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Carpet Cleaning Thursday and Friday

Carpet cleaners will be here on Thursday and Friday so if you have any decorations out in the hall please put them away until Saturday.

Thanks 12th Floor Committee!!

If you haven't been upstairs this week, you're missing a visual treat and a relaxing surprise. I weep to tell you the baby-poop orange is finally gone in the Ohana Room and replaced with a much more exotic looking white. And the furniture upgrades we've budgeted for the last two years finally happened.

We'll also have carpet installed in the library and Ohana Rooms soon.

Please don't move the black and teal couches around or fiddle with the cushions. It's all held down with bricks and velcro so the wind won't take them away. Just sit and enjoy.

Finally, we're allowing SMALL groups to reserve the Ohana Room again, so if you want to rent it, check with Joe. Do not plan big parties with lots of out-of-building people. That's would be dumb.

Did You Lose Some Jewelry on the Roof?

We found something you might have lost. If you think it might be yours, please reply to this email and describe it and I'll see if it matches up.

Smokers ... Um ... It's Called an Ashtray

As a reminder, we have cameras all over the place around here ... and we also have planters all around here. Planters are for plants. Not cigarette butts.

Smokers, you know how this works. If your cigarette butts end up anywhere except an ashtray, it puts us in the position of reviewing the cameras to see who the heck would flick their butts into planters, or over the balconies, or crush them out on the floors. And then I have to come find you and have an awkward and expensive conversation.

Be responsible and put your butts in an ashtray so we don't have to spend un-quality time together. For the smokers who are always responsible, I thank you.



Again, thank you thank you thank you for making this a priority here at the Lanai. I appreciate seeing you in your masks. We'll stay healthier because of you.

I've had a couple of challenging conversations with delivery drivers and others providing services in our building if they neglected their masks and all have agreed to wear them in the future. Know that I "have your back" if you ask somebody (in a nice way) to wear a mask inside of our building. Colorado is doing better than many places in the nation and let's help keep the trend going the right way.

Also, please make sure your friends and family visiting the building know we're not fooling around on this issue. It's required in Denver. It's required at the Lanai. And it's the right thing to do.

The Pool

I've heard so much positive about our pool this year, so let's keep it going. If you use the pool, you need to clean up your area with a bleach-based cleaner before and after use. Don't use the pool if you're not willing to help clean. Thanks.

Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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