Jazz group Quelquefois performing numbers from the album Blooming.

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We have some exciting mid-week announcements you won’t want to miss. 3 New Releases. . . New Episode: Meet the Magicians. . . New Article from reviewer Adrian Quanjer. . . and more!

Alive With Improvisation
Hunnia Records has a new improvised jazz release. Blooming is the latest release from jazz group Quelquefois.

Samba in Pure DSD
Ever heard samba on only accordion and voice? Now you can on Don’t Let Samba Die. A Pure DSD album available in its originally recorded format of DSD 256 from Hunnia Records.

Estonian Organ Music
The second in a series of recordings made on famous Estonian organs. Niguliste Church Organ is the latest Pure DSD release from AP Soon Recordings.

Meet the Magicians:
Desert Island Albums

25% OFF 3 Albums from Eudora Records!

I recently interviewed Gonzalo Noqué of Eudora Records for our Meet The Magicians interview series. I asked him for his 3 favourite albums that he could not do without, and we are offering them to our listeners with a 25% discount!

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Meet The Magicians

Gonzalo Noqué of Eudora Records

Do you remember when you started thinking about taking recording and producing seriously as a profession?

Yes actually, I remember the moment very vividly. It was sometime in 2011 or so, I was driving somewhere with my wife who is also a musician. At that time we were both teaching at the conservatory, each of us teaching our instruments, and we were quite unhappy with what we were doing. We needed a change. So we were driving one day and my wife just suddenly had this idea out of nowhere: ‘Why don’t we do that? Why don’t we take what is already there, and why don’t we change what we are doing? Why don’t we record and produce music instead of teach it?’ And that is how it all began, we were both very excited about the thought and we just ran with it.

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New DSD Release

This album is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

A Flower of Improvised Jazz

The music of Quelquefois is fragile, dynamic and completely improvised. The group was founded by Attila Gyárfás and Péter Ajtai in the fall of 2018, and its members are active participants of Hungary’s improvised music scene. Manifestation of complex musical textures forms the core of the band’s attention, in which the five instruments sometimes merge, sometimes create tension and sometimes embrace one another.

New Pure DSD Release

This is a Pure DSD album, offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256. Not available on SACD.

Samba on Accordion and Vocals

It is such a huge gift from life to find someone with whom you can play your favourite songs simply. For the joy that music can bring. I think this is our secret. That there is nothing forced. We are playing only those songs what we both love and enjoy. There is something about Brazilian samba that I can not describe in words. You need to feel it.
- Eva Alekszandrovna, vocals

David Yengibarian (left) and Eva Alekszandrovna (right) recording Don’t Let Samba Die

New Pure DSD Release

This is a Pure DSD album, offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256. Not available on SACD.

Beautiful Organ Music in a Beautiful Church

Andres Uibo presents his organ creations from 1993-2005. The musician known mainly as an organist, organ professor and producer also shows himself as a talented composer. Uibo's work is characterized by elaborateness, simplicity in both motivic and harmonic terms and purposeful formal dramaturgy. The recording was made in Andres Uibo's so-called home church - Niguliste, which is the only church in Estonia that gives out the size of a cathedral. The recording appears in the series Estonian organs.

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Fonè Records Special

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

A Young Pianist’s Astonishing Debut

“The sensational young Dutch pianist Hannes Minnaar is the international prize-winner and recipient of a Borletti-Buitoni Trust fellowship. Not yet known here, he displays his extravagant gifts in this debut disc of Rachmaninov’s weighty Sonata No 1 and Ravel’s Sonatine and Miroirs. Minnaar’s virtuosity needs no comment: we expect that. His musical intelligence, sense of line and structure, delicacy, subtlety of texture and discipline set him apart. His Ravel is muscular and sparkling, his Rachmaninov glowing, meticulous and fervent. Minnaar is faultless in pacing the many climaxes of the outer movements to attain coherence of the whole, and the strongest sense of direction.”
- The Guardian

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