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Exclusive Early Release
Channel Classics has a new release titled ZILT plays Mengelberg & Ellington - jazz exploring the boundaries between high and low art. Available early, exclusively for NativeDSD Plus Members.

Bombastic Jazz
Hungarian freestyle jazz group The Rezervátum Orchestra have a new album out on Hunnia Records. This unconventional power jazz album Towards South is available exclusively in DSD and DXD.

Jazz Standards on One Mic
In an amazing One Microphone Recording from Sound Liaison, Michael Moore and Paul Berner perform a rich collection of jazz standards. The Gift was recorded using a single Josephson Engineering C700S.

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Exclusive Early DSD Release

Available Early for NativeDSD Plus Members

This album is available ahead of its official release date for NativeDSD Plus Members.
It will be available for all listeners on September 2nd.
Available exclusively in DSD, DXD and Analog Vinyl.

The Student Becomes the Band

ZILT is the project born from the ongoing musical conversation between Jasper Blom and Ian Cleaver. They met at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where Blom, a renowned saxophonist, was teaching - and Cleaver, a talented young trumpet player, came to study. Their lessons grew into jam sessions, and soon they took their music to the small stage of a whiskey bar in the center of Amsterdam: Café ZILT. With Thomas Pol on bass and Wouter Kuhne on drums they played compositions by the idiosyncratic Dutch Jazz pianist and composer Misha Mengelberg, balanced with pieces by the legendary bandleader and composer Duke Ellington.

This record captures ZILT’s playful interpretation of this repertoire and the spontaneous and informal style they developed to match their material, calling to mind the small crowded stage on which their music evolved. We can hear Blom and Cleaver explore the boundaries between high and low art, popular and high-brow, in a musical dialogue between different generations and eras of Jazz.

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New DSD Release

This albums is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

Free-Form Power Jazz

The Rezervátum Orchestra comprises some of the best and brightest of the Hungarian jazz scene. The band offers an unconventional power jazz experience that draws on its freestyle music origins.

“The first piece is one of my earliest and fondest memories, centred on my great-grandfather, or rather, sitting. My great-grandfather was a self-taught watchmaker in a small village in Vojvodina, and the house they lived in was full of various clocks and clock faces. I have fond memories of this house and the yard next to it. Perhaps the most cherished was the evening when, entering the kitchen, I saw him sitting at the table having dinner. The table was in the middle of the small kitchen, surrounded by old kitchen furniture, with countless clocks playing a symphony of their own. It was perhaps the first moment of magic in my life.”
- Szilveszter Miklós (drummer)

New DSD Release

This albums is a One Microphone Recording, recorded from only one source microphone.
This albums is available exclusively in DSD and DXD, not available on SACD.

Two Masters at Play

The Gift is the third album from Michael Moore on Clarinet and Paul Berner on Double Bass on Sound Liaison. It follows their earlier releases Amulet - an Album of the Year Winner in 2021 at Native DSD - and This Bird Has Flown: The Music of Lennon and McCartney with Ed Verhoeff and Peter Tiehuis.

The Gift features a rich collection of standards including songs composed by Richard Rogers, George and Ira Gershwin, Charlie Parker, Irving Berlin, Bobby Troup, Mel Torme, Sammy Fain and Oscar Hammerstein.

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Blog Spotlight

Not Just Another ‘Ravel Highlights’
by Adrian Quanjer

Last Friday we released Lina Tur Bonet’s latest album À Moune, a dedication to violinist Hélène Jourdan Mourhange who was close to Ravel. The albums consists of all of the works that Ravel wrote for Hélène.

Adrian Quanjer - a site reviewer at HRAudio - recently wrote an article about the album. Here is a short snippet from the article, but do give it a good read!

This new release, presented as a ‘concept-album’ around Maurice Ravel, is not just another Ravel Highlights. It is an emotionally led, deliberate choice. It has numerous points of interest not found elsewhere. Firstly, the use of gut strings and special bows, as was customary in Ravel’s time; Secondly, the chosen pianos, one of which ‘prepared’, a so-called piano-luthéal, (to be used in one of the reductions Ravel made for his “Morceau de virtuosité dans le goût d’une rhapsodie hongroise”); and thirdly, in line with its conceptual raison d’être, the selection of compositions, namely the ones Ravel wrote for his dear friend, Hélène Jourdan Mourhange, affectionately called ‘Moune’.
Adrian Quanjer

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Gear Spotlight

exaSound Sigma Streamer

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To tell a story with an abstract combination of sounds, Beethoven's Fifth makes exhaustive use of the technique of networking throughout the piece, employing recurring motifs as building blocks to construct multiple themes. In the symphony. two motifs can be called most important. One is. of course, the so-called "fate" motif, which makes a powerful impression with its famous rhythm, falling melody, and dark minor-key sound. appearing in all four movements and representing the dark side of this piece. Another is one with upward conjunct motion on the bright major scale (ti-do-re, or do-re-mi etc.) Because of its intricate elaboration. it is not easy to identify the second motif. but it can be found mainly in the subsidiary-theme sections of each of the four movements. Variably called the "Hope, Liberation, or "Rescue" motif, this motif shines light into the dark world of the Fifth. The story of the symphony can be read as the confrontation between the "fate" motif and another that resists it.

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