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A Potpourri of Miscellaney

Carpeting on 12:

The 12th floor hallway carpeting will be replaced (thank gawd) on Thursday morning with a hard flooring material similar to the 2nd floor. The other rooms will come later. We will be doing some painting and a wee-bit-o construction in the library, so make sure you don't have any personal items up there.


Gas grills and all devices running propane are not allowed on balconies in Denver UNLESS your propane tank is of the one pound variety. You're allowed a maximum of three one-pound tanks. You may NOT have the larger tanks. If you have the type of gas grill using a 5-pound tank or larger like the one pictured above, it's gotta go immediately. It's not our rule, it's the fire department's rule ... and "common sense" I suppose.


Most of you get it. And thank you. For the tiny percentage of you who are struggling with this, let me help. If you're in your house, you don't need a mask. If you are on the roof, you can take your mask off, but stay away from everybody else. Otherwise, there is a mask on your face. I have no sense of humor about this nor does anybody on the board or the management. We are many months away from being back to normal, so get this right please.


They must wear a mask just like you. Tell them before they arrive because we like to be nice to people. We are not just "recommending" mask use in the common areas and in the elevator. It is required. There are no exceptions.

Junk on Your Lanai:

Hey, if you're using your Lanai for storage ... stop it. Mattresses, tires, junk, construction materials and anything that looks like you own a farm have all gotta go. Let's keep it classy people.

Smoke Detector Paperwork:

Make sure you return the paper already distributed to you with your fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detector info to Joe. Do it today or you'll forget.

Air Conditioning:

The new compressor is up and running and significantly quieter than the old set-up. The engineers are still dialing in the optimal configuration so we will have the best cold water flowing soon. We wish this was faster and easier, but it's a big scary machine they're adjusting in the basement so thank you for your patience.

The Tree:

One of the trees on 8th Avenue took a direct hit from a major sewer repair two years ago and it hasn't been able to fully recover. We'll need to remove it since the city sees it as a potential hazard, but we will replace it with the same type of tree. We hate losing the big guy, but we'll plant a young whipper-snapper in his place.


Thanks to Kate, we'll now have a limited number of quarters rolled up and ready in case you are in an emergency. You'll need to arrange a time to pick them up from Joe during the week so plan ahead.


SMOKERS ... The Board has never hesitated to hand out fines if you stink up this building with tobacco or marijuana smoke. There are lots of ways to get your chemicals into your body, so if you elect to smoke, you also elect to make sure smells don't exit your unit. Also, those of you who have blocked air flow under your front door or blocked the fans in your kitchens or bathrooms are not doing yourself a favor. The air flow in the building is designed to go from the hallway, through your unit, and out through those vents.

Tents by the Governor's Mansion:

I sat in on District 10's discussion of homeless strategies in Capitol Hill and the city has no idea how to handle the problems showing up in our neighborhood. If you are inclined, please contact your city representatives and give them your opinion of the tent encampments growing around our home. I am under the belief the squeaky wheel gets the grease on these matters and I'm assuming they're way way way more squeaky in Cherry Creek than we are up here on the Hill.

Dogs on the Roof:

Do NOT take your dog to the 12th floor. Sorry. It might be fun, but your dog is not $250 cute.

Shopping Carts:

Hey guys, if you are keeping shopping carts in your unit, please stop. Go to Costco and buy your own fold-up wagon for $50 and return the shopping carts to the garage. Let's be community minded. Times are challenging enough don't you think?

Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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