Data Centre Systems Design Training & Sheffield Christmas Market

14th December 2022 | 13:00-16:00 BST | Register here

The main objectives of this course will be:

  1. Provide an overview of what a Data Centre is, what is driving the market needs and requirements, and a brief history of developments to date.

  2. Provide an overview of the typical considerations for siting a Data Centre and considerations at RIBA stages 0-1.

  3. Overview of the different mechanical and electrical systems used in a Data Centre. As an introduction for mechanical engineers new to the sector and engineers from other engineering disciplines already working in the sector.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what factors are driving growth in the Data Centre sector.

  • Understand what different types of Data Centre facility there are.

  • Awareness of who builds, owns and occupies them.

  • Awareness and glossary of common terminology and standards in use in the industry.

  • Understanding of the factors dictating the location of a Data Centre facility.

  • Awareness of different construction methods and routes to market.

  • An introduction to sustainability in the Data Centre sector

  • Understanding of the requirements for the mechanical and electrical systems in use in a Data Centre and typical design parameters.

  • Understanding of how cooling is delivered in a Data Centre.

  • Awareness of the different cooling solutions and topologies that can be used and the pro’s and con’s of each.

  • An understanding of the typical energy consumption breakdown between various elements of the cooling systems.

  • Awareness of energy efficiency opportunities within the mechanical and electrical systems.

Trainer Bio - Alex Nock

Alex graduated from the University of Southampton with a BEng in Electromechanical Engineering and an MSc in Management Science & Finance. Since joining RED 12 years ago, Alex has worked on a variety of projects within the Data Centre Sector; from the design and implementation of critical infrastructure upgrades in a live environment through to management and design delivery for 100+MW Data Centre Campus’. Alex is a mechanical engineer with a wide range of experience in data centre cooling systems and the computational modelling of mission critical infrastructure. Alex is experienced in managing the project delivery for a range of clients; banking sector, co-location and hyperscale across a number of different geographic locations.

More recently, Alex has taken up the role of Head of Engineering globally for the RED business. This has seen Alex working on various projects in Central Engineering and Technical Excellence which encompasses innovation and development with a strong focus on communication and collaboration with internal colleagues and external interfaces. This is key to ensuring the high standard of technical content within the RED design deliverable is maintained. Along with a consistent approach throughout the company.

In 2013, Alex was awarded winner of the ‘Young Mission Critical Engineer of the Year’ Award at the Datacenter Dynamics EMEA Awards and ‘Young Talent associated with the Data Centre Industry’ at the International Data Centre & Cloud Awards.

This is an in-person event. Transport (Bus) will leave from Loughborough University at 11:00 am in the morning.

Registration is mandatory to attend the event. People who are willing to attend the training from Nottingham / Leicester / Coventry can come to Loughborough to join us in the transport.

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