma DSD workstation with Meitner/EMM Labs DAC and ADC units were setup courtesy of Gus Skinas at the Super Audio Center. A simplified recording mecca!

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