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03 December 2021 Issue 31

Avila College News

Dear Avila Community

At Christmas time, with some creative license, on this 3rd of December...

On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

To you, the students, families and staff of Avila I send Christmas blessings, time with family and friends, good cheer, some down time and a good book. After another year of learning we have much to celebrate and be grateful for - amongst the many is the gift of each other.
Take care over the holiday break, stay safe and Merry Christmas.

Dr Michelle Cotter | Principal
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed

Faith & Mission

Weekly Prayer

At the end of this school year we give thanks to God:

For all the teaching and learning that has taken place in our school, both in and out of the classroom,

For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that have been faced;

For the respect and care that has been given.

We give thanks for the friendships that have just begun and for those that have grown.

For the hope that has lifted our hearts, 
And for the love that has kept us going.

We give thanks to the community that we are, and we ask you Lord -

Bless our students and our families as we take our holidays, may our time together 
leave us with memories to cherish.

Pour out your love on us that we may return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together.


Faith & Mission

Liturgical Calendar

Sunday 5 December
Luke 3: 1–6
John the Baptist proclaims a baptism of repentance.

6 December
St Nicholas

7 December
Memorial of St Ambrose

8 December
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

9 December
St Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin

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Student of the Term

Today we recognised our Year 7, 8 and 9 Students of the Term. Congratulations to Zara Figueirado, Chloe Hall and Isha Mundhra.

Zara has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the Avila Presentation values throughout this year. She is inclusive, curious and a great listener. Her ability to be honest in the classroom allows her to foster critical thinking skills and she is always asking meaningful questions and contributing to robust group discussions.

A keen advocate for fairness and equality within the classroom Zara is inclusive, compassionate and kind.

We are delighted to recognise the Year 7 Student of the Term, Zara Figueirado

Always striving to live the Gospel and Presentation values in her daily life, Chloe is unfailingly kind, compassionate and empathetic. She upholds the dignity of others through her respectful consideration of their needs and is always a positive and affirming class member.

Her sunny smile and frequent encouragement of others welcomes all. A dedicated student who applies herself diligently, Chloe is a sought after team member due to her kind, patient, friendly, hardworking nature.

Congratulations to our Year 8 Student of the Term, Chloe Hall.

Committed to her school community, Isha demonstrates compassion and action. She approaches every challenge with a positive attitude and is always friendly and welcoming. Striving to consistently contribute her best, Isha sets goals and follows through.

Always willing to help her peers, she is friendly and approachable and displays her leadership qualities consistently.

We are delighted to recognise our Year 9 Student of the Term Isha Mundhra

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9

Celebration of Excellence

Congratulations to all our Year 7, 8 and 9 award recipients recognised at today's Celebration of Excellence.
Major Awards 2021
Avila College Languages Award Fatemeh Ramezaniotaghvar
Year 7, 8 & 9 Subject Awards 2021
Year 7 Religious Education    
Amber Shums
Year 7 Art       
Jade Hale
Year 7 Drama 
Heather Cassidy
Year 7 English
Heidi Chang
Year 7 French 
Paris Railakis
Year 7 Health & Physical Education  
Kartia Badanjek
Year 7 Humanities     
Natalie Sik
Year 7 Indonesian      
Eliana Chan
Year 7 Information Technology         
Jeovanna Curran
Year 7 Italian  
Jeovanna Curran
Year 7 Mathematics   
Natalie Sik
Year 7 Music  
Jeovanna Curran
Year 7 Science
Heidi Chang

Year 8 Religious Education    
Simran Chopra
Year 8 Art       
Larissa Botakis
Year 8 Design And Technology          
Rosha Ghassemieh
Year 8 Drama 
Isabella Stopajnik
Year 8 English
Catalina Jigins
Year 8 Food Technology        
Mia Zammit
Year 8 French 
Mahta Moradiamani
Year 8 Geography      
Caitlyn Gunther

Year 8 Health & Physical Education  
Ashleigh Whitfield
Year 8 History
Eva Pendlebury
Year 8 Indonesian      
Sophie Liu
Year 8 Italian  
Caitlyn Gunther
Year 8 Mathematics   
Mahta Moradiamani
Year 8 Music  
Sagarika Arvind
Year 8 Science
Mahta Moradiamani
Year 9 Religious Education    
Amy Dickson
Year 9 Accelerated Mathematics      
Monique Adolphe
Year 9 Design And Technology          
Lila Chang
Year 9 Digital Technology      
Natasha Forster
Year 9 Drama 
Amy Dickson
Year 9 Economics       
Monique Adolphe
Year 9 English
Amy Dickson
Year 9 Food Technology        
Tayla Halvy
Year 9 French 
Natasha Forster
Year 9 Geography      
Helena Ying Li Choo
Year 9 Health & Physical Education  
Jessica Poldrugovac
Year 9 History
Chloe Schaller
Year 9 Indonesian      
Jane Ie
Year 9 Italian  
Amy Dickson
Year 9 Mathematics   
Merin Pynadath
Year 9 Music  
Bridget Savic
Year 9 Science
Amy Dickson
Year 9 Studio Arts 2D 
Joy Hua
Year 9 Studio Arts 3D 
Amelie Nguyen
Year 9 Visual Communication And Design    
Valentine Chew
Love of Learning
Award 2021

Ena Costanzo-Vidot
Kaya Ono
Heather  Cassidy
Isabel Hooi
Eliana Chan
Zoanne Pereira
Isabella Aberl
Emma  Gasper
Rachel Lee
Keshanee Warnakulasuriya
Junia Joseph
Maya Rached
Pahul Kaile
Chloe Shields
Priya Bowen
Zara Figueirado
Sienna Bernardo
Jessica Capomolla
Irene Jacob
Evana Pradhan
Emma Di Petta
Briana Iannetta
Laura Borstelj
Ashlyn Mamachan
Sasha Gajdobranski
Taylor Neophytou
Amelia Calcagno
Eva Pendlebury
Liana Cerbone
Kayla Fallace
Sagarika Arvind
Caitlin Mujie
Jasmine Adams
Helya Saeedian
Charlotte Brewer
Karishni  Sunthareswaran
Nicolette Kakarantzas
Eleanor  McCann
Isha Mundhra
Merin Pynadath
Fatemeh Ramezaniotaghvar
Angelina Torcasio
Olivia Baldi
Lucy Pearson
Emily Marino
Chloe Schaller
Bethany Li
Bridget Savic

Academic Excellence
Award 2021

Jade Hale
Jeovanna Curran
Chloe Goncalves
Serena Bryant
Amber Shums
Saoirse Morgan
Natalie Sik
Evie Demaio
Reine Nguyen
Ruvini Gunatilaka Dona
Heidi Chang
Lily Zuchowski
Lucia Marian Santiago
Eloise Phelan
Amy Thomas
Miranda Gan
Mahta Moradiamani
Rosha Ghassemieh
Caitlyn Gunther
Jasleen Dhariwal
Sophie Liu
Charlotte Catania
Simran Chopra
Shriya Ramanaharan
Ruby Bird
Mia Zammit
Sophie Webb
Catalina Jigins
Sienna Smith-Amato
Ava Hjorth
Shennelle Desanayake
Abigail Yee
Helena Ying Li Choo
Jessica Poldrugovac
Natasha Forster
Lila Chang
Charlotte Daly
Raegen de Vries
Monique Adolphe
Valentine Chew
Eve Feeney
Olivia Parks
Amy Dickson
Cheyenne Van Ravenstein
Delta Rohani
Adrianna Kosasih
Daisy Bird
Simone Bhasin



Year 7 Video

Year 7 student Rachel Lee put together a video to showcase and celebrate Year 7 in 2021. Thank you Rachel! Click here to watch.

Learning in Action

The Brief

As part of the Careers education program at Year 9, students participate in a program called 'The Brief'.  The program develops their design, marketing, innovation, creative and persuasive skills through an authentic design project.  Students are guided through the process of creating a product for 13 - 18 year olds which could be sold at major retailers including KMart.  The program culminates with a realistic trade show, where students can pitch their product to students from other year levels and Avila staff.


Harp Christmas Concert

On Tuesday evening, instrumental music students learning the harp performed a Christmas concert for parents and families in Bunjil. The concert was filled with both solo and ensemble items and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Ms Sarah Lambourne and her harp students.


2022 Avila-Mazenod Musical

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2022 Avila-Mazenod musical production will be Shrek the Musical.

Based on the 2001 DreamWorks animated film of the same name, plus aspects of the two Shrek sequels, Shrek The Musical will be a fun show for all ages. The production will be directed by Mazenod College staff and performed at The Besen Centre, Burwood, in the first week of Term 3.


2022 Avila Calendar

The 2022 Avila College Google Calendar is now ready for viewing on the school website. This calendar has important information such as term dates, city experience weeks, camps, school formals and other major events.

Throughout next year, all school excursions and after school events such as sports training, public speaking and debating evenings and performing arts rehearsals will be progressively added.

We encourage families to subscribe to this calendar by pressing the "add to your calendar" link on the top of the website page. 



Flashback Friday

The end of the year has always been a special time at Avila.  It is a time to celebrate, to donate and to be thankful.

May your holidays be full of comfort and joy - from the Avila girls who have gone before you.


Face Masks

Please maintain physical distancing of 1.5m.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Experiencing flu-like symptoms? Please get tested and isolate at home until you receive your results.
For the latest public exposure sites in Victoria please click here. 

Avila Calender

Jump on the Avila website to download your 2021 diary directly to your digital devices.
Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. 
Matthew 5:16
Copyright © 2021 Avila College, All rights reserved.

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