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          What you said about York U
In summary, the change of venue was met with more enthusiasm than I anticipated :) Only 1 person cancelled their ticket due to the location change.
  • Great move, Aleks!!  I live downtown, but subway works for me.  No one should drive; we’re well into a global climate crisis. Thanks for your efforts.
  • Aleks, I think this is a great change. I have been concerned where we would be going next as I understood that our time at the collegiate was coming to an end. Once again you have come through. Thanks for all your efforts.
  • Hi Aleks, sometimes change is hard to adjust to for some of us but I think that under the circumstances that this is a good choice of venues. We have happy memories of attending our first Symposiums at York University although we did enjoy all the presentations that we attended at Monarch Park.
  • I was there when George had WCS at York U. It is a great spot! Could never figure out why we switched...
  • Great move, Alex! I'm TOTALLY in favour. I never liked the previous location. I don't care about the food..
  • Great to see this. I appreciate the new venue has meant work for you. Keen to experience a new local. Hey I was at the last York venue. I’ll never forget Mike O'Conner laying on the floor during his talk
  • Yes Aleks, That was in 1989 and I was there! It’s a very nice facility...
          Next Steps
I'm behind on the steps outlined below, apologies! I'll try to complete all refunds this weekend. If you need advice on accommodation, please call me or contact the properties listed below directly.
1. If you already booked your ticket and would like to cancel it on account of venue change, please send me a note ( with your order number and payment info. Please do this before 10 January.
2. I will refund all food payments to those of you that selected lunch/dinner/both before 10 January.
3. Accommodation options - there are several hotels in the immediate vicinity of York U (Comfort Inn Toronto North, Holiday Inn Express Toronto-North York). I'll negotiate the special event rate in the coming days, more in the next update.
          Are Wolves Wilderness?
A story by Bob Heyes

Are Wolves Wilderness? An exploration of the source of the wolf as iconic symbol of wilderness, and contrary evidence from Europe that wolves do not need wild places to flourish.
Bob Hayes was the Yukon Wolf Biologist from 1982-2001, engaging in diverse wolf research and management including population counts, predation rates on moose, caribou and mountain sheep and recovery of wolves and prey populations to intensive wolf control. In 2010 he wrote Wolves of the Yukon, an exploration of the natural history of the Yukon through the eyes of the wolf. He has also written the Zhòh Trilogy, three novels set 14,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age in north Yukon. 

          Foster River: A Solo Journey in Northern Saskatchewan
A story by Jason White

The Foster River is a classic Precambrian Shield canoe trip, a landscape of rock outcroppings, muskeg and lakes. Fresh upon his return to Canada from a 7 month trip to South America, Jason White settled on this route for a month-long solo trip, to squeeze in one last adventure before returning to work. As in the movies, it is most often a bad call when one decides to do 'one last job'.  Be it the bank robber's last heist, or the tech specialist being talked out of retirement to help infiltrate a hidden compound in a Black Hawk mission; sometimes it is better to just stay home.
Jason White spends the summer months canoeing and the winter months avoiding the cold and life responsibilities by backpacking and working on his Spanish in South America. In the Spring and Fall he works in the television industry in Toronto, to make money.

          from the Digital Archives
George Luste: A Retrospect from 50 years of wilderness experiences
(2013 Wilderness and Canoe Symposium)
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Aleks & WCS Team
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