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Nothing in Joey Tall’s life is for real. Not his name, the background he supplied to his bosses at The Gates, or the energy and good health he exudes. None of it is true. And no one can ever know what’s really going on. Ever. Unpacking his secrets would truly end his life. Insult to injury, the incredibly handsome LAPD officer who’s been hitting on Joey is a dream come true. But no way in hell is he letting a cop into his life. He doesn’t have a death wish, and tempting fate is the last thing Joey’s going to do, no matter how much he yearns for a man he can’t have.


Simply Great As Usual
'Since discovering M.Tasia, I wait for anything new to be published. Love the complex characters that find love. Thank you for your words.'

- Amazon, 5 STARS

Joey <3 Sam

'M.Tasia is an automatic 1 click author for me...she definitely didn’t disappoint with Joey.'

- Amazon, 5 STARS

One of those books
'This was one of those books for me where I had a hard time putting it down. Joey and his sweet nature and Sam and his calm nature. Truths spoken and all the while a unique bond of love is formed.'

- Amazon, 5 STARS

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Author Spotlight:
H. M. Wolfe & E. L. Nelson

cover of book titled Star Light, Star Bright
Ardan MacNamara finally has the life he didn't even dare to dream about: happily married to his soulmate, Alasdair. The proud father of Lorcan. And he is surrounded by friends and family members whose respect and affection he'd won. Just when the man thinks all his obstacles are finally surpassed, the ghosts of the past come to haunt him.

Alasdair Stark is as happy as he can be, having Ardan's endless love. The trust and affection of his husband's son Lorcan and a stable career and professional reputation in spite of his very young age. Everything is perfect, until the fateful day Ardan's past literally appears on their doorstep, threatening to destroy the harmony of their life.

As even more secrets are unearthed, Alasdair has to make some decisions that could alter more than one life. Is he ready to take the step and pay the price? And, when what he holds dearest, and nearest is threatened, what path will Ardan choose? Will, the love between the two men, stand the new trials, or will it go away?

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