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Water Outage Tomorrow

The domestic water for the entire building will be off for the majority of the work day tomorrow (Friday). The work being done in the basement should help deliver more consistent hot water to your unit. We may not need to turn the cold water off, but we'll know in the morning. Please plan accordingly.
Air Conditioning

As usual, the air conditioner took extra work and engineering to get it fired up for the year, but we think we're finally in good shape and have cold water running in the pipes again. Along those lines, you really should replace your filters twice a year. If you need info on how to do this, we keep those directions on the website here:
Hey, Be Good

We'll, it's summer and we typically see an uptick in numb-skull-ery ... sometimes from strangers, but too often from people who live here in the building. We've had a report of fishy activities in the back lot, so please know we're double checking cameras and please let Joe know if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary. Also, please keep everything valuable out of your car and make sure you lock your car doors.

Also, as the weather improves, make sure your decisions do not negatively affect others in the building. We issued fines to way too many residents last year for being stupid. Let the warm weather lead you to make great decisions on how to make a great future for yourself and those around you.

You are not stronger than a microbe. Put a mask on when in the common areas. You gotta have one when you're wandering the city anyway, so use it here too. We think it makes you better looking. I was out in the suburbs earlier this week and most of the people were disregarding mask rules ... ya know, because it's rocket science ... like they're volunteering to be next to clog up the hospitals. Us city mice can do better.

Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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