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Carpenters have a saying: measure twice, cut once. The same could be said for communicators: measure twice, campaign once. 
The highest value of measurement is in the planning stages of a campaign. If, like the carpenter, you measure early and often—gather and analyze the available data, and then use what you learn to set measurable campaign goals—you’ll discover insights to make your communications more effective, focus your efforts and reach your goal the first time around.  
Today, we’re sharing our best tips, tools and practices for PR measurement. If you’d like to revisit any of our past issues of The Strategist, you can find them here.  
- Julie Wright
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Testing a New Tool
Our vendor CoverageBook gave us an exclusive first look at the app's new interface and media tracking and reporting capabilities. We’re excited to put them to use for our clients.
WELKome Welk Resorts
Welk Resorts plans to open a seventh location in Breckenridge later this year and the (W)right On team is hard at work to support this new property and their six other vacation resorts.
Saluting Seniors
Pet therapy, positivity, veterans, love stories—we are honored to share so many special stories from our Palm Beach senior living client. And media are loving them too!
Tools + Tech of the PR Trade
(W)right On has invested in several tools and technologies to help us develop measurable outcomes for client partners. Here are some of our favorites: 
Media Monitoring: captures online, print and broadcast media mentions. 

Reporting + Analysis: 
monitors and reports share of voice, sentiment and more.

Competitive Benchmarking + Research: monitors and reports competitors’ media mentions and industry coverage for insights.
Productivity: saves time building and sharing media clipping reports.

Reporting + Analysis: 
shares clips, hyperlinks and a dashboard with data like estimated readership, social engagement, number of backlinks and average domain authority.
Reporting + Analysis: 
monitors and reports social media activities and engagement including integration with Google Analytics for conversion tracking.

Competitive Benchmarking: 
monitors and reports competitors’ media mentions for insights.
Website Monitoring:
tracks and flags issues and opportunities impacting search engine rankings.

Reporting + Analysis: 
tracks progress and identifies opportunities.

Competitive Benchmarking: 
tracks competitors’ search engine rankings.
Research: surveys a representative sample of consumers when looking for insights on brand awareness, behaviors or preferences in the U.S. by state, region, gender or age group.  
Research: surveys an email list when looking for insights on brand awareness, behaviors or preferences amongst a specific group like customers, prospects, members, etc.  
Learning From Crisis

Professional communicators gathered on July 9 to share experiences and insights learned from the tragic Poway synagogue shooting in April. The event shared the perspectives of PIOs from Palomar Health and the City of Poway, PR consultants who managed local and national media during a multi-faith vigil hosted at Poway High School, and the public safety editor from the San Diego Union-Tribune who coordinated the paper’s coverage.  WOC’s Julie Wright organized and moderated the panel.

“With mass shootings continuing with tragic regularity across the country, PR pros from all walks of life need to prepare themselves. It could happen at your client’s premises, at your workplace, in your community. This was a conversation I felt compelled to facilitate for my peers.” – Julie Wright
Inspiring San Diego’s Future Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Kevin Brewer

WOC’s Director of Strategic Communications Chance Shay is putting his PR expertise and mentoring skills to good use through San Diego Tech Hub’s Be the Boss Passionpreneurship Program. The new program aims to provide underrepresented youth in the Vista Unified School District with the resources, knowledge and support to empower them to turn ideas into profitable businesses.
“As a first generation college grad, I've always wanted to be able to help young kids who weren't given many opportunities. I was impressed with how motivated and eager they were. Seeing their enthusiasm and ‘just go for it’ attitude was inspiring!” – Chance Shay
WOC & IABCLA Host Certification Session 
The WOC Los Angeles office hosted an introduction to IABC’s new certification program: Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP). Led by IABC International Executive Board Chair Victoria Dew, SCMP, attendees learned how to obtain the CMP or SMCP certification. 
Fun fact: Professionals with certifications like CMP or SCMP are three times more likely to be promoted than those without. To learn more about becoming certified, contact IABCLA.
Celebrating our longtime Client Partnerships
Not only are we fans of measuring campaign results. We also value measuring our client relationships! We took some time to reflect on the long partnerships we’ve enjoyed with several client partners over the years. So, to both our new and longtime client partners, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you for your trust.
12.5 Years
12 Years
11.5 Years
10 Years
8.5 Years
Thank you! We look forward to many more years of working together!
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