Supermedium v2 Released!
This Week in Supermedium
We've been busy fixing up the v2 release of Supermedium. Here's what's included in the browser update, not counting changes to the Supermedium home space:
  • Improved loading times for VR sites (1.5x to 2.0x in some cases).
  • Less time spent in the SteamVR and Oculus loading screens. We now remain in the home space until the VR site is truly done loading and is ready.
  • Less error messages about sites taking a long time to load for long-loading VR sites as a result of the two above improvements.
  • Hands now start tracking immediately upon launch versus requiring button press.
  • Changes to better accommodate large (and future) VR content portals.
  • Users no longer need to configure High-Performance Settings for NVIDIA Optimus cards.
  • Workarounds to accommodate existing VR sites that have quirks (i.e., sites that sniff user agents, reload themselves).
  • Added some support for Windows Mixed Reality to go back to the home space with the button. Not calling it official support yet as many VR sites don't support the controllers (we may polyfill it for them), and people need to go through SteamVR for them to work.
We've added links to several fresh VR sites.
  • A Way to Go by AATOAA and National Film Board of Canada - This is one of our favorite WebVR experiences. We have no trouble spending 15 minutes in this one as we pilot a block-headed avatar through a forest of dynamic shaders and sound, synced to our pace.
  • Spider by @marpi_ - Visit your pet spider in the Metaverse. Not recommended if you don't like spiders.
  • Inside Music by @songexploder and @googlevr - Break apart songs into their individual channels. Bass, vocals, drums, guitars. Go inside the music.
Upcoming to Supermedium
We'll be shortly adding a developer mode to be able to input a URL to a VR site for testing in Supermedium.

We're currently in touch with many WebVR developers and studios to usher in more great WebVR content. Expect an influx of new showcased content!
In Other News
  • We'll be looking at shipping A-Frame v0.8.0, featuring all the latest improvements stemming from our experience of building large projects with A-Frame.
  • We launched on Hacker News! Lots of fellow Web lovers on HN.

  • Check out our Super Valentine's Day video featuring Paint by @mrdoob and Finding Love by @active_theory!
  • Our friend @whiteboxamir put up a well-written piece about VR browsers. Our survival depends on WebVR being successful, let's make it happen!
Drop us an email, file an issue on GitHub, or find us on Twitter or Facebook!
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