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To date, I have been asking you to wear masks in the common areas as a neighborly way to recognize you live in a society and others are affected by what you do. Most of you have willingly and eagerly worn masks around the building to help minimize our collective risk.

Thank you thank you.

Nothing has changed with the virus or it's contagiousness. It's still out there. It can still kill you. You can spread it without knowing it. You can kill other people with it including your friends and family. We are a long way from this problem being solved, and there are no viable ways to stop it other than to keep away from other people.

Over the weekend, the governor opened up more of the businesses in town and this means people are more likely to be getting infected and spreading the bug -- all so you can eat a burrito. So, as of today, please do not be in the common areas at all without a mask. Do not get in the elevator without a mask. Period. It's not possible to physically distance in the elevator or the hallways from unmasked people, so you need to mask up.

If you are in the laundry or the elevator and somebody tries to get in without a mask, please be an adult and ask them to go get a mask on their face. Everybody on Earth knows they need a mask right now, so it's okay to be a leader and ask people to do the right thing. I will post this on each unit door so those people who are reading-challenged thanks to Instagram will have the opportunity to know what's going on with our building.

Your visitors are not allowed in our building unless they have a mask. If you see delivery people without masks, please tell them they need to mask up. They have them in their pocket or around their neck.

I want to live through this and I want you to live through it too. Right now the easiest way to contribute is to keep your germs to yourself. You don't need a mask on the roof, but in all common areas inside the building you do.

Thank you for being proactive and considerate of others.


Update on the Pool

We were hoping the governor or the mayor would have given us some direction over the weekend on how to handle our pool this summer. Instead, the only direction was to assist restaurants in their ability to open up. So, for now, the pool is staying closed. If you are passionate about this issue, please contact the city (in the nicest way) and see if you can encourage them to get out more information on what a safe pool might look like. We don't have staff to clean it up multiple times each day, so we're in a bit of a predicament.

Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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