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Hello there! Apologies for the skipped newsletter last week... I was busy making the first item in this list :)

Beginner Modelling Tutorial series
Stuck at home but sick of Netflix? Learn something new! In this comprehensive tutorial series you'll learn the fundamentals of modelling in Blender, including:
  • The basics of modelling shapes in Blender
  • How to create sharp and smooth forms within the same object
  • The importance of good topology
  • When to use creases, sharp edges and more!
Plus at the end of it, you'll have made your very own designer chair for use in future projects. Join 200,000 who have already begun: watch the full series on Youtube here.

Travis Scott hosts a virtual concert in Fortnite
I'll admit I was skeptical of "virtual performances", but from this video I can see they might one day be superior to real ones. No flights, accommodation, parking, annoying crowds or expensive tickets. Not to mention no rubbing shoulders with drunk sweaty people! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before more shows go virtual. Another sign of future growth within our industry :)

Superb Kitbash set from an industry veteran
Paul Chadeisson makes some of the best large scale ship concept art in the industry, and he's just released this impressive set of kitbash models (designed to quickly mix and adapt into new models). At $75 it might look expensive, but if scifi concept art is your career choice then it's actually very cheap.

Great explanation for redirecting topology
If you've ever been frustrated at the way your edges flow, this video should simplify the solution for you. A perfect accompaniment to my modelling series above.

That's all folks. Follow me on twitter for more interesting stuff that doesn't make it here.

Andrew Price
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