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This month we will talk about:

1. Follow-up of the news

2. Theme of the month:

  • Force gauges

3. Chronojump Products:

  • What can the new Chronojump force sensor kit provide us with?

4. Activities

upcoming events


February: Dinner with the lovers and friends of Chronojump at Barcelona

April: Course "Introducción a Chronojump" at Barcelona

1. Follow-up of news

A. Many software improvements have been made and, recently, version 1.7.1-213 came out.

A.1 Global changes

  • Improved window person add multiple (specially the CSV import)

  • Improvements on Chronopic register window

  • Main window is shown before destroying/hiding splashWin. This will avoid rare startup crashes on some machines since last versions.

  • Improved icons for session menu

  • Updated info on menu help / accelerators

  • Ensure on adding a person never is shown more times on the treeview (by any rare mono thread stuff)

  • Now dialog_image_test cannot be hidden under main window

  • DB: 1.50, added crashLogLanguage to know with which language answer users

A.2 Jumps, Races, Other tests

  • Improved icons for jumps

  • Renamed Jumps reactive -> Jumps multiple

  • Fixed new test types RJ unlimited were limited to 10 jumps on execution

  • Sprint analysis. pmax.fitted calculated analytically.

  • Disabled animation after test on Mac (was really slow)

  • Buttons: device and automatic unsensitive while test execution

  • Minor interface changes on jumps / races tests

A.3 Force sensor

  • Device stores the tare and calibration (firmware 0.2)

  • Only send tare & calibrate at connect on 0.1 firmware

  • Improvements on RFD graph: Display tau on graph and legend, Time axis zero at start of movement, Better detecting onset and better adusting it, Interpolation of the time and force values, Added testLength option, Added title

  • Improvements on signal graph: better 0 force position, different line types, resizing, better ablines, …

  • Better message for forceSensor disconnected

A.4 Encoder

  • Analysis image save, name contains the analysis done

  • Capture options laterality shown in better order

  • Fixed barplot with separated eccentric/concentric phases on repetitions with different type of contractions (eccon)

  • Now triggers at the beginning of the set work correctly (time is deleted or they are deleted if set starts after them)

  • Clearer “Close” for encoder options

  • textview_signal_comment now can add text at the beginning

  • Fixed possible crash on deleting encoder sets

A.5 Translations

  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish


B. Improved product: new force sensor kit

  • New force sensor kit:

C. New test related to strength
  • Features and Results of using new force sensor kit        

D. Use of Chronojump with MAC OS


E. Every  month we have more followers in our twitter accounts: boscosystem (english) and boscosystem_es (spanish)

  • we are grateful and we are looking forward to helping you


2. Force Gauges
At a technical level, gauges are sensors that by their ability to quantify the deformation that occurs when exerting a force or pressure on them can give feedback of the value of the force to which they have been subjected. So, although gauges are widespread in the field of engineering or construction, its presence in sports and health is being so helpful due to allows to measure the strength of subjects.

Chronojump incorporates force gauges in its producs as an ideal element for those who may be interested in force measurements.
Using the Force Kit Sensor we would be able to obtain not only the real and modeled maximum strength of each of the athletes but the evolution of this over time. Besides, the software is also able to offer the Ratio Force Devolomepent (bounded at defined times, maximum,% Fmax) and also the impulse performed.

3. What can the new Chronojump force sensor kit provide us?
We have edited a short video that summarizes how to use the force sensor and its ability to analyze the RFD and impulse in a maximum isometric force test.
Force Sensor Kit video tutorial !!
4. Activities
A. Upcoming events
  • February: Dinner with the lovers and friends of Chronojump at Barcelona
  • April: Course "Introducción a Chronojump" at Barcelona
B. News in our work team
  • Thank all the work done by Marta in the field of sales and in many other aspects of the Chronojump structure. She has been a key player and we would like her to be able to return with us in the very near future.
  • The departure of Marta has led to the team's entry to Irene. She will be responsible for the sales tasks and, although Marta left the bar very high, we are convinced that she will do the same or better.
C. Wifi Races equipment
  • We are developing a wireless racing kit that facilitates the logistics of the assembly. It is planned to go on sale at the end of the first quatrimestre of 2018.

See you next month... and remember you cant keep in contact with us by Twitter or mail !!

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