Left to right: Anne Clark, Justin Ciuche, and Ullen van Daelen. Photo by Emre Meydan

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German label Stockfisch Records brings us another gem of an album. Anne Clark, a poetic icon in the electronic scene, scales back for Borderland, an acoustic album of poetry with accompanying violin and harp.

The Dragon & the Phoenix is a solo cello album by Michael Kevin Jones. Available in 2ch stereo DSD and DXD single from HR Recordings.

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Exclusive Early DSD Release

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A New Exploration From a Legacy Artist

The style icon of electronic music and the European New Wave movement, Anne Clark, goes in a completely new and unexpected direction with her new album Borderland. This internationally popular singer brings us a purely acoustic album with spoken poems.

Clark delivers delicate, fragile and very personal lyrics. She frames these with minimalist music. Her poetry tells of the sensual beauty in nature, the unfathomable in art and the courage to let go in life. Her poetry is spoken with care, letting the magic of her voice and every word work and unfold. The music enhances the poignancy of this poetry.

Her band member Justin Ciuche on violin, together with harpist Ulla van Daelen, recorded very reduced sounds in live sessions. These picturesque and beautiful settings let the poems of the language artist shine. In addition to her own texts, she recites poems by William Butler Yeats and Mary Coleridge.

me with the idea of going into the studio with harpist Ulla Van Daelen and recording a full “live” session – with no plan or prior arrangements other than a few notes with ideas for my lyrics.”
- Anne Clark

*This album is not included in the Stockfisch Special

New DSD Single Release

This is a specially priced Single that is available in Stereo DSD and Stereo DXD. It is not available on SACD.

A Single to be Enjoyed in Multitudes

The Dragon And The Phoenix is a DSD Single with one track. It features cellist Michael Kevin Jones on the HR Recordings label.

In Chinese culture, the Dragon and the Phoenix are two of the most revered symbols of power and auspiciousness. "Lung", the Chinese dragon is unlike the evil dragon of the west. It is gracious, wise, bold, intelligent, heroic, and noble, ruling the realm of water and bringing rain to sustain the earth. The Phoenix "Feng Huang" is the king and queen of the birds, being both male and female. When paired with the Dragon it is female and they represent the yin and the yang. Ruling the air, the Phoenix symbolizes peace and prosperity and a constantly striving spirit. Pictured together, they are used as a blessing in Chinese weddings.

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Album of the Week - 25% Off

Jazz At Its Finest

All of the artists and composers involved in this recording, with the exception of Wayne Shorter, are—or were— interconnected in the fertile Philadelphia jazz sphere.

Al Stauffer and Tom Lawton regularly performed together in a MidCity venue. Joel Levine and composer/pianist Uri Caine were members of another working group. Stauffer and Bernard Peiffer were musical partners for a dozen years, an association that ended with the composer- pianist’s death in 1976. Lawton and Levine studied piano with the late French expatriate pianomaster and studied improvisational concepts with Stauffer.

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