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This week I focused my research and writing on elements of the emerging digital economy. Aside from outlining a couple of foundational principles, I began a deeper dive into a type of crypto asset called non-fungible tokens. I believe crypto-assets will become increasingly important to the digital economy and are worth following.

As the Sovereign Individual class emerges, it makes sense to monitor different types of digital asset classes and how the digital economy organizes around them. If for no other reason than to learn how they influence the balance of decision making power moving forward. 

In the roundup, I provided some interesting resources and tools for remote work, no-code, and some behind the scenes details on a few impressive VC deals. My rationale: Gaining insights on long term investment decisions from the industry pros seems like a good idea. 

TSI Articles: 

Elements and Principles of the Emerging Digital Renaissance -  Technological progress is taking society into a digital renaissance. The individuals and businesses that adapt to this change quickly will dominate the coming decades.

By building platforms of user-generated content, acquiring digital assets, and establishing influence over early platform communities, early adopters will emerge as the upper class in a new social order. In this article, learn about the core concepts that are merging to create the digital economy. 

Non-Fungible Tokens: Why You Should Follow Their Progress - Recent progress in community blockchain experiments have shown promising results. Combined with the expansion of societal comfort levels with digital interactions, it’s not a leap to believe that in 10 to 15 years, non-fungible tokens could play a major role in society.

NFTs are rare, liquid, and interoperable digital assets. They will become increasingly important as more aspects of life take on digital form. I explore what exactly NFTs are, current examples in use, and the future opportunities they may provide. 

A Roundup From Around the Web

Remotive - An interesting job board I came across on Indie Hackers. What sets this job board apart is that it only includes remote work opportunities. It's worth checking it out to see the types of opportunities that are available to remote workers. 

Makerpad - A website dedicated to providing resources for no-code projects including a job board. It's a growing community and provides a robust view of the types of no-code tools that are available. It's worth following to keep track of the evolution of the industry. 
The Memos - Bessemer Venture Partners released some of their early investment memos from top-performing investments they made over the past several years. Memos include companies like Shopify, Pinterest, Twitch, and fiverr.

It's a fascinating view into the world of VC and the decision making metrics they use. Many of these companies have powered the way for the Sovereign Individual lifestyle. Including companies powering e-commerce, gig work, and audience building. 

I went to an MBA program with a predominantly international class. This chart is symbolic of the times and personally devastating to me. 

See you next week.

As always, feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Until next week. 

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