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30 April 2021 Issue 10

Avila College News

Monday 26 April was Nano Nagle's Memorial Day, the commemoration of her death in Ireland in 1784. More than 200 years later her life, legacy and lantern continue to shine brightly for us and so many others. As a Presentation inspired College we draw from the spirituality and charism of Nano Nagle in all that we do and look to inspire our young women to see the difference they can be in the world. 

It has been another fun week at Avila with sunshine putting a spring in our steps and so many activities to be involved in and talk about. I was delighted to attend the Avila Mazenod orchestra workshop on Wednesday evening as well as after school Musical rehearsals. Basketball training is well underway and the VCAL class launched their cookbook. We had our final Year 7 Cookies and a Chat this week. Over 200 cookies and many hundreds of insights about the things our newest community members love about Avila!

Have a lovely weekend and please keep your eye on the weather report for Monday. We very much hope for blue skies and sunshine for the House Athletics Carnival.

Happy learning!

Dr Michelle Cotter | Principal
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed
This week we remembered Nano Nagle the foundress of the Presentation Sisters. Nano Nagle was a woman filled with compassion, zeal and courage. We remember her with admiration and look to her for guidance in our day to day life.  As we continue to Be the Light of Christ for others we model our actions on those of Nano Nagle.

Faith & Mission

Weekly Prayer

The arms of mercy
the arms of compassion -
reaching out, holding, supporting - 

the eyes of compassion,
the ears of compassion,
the heart of compassion - 

invited and called
by our compassionate God - 

inspired and heartened
by Nano Nagle
and our founding Sisters

we reach out, we hold, we support.

We are the arms,
the eyes, the ears
and the heart of compassion in our world.


Faith & Mission

Liturgical Calender

2 May
John 15: 1–8 
Jesus the vine, the Father, the vine-grower.

2 May Orthodox Easter
3 May Feast of Ss Philip and James

Avila's House Athletics Carnival is scheduled to proceed on Monday 3 May at Bill Sewart Reserve, Burwood. In the event of inclement weather, a notification will be posted on SIMON/PAM on Sunday afternoon and an email will be sent to all parents.
All 2021 newsletters are also published and archived on the Avila website. Click here to view.

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HighLight of the Week 

'Pay it Forward Day'

Wednesday this week was Pay it Forward Day. Although very simple and subtle, messages of encouraging self-worth and love were spread throughout the school grounds on lockers and walls, visible for all students and staff. Pay it Forward Day is a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world, and in our case, across the Avila College community.

The 28th of April marks the day of celebrating kindness internationally, however in our community we celebrate all students and staff everyday who continue to show compassion to others through simply paying it forward. It was wonderful to see the delight from members of our school community and the power words have.   

Juliette Ardley | Wellbeing Vice Captain


Swimming Sensation

During the school holidays Year 9 student Madeleine Horvath competed at the 2021 Australian Age Swimming Championships on the Gold Coast. Maddy swam 0.30 seconds outside the Australian junior world qualifying time and is the national silver medalist in 100m breaststroke. Congratulations Maddy!

Curriculum | Drama

Jekyll and Hyde

On Saturday 24 April, the Year 10 Drama and Unit 1 VCE Drama classes enjoyed the high-energy immersive theatre experience from the VCE Drama Playlist of "Jekyll and Hyde" at Chapel Off Chapel in Prahran by the "A Slightly Isolated Dog" theatre company.  VCE Drama student Lucy Donnelly's improvisational skills were put to the test on stage! 


Year 9 Design Technology

Year 9 students have been given a commercial pattern to use as a base. They can then make adjustments to the pattern to create a new and original piece. 


Cookies with Dr Cotter

Wellbeing | Resources

Tips for Creating Resilient Families

ALDAF have launched a new brochure resource with tips on how to foster resilience in families. You can download a copy here. According to Psychologist Andrew Fuller, “Resilience is the knack of being able to bungee jump through life. When the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks of life occur, it’s as if you’re connected to an elastic rope that helps you bounce back from hard times” explains Andrew. “Developing resilience helps us manage many situations and can help us create strong protective behaviours against issues such as self-harm, depression and drug issues.”

ABC Radio Brisbane recently published an article: 'Lawnmower' parents urged to let their children make mistakes and messes suggesting that many well-intentioned parents may be undermining their children's independence by smoothing a difficult path. 

Archives | Heritage Collection 

Flashback Friday

Avila College has a long and proud history in athletics but her very first Athletics Day was a very humble affair. In 1966, the Sports Day took place on Pinewood Oval, with just the simplest of events taking place. Nevertheless, it seems like a lot of fun was had by all!

Pathways | Careers

Work Experience

For work experience, I worked at Only Estate Agents in Narre Warren. On my first day, I sat at reception with Imasha - I didn’t realise how many responsibilities a receptionist had.
The next day I was with Waleed, one of the agents. He talked me through his daily schedule, which included 'droppings'. This means when a property is sold by the real estate agent, they go into the neighbourhood, and put a pamphlet in the letterboxes. This helps to get the word out, which will ultimately contribute to more listings and clients.
For the rest of the week, I helped out reception and Clair, who is the Assistant to the Director (Khalid). On Friday I went with Waleed to a private inspection at a commercial property. The place was a warehouse that had been furnished to look like an apartment. My work experience at Only Estate Agents was very enjoyable and I was able to grasp a deeper understanding of the industry. 

Poojanie Nanayakkara | Year 10


PSW has Moved


Community Announcements

Flu-Like Symptoms

Experiencing flu-like symptoms? Please get tested and isolate at home until you receive your results.

Avila Calendar

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. 
Matthew 5:16
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