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Dear ener-G-savers,

What to say at a time when our lives are shaken to the core. We hope this e-mail finds you and yours staying safe and healthy, all while heeding the call to work harder to ensure that the promise of our country will deliver justice and equality for all. At Ener-G-save, we have much to learn and are looking into how we can do more for environmental justice communities. The Black community is bearing a much higher burden of environmental pollution alongside systemic economic disadvantages. Much more work can and needs to be done.

We are also still thinking about how important it is to be energy efficient, especially now. With so many being out of work, saving money is also on our minds for everyone. We have a few suggestions for you to consider at this time, suggestions that will soon save you on air conditioning bills and, later, heating bills.

We’ve spoken to you a lot about getting an energy audit from the utility programs. While they’re not going into homes at this time, there are still actions you can take while we await the reopening phases
. Read on.

Community solar can save on your electric bill

Before the details about the energy audits, here’s something else that you can do now. Do you like the idea of going solar, but don't have a good roof for panels, or feel you can’t afford to go this route? We encourage you to consider community solar, a program in which there is no construction at your home, but you support remote and local energy while saving money too. (By the way, ener-G-save doesn’t make money with this program… just spreading the word.)

Check it out!

Virtual Audits for Residents Still Available

So now… saving money on your utility bills. The state and utility companies are currently offering a LOT of programs that have incentives that can make it possible to make efficiency improvements on your home, apartment, small business, nonprofit, school, or church/synagogue/mosque without breaking the bank.
Because it’s very complex, we’re just going to tell you here about the programs, and if you click the links cited, you’ll be taken to a page with all the details including who to call to take advantage of these offers.
So, first, for all of you who own homes, or rent or own residential properties in buildings up to four units, it’s possible to schedule a virtual audit if you call by July 31. You may be eligible for up to 100% of recommended and approved insulation on work done by year’s end. Click here to learn how to begin this process.

Virtual Audits for Small Businesses - Spread the Word!
We’ve primarily engaged with you as residents, but since there are now such good opportunities for non-residential locations as well, we want to share that info too. We’re thinking that you might be a small business owner or employee. Or maybe you’d like to tell your church or synagogue or mosque that now is the time to line up an audit! Or perhaps you think that your schools could use some efficiency work so you could reach out there. Nonprofits are eligible for these programs too. So click here for a list of all the amazing programs available just now, and feel free to forward that material to the right people at any of these organizations.

A Reminder
The last thing we want to share, given how many in our communities are struggling financially, is a link that will help you determine if you might be eligible for assistance with your fuel bills. Click here to see an income eligibility chart to find out if you might qualify. Do check, as the numbers often are higher than you might think they’d be. Then you can follow up with your local community action program. Also, if you live in Springfield and you're having trouble with rent or mortgage, contact Way Finders at 413-233-1500 where you may be able to get help.

Stay in Touch

ener-G-save is a not-for-profit service whose mission is to improve energy efficiency and inspire climate leadership on the community level in Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires.

If we can answer any questions or help in any way, please give us a call at 413-279-9141 or email And tell your friends about ener-G-save!

Thank you, take care, and stay well.
The ener-G-save team

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