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26 February 2021 Issue 3

Avila College News

Dear Avila Community

Our Lenten journey continues this week and with it a further opportunity to reflect and consider what difference we can make to our community. The simplest gestures of kindness can have an amazing impact. As members of a Catholic and Presentation community celebrating in 2021 how we can "Be the Light", it is possible that the simplest of kindness can show our shared values...such as the memory shared this week by a Year 12 leader attending "Cookies and a Chat". When she was in Year 7 (way back in 2016!) one day a Year 12 student on the school bus said "hey sit here" and asked her how her day was.

Oftentimes it is the small things that stay with us. Something to think about in the week ahead as more opportunities in daily school life open up...trying out for the Athletics team, auditioning for the musical, being part of the REC Group and learning about First Nations People, joining in junior drama club, helping with the library jigsaw. Just a little step to try something different can mean a new friend, a deeper understanding of a topic, a new place to call yours at lunch time...give it a go...Be the Light!

Happy Learning!

Dr Michelle Cotter | Principal
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed

Faith & Mission

Weekly Prayer

Our Lenten Journey

As we move into the second week of Lent, we take time to slow down and reflect on Jesus being on the mountain with his friends Peter, James and John.

In life, it can be a challenge to notice God’s presence. We may want a similarly spectacular experience of God’s presence. And yet God’s holy presence is in the ordinary moments of my day. Jesus seeks to assure me that he is present at all times.

Lord, give me eyes to see your presence in all people.
Lord, open my ears to listen to you.
Lord, enliven me with hope so that I don’t fall into despair.
Lord, send me peace so that I may be your instrument.
Lord, help me become aware of your love so that I may carry your compassion.
Lord, kindle my faith so that I may experience the fullness of joy in your presence.
Ultimately, Lord, make me come alive!

(adapted from Resources written by James O'Brien)

Faith & Mission

Liturgical Calender

Gospel Reading

Sunday 21 February
Mark 9: 2-10
Jesus is transfigured before Peter, James and John.

1 Mar  Zero Discrimination Day
3 Mar  World Wildlife Day
5 Mar  World Day of Prayer

Quick Links

Avila Student Leadership

Highlight of the Week

Avila students have embraced coming together as a community once again, in particular, this week with our house swimming carnival. The day consisted of many new friendships, house chants, rivalries and some super speedy swimming!

The Year 7's are to be congratulated for diving into the pool with such big smiles on their faces, earning points for their house, cheering on others and showing off their best swimming skills with great enthusiasm! 

Congratulations also to the swim team who competed and have also been braving the early mornings and highlighting exactly what it’s like to get involved in every opportunity that comes our way! 

A standout was hearing the house rivalry back in full form with many chant-offs proving which house was the loudest and most enthusiastic! Thank you to all the house, swimming and sport captains for lighting the way throughout the day. It was so amazing to see the Avila community back together again in full spirit to celebrate a sunny day at the pool!!!

Amy Burns | Flynn House Captain

Swimming Carnival Results

Throughout the day, multiple events were held and the level of eagerness shown by the Year 7’s to get involved whether that was through competing or just participating, was awesome. There was an enormous amount of house spirit displayed throughout the day which concluded with a medal presentation. Our annual Splash and Dash race took place where the fastest 50m freestyle swimmers from across all year levels raced and Amy Burns from Year 12 took out the win with an exceptional swim. Well done Amy!

  • Year 7 Champion: Priya Bowen
  • Year 7 Runner Up: Zoe Jones
  • Swim Squad Junior Champion: Pepi Gray
  • Swim Squad Junior Runner Up: Annabelle Xiao
  • Swim Squad Intermediate Champion: Madeline Horvath
  • Swim Squad Intermediate Runner Up: Anja Hulston
  • Swim Squad Senior Champion: Lucy Searle
  • Swim Squad Senior Runner Up: Amy Burns

House Results 

  • Chisholm   1227 points
  • Mackillop    826 points
  • Nagle          697 points
  • Flynn          583 points

Music | Ministry

Virtual Voices

The Avila Music Ministry group recently had a music set professionally recorded as part of the Clayton Festival Virtual Youth Showcase and the Global Sounds of Clayton. Their performance will be streamed live tonight at 7pm! Watch here. 


VCE | Religion & Society 

Learning in Action

Religion and Society students are investigating the nature of religious beliefs and their expression in rituals, spaces, places, times and artifacts - and how this shapes the faith of individuals. Students visited the Jewish Museum this week and learnt about the prayers and rituals of the Passover Seder.

Year 9 | Trigonometry

Year 7 | Science

Year 7 students have been learning about laboratory safety and qualified for their bunsen burner licences in science classes.

Year 9 Studio Arts | Watercolour Painting


School Chaplain

Avila College has received a grant under the National School Chaplaincy Program for 2021-2022 which is a Commonwealth-funded initiative. The College has employed a School Chaplin/Pastoral Care Worker to further support our existing Wellbeing Team in supporting our students.

Rachael Janssen, School Counsellor, will be taking on the role of Pastoral Care Worker in addition to her counselling role. Rachael as Pastoral Care Worker will support students across all year levels, delivering programs to support student wellbeing, connection and engagement for all students. If you do not wish your daughter to engage with our Pastoral Care Worker please email


Traffic Management

When dropping off or picking up students, please be mindful of Avila's neighbours, the traffic direction and the school bus zones. 

Community Announcements

Page Turner Project

The Avila Library is collecting pre-loved books and educational materials for the Page Turner Project.  Donations will go to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, West Welcome Wagon and the Give a Textbook Foundation, where they will be sent to disadvantaged communities in Australia and remote schools in the Philippines.

Face Masks

Face masks are now mandatory in all indoor situations. Please maintain physical distancing of 1.5m.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Experiencing flu-like symptoms? Please get tested and isolate at home until you receive your results.

Avila Calender

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. 
Matthew 5:16
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