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This month we will talk about:

1. Follow-up of the news

  • New software functionalities
  • Horizontal force workshop

2. Theme of the month:

  • F-V profile evolution
3. Activities

upcoming events

07/03/2018: presentation by Xavier de Blas at Centre Cívic Sant Jordi (El Prat de Llobregat)

09/03/2018 presentation by Xavier de Blas at Cèntric Espai Cultural (El Prat de Llobregat

14/04/2018: Course "Introducción a Chronojump" at INEFC Barcelona
1. Follow-up of news

A. Great new software improvements have been made and, recently, version 1.8.0 came out.

Main new features are:


A.1 Most improvements on encoder triggers:
  • Better options on cutting repetitions by triggers
  • Triggers shown on instantaneous graphs if not used for cutting repetitions

A.2 Added encoder capture rhythm (protocol), open feedback (bell at right of capture)


A.3 Races can show reaction time to start. Using new Chronojump Race Reaction Time device. Valid for simple and intervallic races.


A.4 New encoder analysis: Added P(F0,V0) evolution (intersession mode)


A.5 Better manage of persons

  • photo on bottom left (can be loaded from a file)
  • better top window for managing persons
  • change between them using the new View menu or Preferences

Apart from the main new features you could check others at:

B. Treadmill and horizontal force workshop at INEFC Barcelona (Sport science university)

Measurement of horizontal force on the treadmill with the Chronojump force sensor. Students observe the maximum force they can achieve with each running speed       



Measurement of horizontal force on the treadmill with the Chronojump force sensor
2. F-V Profile evolution
Chronojump created a tutorial on how to get the Force-Velocity profile using the data of an incremental load test. You can check the video at:

But we have considered that once you have got diferent F-V profiles from different sessions it would be really interesting to manage a new one that considers intersession evolution. Today is done and available for everyone who uses Chronojump software !!

This tutorial explains how to observe the evolution of the Force-Velocity profile during several sessions. This graph needs two or more sessions with an incremental load test.
3. Activities
A. Upcoming events
B. Do you want to know how it works Chronojump Networks?
  • First of all we recommend to check it's description at:
  • If you are interested in having a demonstration of Chronojump Networks do not hesitate to contact us to find a place in our agenda.

See you next month... and remember you cant keep in contact with us by Twitter or mail !!

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