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Today we introduce a new label to our NativeDSD family of music makers. APSoon Recordings are based in Estonia and run by engineer/producer Aular Soon.

Their debut release on NativeDSD is titled Paide Church Organ, a Pure DSD 256 album available in DSD 64, 128, 256 and 512.

This album is as an Exclusive Early Release for NativeDSD Listeners 2 weeks ahead of its official release date!

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New Pure DSD Release

Not Available in SACD

This is an exclusive Pure DSD album, offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256. Not available on SACD.

A Mission of Organs

On a quest to record the organs of Estonia, producer and owner of the label AP Soon brings us the first edition: Paide Church Organ.

The performance on the album is given by Music Professor and Organist Andres Uibo. Along with sound director Priit Kuulberg and sound engineer Aular Soon, they are re-recording a series of albums from 1970-1990 'Estonian Organs'.

Clockwise from top left: Andres Uibo, Paide Church Organ, Aular Soon (left) and Priit Kuulberg (right)

About APSoon Recordings

The idea of ​​creating a recording studio had been in my mind for a long time. However, the lack of a faithful recording format was an obstacle. My searches led me to Merging Technology's website, where I first became familiar with the DSD format. After the audition I was absolutely sure that this audio format can also convey the breaths of musicians and the deep ideas of composers.
In 2019 I acquired the first Merging Horus, Sonodore microphones and started recording in cooperation with Estonian Radio sound director Priit Kuulberg.
In our work, we try to record only in live, we do not change the original dynamics or edit the recording. Our focus is on classical and jazz music, where performers must be able to play the entire piece at once.
- Aular Soon, Owner and Producer

New Review

Bill Dodd, senior music reviewer at NativeDSD, shares his admiration for the Peter Takács
Complete Beethoven Sonatas.

What I’m anxious to tell you about is my reaction to this incredible group as a complete set. Takacs is not an overly flamboyant pianist. He lets Beethoven speak for himself, yet I found absolutely nothing missing in these performances. The “greatest hits” sonatas are as fine as one could wish for, but what really impressed me is how much I thoroughly enjoyed all of the lesser known ones. I kept thinking that each was like a totally new discovery, and each was something I would never want to be without. Am I over-selling? I’m trying not to do that, but as someone who has enjoyed fine piano music all my life, I must tell you I am impressed. And finally, the recordings are top-quality. Not too far, not too close, the perspective and clarity are absolutely perfect to my ears. Make up your own mind, but the complete DSD set would be my first recommendation!
- Bill Dodd

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A Second Perspective Recording

In the project "Bach: Inside Polyphony" Christian Grøvlen approach the composers rich and moving world from the inside, not only spiritually, but also in pure sound. He set out to color each voice intimately and through the recording process to come as close to the polyphony as possible. With this work he has opened new doors towards the communicative power of the music itself, the understanding of his own piano playing and aspects of his artistry and personality. All in order to present this magnificent music as clearly and honestly as possible for the listener to take part in.

Turning to this new Special Sennheiser Edition, Morten Lindberg, Producer and Recording Engineer at 2L Music tells us about this intriguing new release:
"While recording this album with our regular array of DPA microphones, we also captured the sessions with an additional pair of Sennheiser MKH 800 TWIN mics. From these dual capsule microphones, we have extracted both a Stereo and a Multichannel 4-Channel DSD and DXD version. The musical content is identical to the original release, providing a unique opportunity to experience how sonic timbre may affect your musical perception."

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