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Canceling the Board Meeting

We've decided to cancel this month's board meeting. We will not meet as a community on Thursday. Minutes from the previous meetings along with current financials are posted on the website. Should you have any concerns you wish to bring to the attention of the Association, please feel free to hit "reply" and let me know, or discuss your concerns with any board member. Their contact info is on the front page of our website.

Work Requests

If you see something amiss on the property, please let us know by:
  • Filling out a work request on the front page of the website.
  • Dropping a note off at the manager's door.
  • Emailing me or any board member.

We prioritize work to be done each day and will work toward resolving your concern quickly. Also, in the interest of keeping Joe safe in the manager's office, please don't hang around the first floor.



We've made the decision to leave the 12th floor workout room available for your use for now. Please make sure you wipe down all equipment prior to use and immediately afterward. Also, we recommend you adjust your scheduled workouts to times when the gym is not in use by others if possible.

Volunteer List
If you could use help during the next few weeks, or if you are able to help others, we have posted a volunteer list on the office door. Please leave your info on that list if you want to join.

The Sanitizer Team

Thanks to Kate and other volunteers for wiping down the elevator, railings, and door knobs on a regular basis. The elevator has never smelled more pleasant. If you have time to help wipe down buttons, door knobs and hand rails around the building, please let Kate know via email. I'm sure she'd appreciate a little help.

Thanks Bob!

After leading us through one of the most exciting years ever, our social group leader Bob will be stepping down as 12th-floor guru. Thanks for an amazing 2019 Bob and good luck with all of your new endeavors. As a reminder, our social activities group is continuously planning interesting events here at the good ole Lanai and we love your participation and could maybe use a few new leaders to step up and join the fun. Check in with any board member if you'd like more information.

Marijuana, Tobacco & Smells
It looks like it will be two more weeks prior to the replacement of our air handler, so in the meantime, if you smoke you need to take extra precautions to make sure you don't stink up the building. Smokers may never become a nuisance to their neighbors. Once the air handler is in place, it will restore the normal air flow in our building. Please make sure your lifestyle does not interfere with the olfactory senses of your neighbors.

The work on the elevator will begin on Monday, March 23. Make sure you have planned appropriately. There will be little or no elevator service throughout that week.

And Finally
They have shut down all sports, all skiing, all schools, and all concerts to help stop the spread of this virus. These are decisions you should note are serious and probably should send you an important message. Stop wandering around the city like it means nothing. Change your behavior for a few weeks and stay home if at all possible. Go for a walk in the park by yourself if you must. Stay six feet away from everybody. Wash your hands. Don't touch anything. You can hang out with your friends some other time. And we'd all appreciate you telling your friends to stay out of the building. They should be at their homes being smart and reading a book like you. 
Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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