October Newsletter
Financial Planning month - it doesn't have to be scary! This month, I'm talking about the basics of where planning and money intersect. On the blog, I'll also go over business mistakes people often make early on with their money, and how you can avoid them with - you guessed it - good planning. Let's jump in:
A Plan is Better Than No Plan
I know the concept of financial planning sounds intimidating, but it can really be as simple as creating a spending plan for yourself, prepping for taxes, putting together a savings strategy, or identifying why you're doing what you're doing with your money. Having a plan is better than having no strategy in place. Click the links for my thoughts on each topic!

Check Your Goals
If you do have a plan in place already (congrats!), then maybe it's time to check in and see how you're feeling about it these days. Are the goals you set still relevant for you? Are the strategies you decided on still functioning as needed? Check in and see where you're at. Here's my guide to doing a pretty thorough business check in. 

Tax Extension Deadline October 15th!
Speaking of being prepared, if you needed an extension for your 2018 taxes, this is just a reminder that they are due October 15th. If you'd like some resources about getting prepared for next year, I recommend my article on 5 Ways to Prep for Tax Time
Workshop Success, & a Free Resource!
I'm so happy to say the workshop last week was a success! Many thanks to everyone who came out. Because it was a smaller group, and done in person, I had the chance to answer a lot of questions and help attendees with their current business issues. The group seemed to gain a lot just by all coming together - all attendees were owners of small creative businesses, but each one came from a different industry. We built a wonderful sense of community during the course of the session, which is definitely one of the perks of in-person gatherings. It was also great to help create a space specifically for creative business owners right here in the South Bay! Sometimes we need a reminder that not all the creatives live in San Francisco, or other big cities for that matter. 

Participants in particular seemed to get a lot from our discussions of the Profit First Allocations system, as well as doing money mindset exercises. If you missed the workshop but would still like some resources on these two points, I recommend checking out the Allocations Calculator tool on my site, and reading "What's Your Money Mindset?" to get started. 

The last resource that I want to offer up today is something that went out to workshop attendees, but I want to offer it to my newsletter list too! I created a PDF guide on three important steps to starting a business. You can see the first page pictured above. If you'd like a copy of your own, just email me and let me know! My email is angela(at)atpeacewithmoney(dot)com, or you can just reply to this newsletter! I'll send one right your way. 
Next Meetup: Santa Cruz First Friday, Oct 4th!

Our next meetup will be this Friday, October 4th in Downtown Santa Cruz to enjoy the First Friday festivities together. We will meet downtown at the Front Street Entrance of the Museum of Art and History - 705 Front Street - at 6:00 pm. The MAH is open for free on First Fridays, so we will check out what they have to offer and then continue to tour downtown from there. Also included will be The Night Market at the Hub for Sustainable Living, Artisans Gallery and The Homeless Garden Project Downtown Store. First Friday is a great opportunity to see the town and connect with other local makers, so bring layers for changing weather, walking shoes and a sense of adventure! Click here to RSVP to the meetup event so I know to look for you! You can also stay up to date with our events on the Facebook Group, Creating Abundance for Female Entrepreneurs
Happy Birthday, October Babies!
Happy Birthday to all the wonderful people born in the month of October! One of my favorite birthday traditions is giving a gift to yourself! I wrote a post in February that was all about retirement savings, specifically IRAs and how they are a way we can love our future selves. In celebration of YOU, I invite you to give a gift to yourself by contributing to your IRA this month! Bonus points if you contribute to another savings goal - give yourself some financial self-love. You deserve it! If you have a special financial self-care birthday habit, I'd love to hear your ideas! Just shoot me an email response. Image by sumaia alzadjali.
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