B’Rock Orchestra. Photo by Mirjam Devriendt

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This week we have two exciting releases in classical and jazz.

René Jacobs and the B’Rock Orchestra have finished their Schubert cycle with Pentatone. The fourth and final album Schubert - Unfinished and Great Symphonies is out now.

Hunnia Records is out with another Pure DSD jazz album. A tribute to musician Géza Pecek Lakatos, Live In Memory Of… is available in its original recorded format of DSD 256.

Pentatone Special

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Other Specials

In case you missed it: a new DSD Bundle is available for NativeDSD Listeners. The New Orleans Jazz DSD Bundle is a great chance to broaden your collection of top-quality and excellently recorded DSD music at 30% OFF.

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New DSD Release

This is an exclusive DSD and DXD album and is not available on SACD.

An Exceptional Ending to A Great Cycle

Multiple prize-winning conductor René Jacobs and the B’Rock Orchestra complete their Schubert cycle on Pentatone with the composer’s two most famous symphonies, the Unfinished and Great. In his extensive liner notes, Jacobs develops a theory that the B Minor Symphony did not remain “unfinished”, but was deliberately left unfinished, because Schubert shaped its two movements in analogy to Mein Traum (My Dream), an autobiographical narration in two parts, written in 1822, simultaneous to the creation of the symphony.

New Pure DSD Release

This is an exclusive PURE DSD album available in its original format of DSD 256.
It is not available on SACD.

A Musical Tribute

Live In Memory Of is a Jazz album that features tributes to Géza Pecek Lakatos and musical styles influenced by Bach and Monk. It includes original songs written by Krisztián Pecek Lakatos (Tracks 1-5) and József Balázs (Track 6). The album was recorded Live to Stereo DSD 256 at Mixat Stage in Budapest, Hungary on May 26, 2022 using the Hapi Analog to Digital Converter from Merging Technologies and Microphones from DPA, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure and Wunder.

*This album is not part of the Hunnia Special

Pentatone Special

25% Off 3 Amazing Albums!

René Jacobs and the B’Rock Orchestra have completed their Schubert cycle with Pentatone. To celebrate we are offering NativeDSD listeners a discount on the first three albums!

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Gear Highlights

With a lot of noise and disturbance from inside your home, there’s also a lot of noise coming from outside. When cleaning up this noise a new world will open up when listening to your favorite music.

We’ve created this line conditioner in a relative small case that you can just put in your hifi rack. With the seven outlets there is enough room for most of the hifi equipment. Where traditional filtering leads noise to ground that can be picked up by your audio equipment, we use parallel filtering that reacts as a high frequency short circuit. Filtering will start to work from 100Hz and will increase when the frequency rises. We measured a decrease from 80 dB on 40 kHz.

It’s absolutely silent and will clean up your power in the best way possible. Enjoy new dynamics and details you have never heard before!

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

Guitar Music to Drift Away To

This is the first of five albums by guitarist Sho Hamada from Shonan. Painting beach inspired sound sketches with a wave style tidal sound from his guitar. The titles of the tracks are the date, temperature, wind direction, wind power, wave height.

Fascinating sound with a direct to DXD mix!

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