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The Story of the 2020 Holiday Door Decorating Contest ... Illustrated!!

OK, make me a deal ... don't skip to the end! That's where the magic happens and you need to be properly prepared. Think of the next hour and a half of reading as Lanai-style Hogwarts ... and suddenly you'll be able to slay Voldemort in the final paragraph.

A bit of background: Last year at Halloween, unit 1106 did a super fun decorated door and it inspired me to start a Christmas door decorating contest. And as you may remember, the super fun people in the building stepped up and brought a bit of frivolity to help our cranky people know it's okay to smile. It turned out to be one of the bright spots in an otherwise less-than-fun year for me as a member of our board of managers. (When I tell people I'm on the board of a condominium association, they invariably groan and say, "Why?")

So as the holidays approached this year, I was hoping for another wonderful performance by you. You brought it!

Let me show you:

Eleventh Floor

The first of many wreaths in the building has puppies!

You can kiss under the mistletoe at 1107. Got my Chapstick.

And some lovely stars at 1107.

You can get your bell rung at 1106.

The exterior of my door at 1102 is pretty nice, but you should see the other side. Donna knows how to bring it.

And 1101 takes the floor prize with their triple play of holiday spirit.

Tenth Floor

I met a couple of friends while judging and they confirmed that for the second year in a row, the tenth floor has kept its commitment to be decoration free.

Ninth Floor

If I remember right, and I do, the ninth floor did nothing last year, but this year they've amped it up with this stocking on 906.

And these bells at 901. I wanted to ring them REAL BAD.

And our ninth floor winner hung up this really beautiful wreath on 902. Way to turn it around and bring the joy ninth floor.

Eighth Floor

Just kidding. We can't talk about them yet. You're developing the power to handle the magic.

Seventh Floor

We've got a golden tassle at 704.

We've got a pine branch with lights at 701.

Then 708 hung up a nice poinsettia decoration.

But our resident electrical engineer knows how to bring LED lights to a fabric wreath and cast delightful highlights onto the door at 710. You're the floor champion!

Sixth Floor

The branch at 601 was delightful.

I have to disagree with the joy 603 brought since it would have the tendency to mess up our snow shoveling budget, but it sure is a cute sign.

How about bringing it crochet-wise at 605. Very nice.

And what I personally think is the wildest wreath in the building was found at 608. You're the floor champion!

Fifth Floor

This floor brought the multi-media experiences with lasers and music.

At 510, Santa was hanging out above the wreath.

This highly unusual wreath came lighted with moving electrical snowflakes on 509. Nice touch guys.

Unit 505 said yes to the pine cones.

Unit 503 has brought two different themes to their door. That's big time.

These snowmen greeted me at 502 and seemed to be saying, "Let's party."

I thought this wreath and snowflakes also captured a sophisticated sense of the season at 504.

And the floor champions were a little hard to photograph, but you'll find elves on ladders, music playing in the halls, a lighting display, battery operated candles, nutcrackers, and a wonderful wreath. Way to go 501.

Fourth Floor

Here's how to dominate a floor door decorating contest. Be the only one to enter.

Nice job 402 ... and it's really pretty.

Third Floor

I liked the rustic take on this wreath on 304.

Here's a peppermint explosion at 309 along with a moral dilemma.

And 310 wins the floor with its surprisingly simple yet ironically random Christmas-y celebration.

Second Floor

First Floor

Well of course no Christmas is legit unless it includes our favorite cast of characters from Star Wars. Nice work 101. The force is with you and your floor championship.

Our first floor decorating team made the Lanai look festive this year, eh?

Eighth Floor

Okay, here's where things get wild and a bit technically confusing and of course the term total domination gets redefined by a multicultural team of zealots who had one mission in mind ... BE THE HOLIDAYS.

Red wreath, mittens and puppies at 801.

A snow frosted wreath at 802.

Lights, wreath, tinsel, sweater, and blue painters tape all in one epic party of over indulgence at 804.

A wonderful wreath and cute display at 805.

Lots of Ho's in 806.

A wrapping paper door at 807.

And then (drumroll) the pièce de résistance of the Lanai holiday door decorating contest, units 808, 809 and 810. It's hard to tell where one starts and the other ends, so let's add it up as one: Christmas tree with wrapped packages, cookies for Santa, a carrot for Rudolf, gingerbread men, snowmen, lights galore, stockings, Charlie Brown and the gang, Santa on the door and flying into the exit lights with only his cute butt visible, door wrapping, green glittery stuff hanging from the ceiling, hand-drawn posters, and Hanukkah swag.

A really wonderful job you guys and a fun way to bring us all together. So, the technical challenge ... the three units in the corner came together to win the floor championship and at the same time won the building championship (very prestigious) and I have two prizes left over from floors 2 and 10, so 808, 809 and 810, you'll each win a floor award and then you can fight over the building award. It's not gonna be worth fighting about by the way.

I will slip the awards under your doors for all the floor winners later this weekend.

It was a lot of fun seeing what everybody did this year. Thanks for playing along.

Remember we have our holiday party Sunday (that's today as I am writing this) from 5 pm to 9 pm in the Ohana room. Music, laughter, food, and two new privately brewed beers by Nick. We also have our annual Hanukkah celebration on Monday at 5:30 pm. Please try to join us for the good times.

Thank you all for an interesting year and I hope you have a delightful end of 2019.

Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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