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Getting Comfy with a Dragon
Thank you to everyone for keeping a positive spirit and doing the right thing during this serious time. Thanks for staying out of the common areas, minimizing your contact with others, and trying not to touch anything! If we can keep the bug out of the building, we'll have a major victory on our hands. Please continue to avoid having visitors in the building until the world is a safer place. And honestly, you're fine drinking wine at your house by yourself for now ... you don't need to be hanging with those groovy peeps down the hall. They'll still be down there after quarantines aren't such a looming concern.

Onto as much positive news as I can find:

  • We're lucky to have a big group of volunteers here at the good ol' Lanai ready to jump in and help if you need it. Kate is coordinating the efforts and has posted additional information on the stairway doors. If you need a hand or can lend one, we've added a form on the front page of the website to let Kate know directly what's up:

Construction on the elevator:
  • We've checked with the elevator repair company five times now and they are planning on proceeding with work beginning Monday morning. They are aware of the "state of things" and assure us they're classified as essential workers and would work with the state through lock-down orders. There will never be a good time to do this work, so please make plans to be without the elevator next week. Here's important things for you to consider and do:
  • If you are in the building this week, you'll need to be prepared to climb stairs.
  • If climbing the stairs represents a health risk for you, please make plans to minimize your risk.
  • If you are able to help those who might struggle that week, please chat with your neighbors to see if you can help them in any way. Kate is taking the lead on volunteer coordination and you can email her HERE.
  • Please stock your units appropriately prior to March 23rd to minimize the necessity of carrying loads up or down the stairs.
  • You should not plan any construction activities in your unit.
  • If you receive deliveries and are unable to do the stairs, please let our volunteer group know and they'll find a runner for you.
  • Please don't bug the elevator workers, we need them to stay focused and of course stay at least six feet from them.
  • We've asked the custodial staff to stay focused on the first, second, and twelfth floors, and to pay attention to the stairway railings. They will not be doing any work on the residential floors 3 through 11 until the elevator is back in regular service.

This epidemic:
  • This is real. Stay home.
  • Things are likely to get tougher and last longer than we'd hoped.
  • Don't hang around in the common areas.
  • Stay away from people not taking this seriously.
  • If you use the workout room, wipe everything before and after use. Honestly, you'd be better off to work out at home or go for a walk.
  • Keep six feet away from everybody.
  • Try not to touch anything.
  • Wash your hands and don't touch your face.
  • Epidemiologists are clear this will get worse before it gets better. Plan ahead.
  • Read a book. Better yet, write a book.
  • Remember a couple months ago how you thought you just needed a little time to get some things done? Well, here ya go. Take advantage of a changed civilization to jump start your next moves.

Gary Jugert, Lanai Condominiums
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