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Do you know what phishing is? What about spoofing? Deepfakes? With the uptick in cybersecurity threats making themselves known, now is a good time to make employees of your business aware of potential threats a simple click on an email or link follow can have on the security of your business. Thankfully, Dynamic Alliance has partnered with Breach Secure Now to help train and bring awareness to avoid phishing, spoofing, and other cybersecurity threats.

Breach Secure Now, or BSN, is a partner focused business who works for the MSP community to provide clients with the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Through Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance Training made easy to automate, support, and empower, employees can become the superhuman firewall every business needs. Weekly training is provided to businesses so that everyone can receive the power of knowledge on how to prevent cybersecurity threats from taking over the day to day of businesses. With automated phishing campaigns, you can find out who is most susceptible to these threats. The ongoing training programs and campaigns allow you get instant insight to your employees’ scores with the easy-to-understand Employee Secure Score (ESS).

Businesses are able to monitor the dark web through BSN to monitor what information has been compromised to ensure the safety of employees’ logins and information. Without continuous monitoring, new compromised employee data available on the dark web will go unnoticed, putting your employees and yourself in danger of dealing with a data breach. Compromised passwords increase the risk of external access to your employees' networks. Exposed personally identifiable information (PII) opens the door to convincing phishing attempts. With data breaches on the rise, unnoticed activity on the dark web puts organizations at risk. With real-time updates, detailed breached data, and remediation ready to deploy all at your fingertips, employees can stay secure and protected from the repercussions of data breaches.

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