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Native Plant restoration at Pierce Pond

We are working with the Penobscot Alewife Committee and the Blue Hill Heritage Trust to help restore native plants to the newly constructed fish passage and educational site at Pierce Pond in Penobscot. School kids will be on site to help transplant plants and sow seed this Thursday.

IF YOU have any of the following plants in abundance at your property, and would be willing to dig up a few to share, please drop them off at the BHHT office by Wednesday 5pm. Please be aware that we are not asking wild plant communities to be disrupted, but are simply looking for a few plugs from areas where these plants are growing in abundance.

Give Chrissy a call at 374-5118 if you have any questions.

Pierce Pond plant communities:

Cobble Rivershore
Bluejoint  -  Boneset  -  Cardinal flower  -  Flat-topped aster
Mad-dog skullcap  -  Purple stemmed aster  -  Red osier dogwood  -  Smartweeds
Spotted Joe Pye weed  -  Twisted sedge  -   Wool-grass

Black chokeberry  -  Sweetgale  -  Beggar-ticks  -  Common Juniper
Creeping spearwort  -  Flat sedge  -  Large cranberry  -  Panic grasses
Pinweed  -  Poverty oat grass  -  Spikerushes  -  Switch-grass
Swamp candles  -  Three square  -  Tufted hairgrass  -  Water parsnip

Hobblebush  -  Striped maple  -  Canada mayflower
Shining clubmoss  -  Starflower  -  Basswood  -  Ironwood
White Ash  -  Beaked Hazelnut  -  Columbine  -  False spikenard
Fibrous-rooted sedge  -  Marginal woodfern  -  Rough-leaved ricegrass
Round-lobed hepatica  -  Woodland sedge


This is the first stage of a long term restoration project which will follow the seasons and engage local students in learning about the full cycle of cultivating native plants. Seeds from any of the plants listed above are also welcome. The SEED Barn will host a community seed sowing on January 19th, 2019. We will sow seeds to grow into plugs to be planted the following autumn at Pierce Pond, while inviting community members to try their hand at growing out the same varieties at home. 

The newly constructed river passage will be restored with native plants in the cobble rivershore plant community:

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