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Our Brain - Our Super Computer

Written by: Carlos M. Garcia, M.D.

Clearly the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, Dementia or a combination thereof confirms the fact that our brain, our super computer, has a system error. Mainstream medicine precedes to micromanage the brain with drugs or procedures. The biggest detriment to micromanagement is tunnel vision. Mainstream medicine focuses on the symptoms, and pursues its amelioration at the expense of other issues. This is a pattern seen in just about all aspects of specialization.
Knowing our limits:
The specialist is driven to rid the patient of their symptoms. However, in this quest, the specialist ignores collateral damage(s) that may result from their treatment. For example, chemotherapy for the treatment of the cancer symptom (cancer is always the symptom; why one has cancer is the problem) ignores several side effects, such as nausea, malabsorption, emotional effects of physical changes, compromised immune system, anemia, etc. Do oncologists team up with nutritionists? No. When patients develop collateral issues because of treatment, it is usually the patient who has to find his or her own solution. I believe that the majority of specialist suffer from tunnel vision and as such, the patients and their family and loved ones are pushed in becoming the general practitioner, a responsibility that they are untrained and ill experienced, in most cases, to manage.
Mainstream’s symptomatic protocol treatments (the notion that the same treatment fits everyone with a given diagnosis) require the patient to comply with the preexisting protocol(s). Any deviation from the master plan, i.e. nutritional intervention, or the taking of supplements, is usually ignored, frowned upon, or left to a patient to figure out on his or her own self.
At Utopia, I along with my staff coordinate and manage issues for all of our campers. Whereas, we need to start somewhere, as we get to know our campers, which does not take long, we are able to customize our treatments per the individual. We have structure; we are just able to adjust it as necessary for each of our individual campers. Striving for individualization is the driving force behind our weekly grand rounds, which includes all service practitioners. The practitioners share their insights and nuances about each patient in order to adjust each camper’s treatment plan to better fit their needs.

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Courageously Seeking Alternative Options
Written by: Mark, Admissions Counselor 
In the midst of a pandemic, everyone has their health on the mind. Most of us have a heightened awareness of our surroundings and are more conscience of what we touch and what goes in our body. These concepts are nothing new to someone with a cancer diagnosis which inherently comes with a compromised immune system. When considering alternative cancer treatment options in this current environment there are many circumstances that must be factored in. In speaking with those looking for information about our holistic approach, I am able to provide them with a “Travel Game Plan” that allows them to keep their minds set on the goal of healing.
As Admissions Counselor, my job is to not only inform them of our program but to calmly change the context of the situation. I commend them for having the courage to seek out another option other than chemotherapy or radiation; to explore a way other than what most people think is the only treatment. I let them know that they are in control; the fear and pressure don’t have to be the motivating factor. Just the opposite, the person reaching out to us, is taking their power back and seeking a path they feel will be best for them. The secret is listening to yourself; your gut instincts will lead the way. Find a direction that feels right to you-and embrace it fully. Attitude is everything; that same courage that had them Googling alternative cancer treatment is the same courage that gives them the strength to pack their bags and move across the country for several weeks and attend our clinic. To take such a big step requires trust in yourself.
The first step to treatment at Utopia Cancer Center is a consultation with Dr. Carlos Garcia which can be done in the clinic or by telephone, as most are, considering our patients come from throughout the world. For those with a cancer diagnosis, the consultation is complimentary; Dr. Garcia actually donates his time so that these people have a chance to hear another side to the story from what their conventional doctors are telling them. Which as previously stated, is to start chemotherapy or radiation immediately as if there is NO other choice. I suggest anyone who calls me to take advantage of this offer; even if it’s just a “fact finding mission”.
Alternative medicine is about education because this type of medicine is patient driven; they take an active role in their healing. The body can heal if given the right tools and environment starting with the way you think. I always tell people gather all the information you can, take advantage of all the consultations available and then pick a direction that resonates within you. Whether they choose Utopia Cancer Center or somewhere else, I tell them to fully commit to their choice and embrace it. I just want to see people heal regardless of how they get there.
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This website is specifically dedicated to the cancer services that we offer at Utopia. Our new format is simple to navigate which makes it very user friendly. We invite you to share this website with your family and friends.
Holistic Cognitive Treatment Program
If you or a family member are suffering from a mild cognitive disorder or dementia and wish to explore a new and all-natural approach, you may qualify for a complimentary consultation with Carlos M. Garcia, M.D., Medical Director of Utopia Wellness.  To schedule your consultation, please call us at 727-799-9060.

If you would like any additional information concerning our cognitive disorder/dementia program, please refer to the link provided below:

Recipe of the Month

Written by: Liza, Patient Care Coordinator

TESTIMONIAL: Breast Cancer

Glenda is a recent patient at Utopia Cancer Center. Through her testimonial, she talks about her journey in finding our facility and her experience here with Dr. Garcia and the rest of the staff. 
Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors and these results should not be expected or anticipated.
Would you like to learn more about cancer treatment options for you or a loved one? I invite you to contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.
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