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Another exciting week at NativeDSD! Three new Pure DSD albums from Hunnia Records, offered exclusively in their originally recorded resolution of DSD 256.
Sono Luminus is out with a new album honouring American immigrant cultures.
New DSD Bundle and Hunnia Special begins!

HUNNIA | Hungarian jazz quintet Baló Projekt take us on an improvisational journey into the musical mind of drummer/composer István Baló. Spring Wind is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

HUNNIA | The Szakcsi Jr. Trio have been playing extraordinary jazz together for 12 years, and it is easy to hear in their latest album Easy To Love.

HUNNIA | Soaring is a jazz duet of vocalist Agnes Lakatos and pianist Kálmán Oláh. This is the first collaboration and recording of the long-time friends, but you would never guess it by how comfortably they perform together.

SONO LUMINUS | Pianist Jacqueline Schwab takes us on a journey through the cultures of American immigrants in I Lift My Lamp.

We have created a New Orleans Jazz DSD Bundle for NativeDSD Listeners to enjoy the sounds of New Orleans.

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New Pure DSD Release

Not Available in SACD

This is an exclusive Pure DSD album, offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256. Not available on SACD.

Alive With Jazz Improvisation

In the compositions performed, improvisations - like a river in a riverbed - often intertwine to connect the pre-written themes, giving the musicians the opportunity to put their creative skills, creativity and energy at the service of the music, listening to the musical processes and each other.

No, there is no shame in flying the flag: love
it's not a sin if you have no fear and you love,
you cannot be forbidden to be free and live that way, hear the voice of your conscience still clear.
Let's sit by the fire, feel the warmth of its flame

look at each other and see our own cross in each other's eyes Love, forgiveness, understanding: eternal values
at night, when you wake up, it's not yet day there is no night in the light of day

what is black does not have to be called white nor is it necessary to say yes to evil.
The order of things is not determined by the black power of evil, but by freedom and love.
- István Baló

"It took me a long time to realise that it was not enough for me to feel free within the limits I set myself, I had to ensure that the musicians I invited into the orchestra felt free, too. I think this is important because it makes it much easier for the musicians' dormant energies to surface." Baló's fellow musicians are emblematic young daredevils of the Hungarian free jazz scene, who are also at home in mainstream jazz - just like the band leader himself.

New Pure DSD Release

Not Available in SACD

This is an exclusive Pure DSD album, offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256. Not available on SACD.

12 Years of Masterful Jazz

“First class Hungarian Jazz. Szakcsi Jr. Trio's performance is a sophisticated and elegant stage masterpiece. Their tone is inventive, their playing technically flawless, confident and completely unified. Listening to the music of this trio of 12 years, they are characterized by nuanced musical virtuosity. Their music reflects an exceptional talent for improvisation. They are undoubtedly outstanding, exceptional musicians.
Their soaring melodies, sensitive dynamics and tight rhythms, with the amazing power of their collective playing, will leave you in awe. The piano, bass and drums flawlessly convey the motifs. Three musical giants focus all their knowledge into a single point in the Szakcsi Jr. Trio.”
- Leila Fitt

New Pure DSD Release

Not Available in SACD

This is an exclusive Pure DSD album, offered in its original recorded format of DSD 256. Not available on SACD.

A Long Overdue Duet

We were classmates with Kálmán more than 30 years ago at the jazz department. Since then our musical and pedagogical paths have met many times, but we haven't got a chance to make serious co-operation. The idea itself was born last summer when Kálmán visited my parent's house. We had a delicious lunch - prepared by my mother - Kálmán was very satisfied, he is a big fan of good food from all over the world. Big deals usually occur during the meal, so the question was asked: 'why don’t we make music together? Let's select the songs and trust the moment's intuition and play the music for our own - and hopefully the audience's - joy as well.'
I enjoyed every minute of this work with Kálmán, who is not only technically incredible but his musical sensitivity, reactions and the ability of how to catch the mood of the songs are terrific. I felt like I was thrown into another dimension and I hope the listener will feel the same.
- Ágnes Lakatos

New DSD Release

Not Available in SACD

A Long Overdue Duet

“Let me invite you to listen to this potpourri of favourite musical stories spotlighting some of the rich contributions from American immigrants and other countries. Laden with cultural pride, they celebrate people like my Scottish friend Stuart, who capped a fulfilling international career with retirement to Cape Cod but never forgot his roots–and would sing the old song I Belong to Glasgow at the drop of a hat. I Lift My Lamp pays musical homage to his Glaswegian pride—and the pride of so many other immigrants for their homelands. In a conversation between old and new, it honours living, community traditions not set in stone. Influenced by my work with storyteller Ken Burns, I feature vintage immigrant songs and dances from my Pittsburgh childhood, later life in Boston and travels–my own arrangements of American standards, lesser-known gems, and imported and homegrown creations, from countryside to Tin Pan Alley. …..”
- Jacqueline Schwab, Piano

New DSD Bundle

New Orleans Music in One Stop

New Orleans... a cultural mixing pot of music, art, food and jovial celebration. It's time to join the party in the bayou with this special New Orleans Jazz Bundle! Featuring NOLA, a One-Microphone Recording from Sound Liaison where the jazz band RED perform New Orleans classics as well as 2 original songs inspired from their time in the city. The Bundle also includes Girl Of My Dreams, an album of New Orleans Style Jazz featuring the Fone Jazz Makers.

NativeDSD Bundles are a mini collection of DSD albums created by the NativeDSD team that brings the works of a special artist, music label or musical genre to your personal library. Better yet, when you buy all 3 albums in a bundle, NativeDSD gives you a special 30% OFF discounted price on the full bundle. Expanding your musical horizons and collection while saving money at the same time.

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

A Second Perspective Recording

In the project "Bach: Inside Polyphony" Christian Grøvlen approach the composers rich and moving world from the inside, not only spiritually, but also in pure sound. He set out to color each voice intimately and through the recording process to come as close to the polyphony as possible. With this work he has opened new doors towards the communicative power of the music itself, the understanding of his own piano playing and aspects of his artistry and personality. All in order to present this magnificent music as clearly and honestly as possible for the listener to take part in.

Turning to this new Special Sennheiser Edition, Morten Lindberg, Producer and Recording Engineer at 2L Music tells us about this intriguing new release:
"While recording this album with our regular array of DPA microphones, we also captured the sessions with an additional pair of Sennheiser MKH 800 TWIN mics. From these dual capsule microphones, we have extracted both a Stereo and a Multichannel 4-Channel DSD and DXD version. The musical content is identical to the original release, providing a unique opportunity to experience how sonic timbre may affect your musical perception."

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