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SciFly NYC // 129 // Remote Speculations Week 12

Speculative Events, News & Resources | Sent 6/1

Hey SciFly Readers!

What a crazy, sad, exhausting week...

I really don't even know how to begin to talk about how I feel and to be honest, I don't want to take up space this week with an Intro when there are so many more important things to discuss and voices to be heard.

With that said, enjoy the newsletter, no images or frills added this week.

Next week, I will pick back up and talk a little bit about what I had planned to chat about, "Birthdays in a Socially-Distanced NYC" where I talk about some of the new, different, interesting things I observed while trying to connect with friends this week for my 33rd birthday. 
Anyway, I hope you are all doing well, wherever you are!

Don't forget you can join me on the Speculative Futures Slack(where I pretty much live right now) if you want to chat!!!

Stay safe in your speculations, and catch you next week!


"The future is here, now let's distribute it." 

Doc Martens

SciFly is a design studio dedicated to leveraging speculative design and science fiction to imagine and prototype alternative futures enabled by today's emerging technology.

News, Resources, Events, Fun Things to Keep You Occupied

Online Events

Running list of online events that I will update weekly. These won't all be taking place this week, rather I'll add things as I find them so you have some time to plan!


The Future of Education Post COVID-19 // Mon Jun 1, 11AM - 12PM EDT // Free
How will COVID-19 impact the future of how we learn and how we teach? COVID-19 lockdowns may provide us with an opportunity to rethink how we learn and teach, and to better position our education systems for the future of work.
Learn More

🔥Redefining Privacy // Speculative Futures The Hague // Tue Jun 2, 7PM - 8PM GMT (1PM - 2:30PM EDT) // Free

Whether we talk about Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, surveillance cameras in the city, or more recently the potential of a Covid19-tracking app: privacy is a recurring concern. Experts, activists, journalists: they all reflect on our privacy is affected. The GDPR regulation has put privacy higher on the legal agenda, at least in Europe. In this meetup, we'll discuss the meaning of privacy. What do we mean when we talk about privacy? Does it matter in which context you discuss it? 
Learn More

Biomimicry, Nature as inspiration and the future of sustainable fabrics // Tue Jun 2, 1:30PM - 2:30PM EDT // Free
In this webinar, we will examine Biomimicry and nature-inspired concepts and explore how communities can use natural resources to create materials and fabrics of the future. We will discuss approaches that could help encourage more conversations in the fashion industry around themes like localization and slow fashion and consider cutting edge sustainable techniques and bio-processes that will inform the fabrics and materials of the future in the Fashion industry.
Learn More

Planet Microbes: Environmental Microbiology Discussion Group // GenSpace // Tue Jun 2, 6:30PM - 8:30PM EDT // Free
Microbes are the invisible engines that keep the planet running. They were the first lifeforms to arise on early Earth 3.5 billion years ago, and they’ll likely exist long after we’re gone...but it's here and now we’re interested in. How do microbes influence our climate, and how are they responding to climate change? Join ocean microbiologist Kyle Frischkorn, Ph.D. for an informal discussion of environmental microbiology research that’s hot off the press.
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En-ROADS: Exploring Climate Change Futures // Mon Jun 2, 7PM - 8:30PM EDT // $0 - $5
Global pandemics aside, climate change remains the most critical threat to human survival. A shortage of collective will, however, continues to be the biggest obstacle to positive change. How can our society/culture/globe-of-villages reach consensus on progress, and what type of change is possible? Climate activist Curt Newton can help us answer some of those questions.
Learn More

Immersive World-Building - Online Workshop // Tue Jun 2, 5PM - Wed Jun 3, 8PM EDT // Donation
In this two-part workshop series, Jawa El Khash will teach the history, basic hardware and process of world-building in virtual reality with a VIVE headset. Participants will learn how to set up a teleportation system and create interaction in VR. 
Learn More

Future Focus: Art Hack Practice II // FutureEverything // Wed Jun 3, 11:30AM - 12:45PM EDT // Free
FutureEverything's new online critical conversations, Future Focus, is launching with a series of conversations and provocations from the editors and authors of Art Hack Practice. Session II: At Home in the Network As we begin to feel more familiar within online and networked spaces, we consider how existing knowledge of net-based artistic practices can provide insight during pandemic and post-pandemic times. Using Art Hack Practice as a starting point, we ask how can digital and online artworks, curated experiences and distribution strategies foster meaningful engagement between practitioners, networks and remote communities? What novel strategies are being developed to make a shift from physical spaces to completely online experiences? What areas will have to pivot dramatically and which are more adaptable?
Learn More

Humankind w/ Rutger Bregman // Futures Podcast // Wed Jun 3, 7PM - 8:30PM BST (2PM - 3:30PM EDT) // Free
Throughout history psychologists and philosophers have made the tacit assumption that human beings are governed primarily by self-interest. But new evidence suggests that humanity’s success might actually be based on our being hardwired for kindness, geared toward cooperation rather than competition, and more inclined to trust rather than distrust. This revelation, that we have evolved to be a social and altruistic species, has the possibility to radically change how society functions. Why should we support the idea of human goodness? How do we challenge long-held beliefs on human nature? What might a politics and economics based on the foundation of human kindness and altruism look like?
Learn More

London Digital Festival of Architecture // PlaceLabs: PowerShift // Wed Jun 3, 12:30PM - 2:00PM EDT // Free
In this LabCast, we explore how a shift in power will affect place-making and places in the future. How will our cities be reimagined? Who will reinvent them? What new lines of power will be drawn or shared?
Learn More

🔥Alternative Futures and how to find them in a post-COVID-19 world // Ginkgo Bioworks // Wed Jun 3, 1PM - 2PM EDT // Free
Behind a backdrop of profound uncertainties arising from a post-COVID-19 world, our second installment of Ferment TV, stays with the theme of futuring, revealing how prediction and speculation are performative tools that can actually create the future. Our moderator Natsai Audrey Chieza will be joined by Lisa White, trend forecaster and director of WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors, and design duo Elliott P. Montgomery and Chris Woebken, co-founders of Extrapolation Factory, the design research studio for participatory futures. Together they’ll explore how shifting from product to process and from silos to systems, can help us imagine and create both alternative and preferable futures.
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Research Futures: Materiality Principle & Sustainability // Wed Jun 3, 9AM - 10AM EDT // Free
Do we need a materiality principle to tackle sustainability challenges? Join the 10th session in the University of Portsmouth's Interdisciplinary Webinar Series. In this webinar, the main proposition is that we need a materiality principle to channel our efforts on key sustainability challenges. A framework, initially developed in international finance, is used to model firms and supply chains as borrowing resources from a common creditor, the environment, and to establish when a sustainable initiative is material in terms of impact.
Learn More

Conscious Experience Design Webinar: Design for Human and Machine // Wed Jun 3, 2PM - 3PM EDT // Free
In the midst of a global pandemic, people are rethinking human interactions, technology dependence, and global sustainability and what it means to design for this new consciousness. In this webinar, we’ll introduce Conscious Experience Design, a discipline of UX design for working with intelligent machines in a way that’s more mindful of personal intentions and human values.
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Reality Check: Why AI Has Failed to Live Up to Its Hype in this Pandemic // Tech2025 // Thu Jun 4, 4PM - 5PM EDT // Free
Join us for a special panel discussion exploring why AI hasn't been as useful as other technologies in this pandemic and the important lessons we should learn from this. It is ironic that, during what is undoubtedly the biggest global crisis in one hundred years, the emerging technology that has been hyped for the past three years by both industry experts and the mainstream media as being the most disruptive, game-changer likely to save humanity, has been a bit of a dud in the fight against COVID-19. Where does this place AI in the Hype Cycle now?
Learn More

Calming Wearables // TransTech Paris // Thu Jun 4, 12PM - 1PM EDT // Free
We are inviting our community to explore and enjoy the experience and expertise around transformative technology for wellbeing and design for a better future. Speakers: Phnam Bagley — co-founder and creative director at Nonfiction, a design firm based in San Francisco, Stefan Chmelik — founder at BioSelf Technology, makers of Sensate. 
Learn More

Designing The Future We Want - Design Under Pressure Series // MassMEDIC // Thu Jun 4, 10AM - 11:30AM EDT // Free
During periods of great uncertainty, people tend to rely on mindsets and assumptions that have served them well in the past. However, past experience may not be as helpful as we seek to manage the now of this crisis and plan to emerge in a different world in its aftermath. Design is inherently optimistic and design thinking is a process to help people solve “wicked problems”. We can draw on these skills and processes to help guide us into the future. We can stop wondering what the future will bring, and start discussing the future we want to design. Join us for a presentation and discussion on how to lead in times of uncertainty.
Learn More

UX & Music // Digital Influx // Thu Jun 4, 1PM - 2PM EDT // Free
Music keeps us connected and this is why on this next episode of our webinar series ‘The Evolution of UX’ we will explore the impacts of the pandemic on the music industry. What does the future hold for live events? How will the future of music will be affected by changes in UX? Has mobile technology permanently affected how we interact with live performances? What is the future of Music & Technology?
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🔥Preferable Worlds // Speculative Futures Milan // Thu June 4, 1PM - 3PM EDT // Free
In this talk and workshop, Jorge will present the basics of the "four generic images of the future" framework and set current conversations that can be mapped onto it: smart green growth, degrowth, anti-civilization, and terraforming, to name a few. Then, through two quick activities, we’ll explore how we got here and how design could both contribute and adapt to those futures. Specifically, we’ll ask participants to imagine themselves as designers (or, more broadly, as creative professionals) in any one of those alternative futures. What would you do?
Learn More

Ongoing Events

🔥Z-TOPIA // Design Futures Initiative // Weekends (Fri - Sun) // Free
A webinar-format talk show where designers are invited to muse, speculate and poke at topics they’ve found on the internet. It’s an hour of asking questions and coming up with serious and silly ideas.  The event will be open for anyone to join as a spectator only. Bring a drink and relax. It will be recorded and posted to our Vimeo page and live-streamed to Facebook. 

Check out the full schedule on the Design Futures Initiative website.

Wednesday, June 3, 7PM PDT (10PM EDT) // 5 Year Aniversary Show with Jeff Easter (Design Tech at Amazon) and select members of the Design Futures Initiative Board

Friday, June 12, 7PM PDT (10PM EDT) // Latin America Leaders - Laura Maceira, Leticia Fernández , Claudia Gallardo, Andres Valencia

The New Normal Virtual Series // AI LA // Thursdays, 5/7 - 9/3 // Free
The AI LA Community's new virtual series The New Normal invites experts from around the world to share their perspective of the future. Each episode begins with a short talk by an esteemed guest speaker and transitions into 20 minutes of audience participation in Zoom breakout rooms.
Learn More & See Upcoming Events

June 4th: EPISODE 006 // Preventing the Next Epidemic (Let Alone Pandemic) by Neil Sahota

Viruses can be major slayers to health and wealth. There's real concern about what the next big virus might be, the mutations of COVID into a seasonal disease, and/or viruses teaming up to take down people. Thankfully, there is hope! Taking a page from manufacturing, we can combine artificial intelligence (AI) and generative design to identify millions of potential virus outbreaks. Armed with this knowledge (and virus genomics), researchers could pinpoint preventive measures, or perhaps even a vaccine before the viral outbreak occurs... and allow us to stop an epidemic, let alone a pandemic before it even occurs.

🔥Interdependence Salons // Metabolic Studio // Thu Apr 30, 1:00PM - 2:30PM PDT (3:00PM - 4:30PM EDT) // Free
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller. As we live through these uncertain times, we hope as a community to collectively support one another and share our knowledge and voices. Please join us every Thursday at 1PM PST for a series of Interdependence Salons virtually on Zoom as we take inspiration this season from Buckminster Fuller’s 1976 Bicentennial Declaration of Interdependence. Metabolic Studio will be hosting specially invited guests discussing their work in this new reality we are facing.
Learn More

Thursday, June 4 // Interdependence Salon #7: Lynn Fang 
Lynn Fang, MS, specializes in soil and compost ecology for the development of community composting and urban farming infrastructure in the Los Angeles region. She works with LA Compost, ECOFARM, Metabolic Studio, and other organizations to raise public awareness and understanding of issues around composting and soil health. She runs her own training programs on soil science and resilient homestead garden design and is passionate about ecological design, environmental justice, and native plants. She is also a writer and artist.
Learn More

Foresight Sanity Preserver // Foresight Institute Daily, 9AM - 10AM PST (12PM - 1PM EST) & 6PM - 7PM PST (9PM - 10PM EST) // Free
A daily free online salon hosted by Foresight Institute to connect over positive futures, COVID-19, and beyond by... 1. Creating a community for isolating folks across the globe and connecting on shared topics of interest. 2. Making sense of COVID-19 and surface projects in need of support. 3. Leveraging the current crisis for change toward long-term beneficial futures
Check Out the Events Schedule Here

Technologies of the Future (Weekly LIVE Webinar and Q & A) // SingularityU Australia // Thursdays, 7pm EST (9am Friday in Australia) // Free

Weekly live webinar of 30 minutes with 20 minutes Q&A The SingularityU community's predictions for the countdown to the Singularity.
Learn More

WORLD GAME NIGHT (Virtual) // Wednesdays, 5pm - 7pm EST // Free
Playcrafting is hosting a weekly Global Game Night series every Wednesday to demo and spotlight games and creators from around the world! Games have the power to transcend boundaries and connect people across the globe no matter who they are or where they're from. Tune in from the comfort of your computer as we take you on a world tour of games. Each week, you'll meet a lineup of game developers from a different place as they show you their latest and greatest. We'll have time for Q&A each week and will feature some surprises along the way!

We're headed to Stumptown to showcase games and creators from Portland. Let's get weird!
Learn More

Sixty Minutes Back to the Future // Future Based // Thursdays, 8:00PM GMT +2 (2:00PM EDT)  // Free
Sixty minutes back to the Future’ series is a new series in which we reflect on the bottlenecks and challenges of today’s society and contemporary issues that have already been addressed by numerous philosophers and scientists: What can we learn about the future by looking at history?


🔥Wonderville Livestream Events
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC, Wonderville is closed until further notice. As you may know, this is probably my favorite bar in all of NYC. I highly recommend you check out their new remote content!!! A great way for people not in NYC to get a taste of just how awesome they are! They have set up a Twitch channel to try to stream some of their DJ nights and live music events. Their events page is now 100% streaming. They also have a Discord discussion if folks want to play some games online or talk to us about hosting something. Email if you want to join!

Check out Wonderville's Livestream!
Support Wonderville on WithFriends

Speculative News, Articles, Resources (General)

Cool news and articles about emerging technology, speculative practice, and futures design. Will try to put nothing about COVID-19 here to give you a break, see below for news/resources on that topic.

Tesla's 'million-mile battery' could sound the death knell for combustion engines // Input Mag
Tesla has long been locked in a battle with fundamental chemistry to reach its holy grail: the point on the curve at which its electric vehicles can be sold at a price comparable to gasoline cars. The company might be reaching that inflection point, with Reuters reporting that Tesla will soon introduce a low-cost, long-life battery in its Model 3 sedan in China...
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You can now buy used clothes online from Walmart // FastCompany
Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has partnered with ThredUp, the world’s largest resale marketplace, to make secondhand items available on, which features a ThredUp microsite. Customers can add these items to their cart to reach Walmart’s free shipping threshold of $35. ThredUp will ship products directly from its warehouses, but customers will be able to return items at Walmart stores or online via ThredUp...
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A Case for Cooperation Between Machines and Humans // NYTimes
A computer scientist argues that the quest for fully automated robots is misguided, perhaps even dangerous. His decades of warnings are gaining more attention.
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NEW IFTF Foresight Tool: Design Your Practice // IFTF Future Now
IFTF is currently helping one of our partners build an organizational futures practice and create a culture of foresight. To do this, we scanned the landscape of the foresight world; we researched over 250 organizations across multiple sectors: government, corporate, NGO, academic, think tanks, and consultancies. Looking across these groups, we saw a pattern emerge in how they made strategic decisions regarding their internal foresight capacities...
Read More

These Are Boom Times for Augmented Reality // Nextgov
There’s no escaping the pandemic, but bizarre Instagram filters and Zoom backgrounds give us the illusion that we can...
Read more

Watch the World's Largest Electric Plane Take to the Skies // Futurism
The world’s largest all-electric plane passed a short test flight with flying colors last week. The plane, a Cessna Grand Caravan 208, was retrofitted with an electric motor and flew for a half-hour after its first-ever takeoff, Tech Xplore reports. While there’s a long way to go before the aviation industry stops depending on fossil fuels, the test is an important first step toward cleaner skies...
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Reality Blending and PokéStop Scanning Come to Pokémon GO // Niantic
Two new AR features are rolling out to select Pokémon GO players over the next few weeks. These updates will help us create more realistic AR experiences and continue our efforts toward building a 3-D map of the world—one that is oriented around people...
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VR and AR devices at 1/100 the cost and 1/10,000 the thickness in the works // ScienceDaily
Zombies or enemies flashing right before your eyes and the dizzying feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff using virtual reality and augmented reality (AR and VR) are no longer exclusive to the games or media industries. Those technologies allow us to conduct virtual conferences, share presentations and videos, and communicate in real time in the virtual space. But because of the high cost and bulkiness of VR and AR devices, the virtual world is not within easy reach...
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Other Cool Stuff to Learn/Watch/Read/Play/Know About

News, Articles & Interesting Projects

🔥Rediscovering the Small Web 
Most websites today are built like commercial products by professionals and marketers, optimized to draw the largest audience, generate engagement, and 'convert'. But there is also a smaller, less-visible web designed by regular people to simply share their interests and hobbies with the world. A web that is unpolished, often quirky but often also fun, creative, and interesting.
Check It Out

Grimes is Auctioning Off a Fraction of Her Soul // Futurism
Claire “Grimes” Boucher — acclaimed musician, avant-garde artist, and mother of Elon Musk’s latest child — has decided to auction off a percentage of her soul, Bloomberg reports. The bizarre sale, which will include a legal document specifying that the buyer owns part of Grimes’ soul, will be part of the performer’s upcoming online art exhibition, aptly-titled titled “Selling Out.”
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SODO - SOPA designs furniture set made entirely from upcycled cardboard
SODO – SOPA presents ‘serif + sero’ – a modular and stackable coffee table series that aims to promote the upcycling and repurposing of cardboard packaging. for this project, the Sydney based design studio wanted to introduce flexibility in function and form for the everyday coffee lover using only repurposed cardboard as a material. the assembly involves a series of cuts, scores, flips, and folds before locking into place. the set is available in either square or circular forms offering options of a simple or more challenging assembly.
Check It Out

The #IAmTranshuman Blog
The IAmTranshuman blog is generated by the staff of but focused on general transhumanism.  Topics are focused on ‘news’, ‘projects’, ‘Resources’ and general transhumanism, setting aside controversial topics best left to other sites and blogs...
Check It Out

My “Cyborg Stat Card” from bOING bOING magazine circa 1993 #cyberpunk // Adafruit Blog
In 1993, I was the Senior Editor of bOING bOING when it was a print magazine. I’d had my own zine from 1989-93, called Going Gaga: Artinformationoise, but had recently stopped publication and had rolled Gaga into a regular column in Boing Boing...
Check It Out

Fashion Magazine Roasts SpaceX’s Dorky Space Suit // Futurism
"It looks like a half-finished Power Ranger." “A boxy white top with minor detailing, paired with boxy white pants with minor detailing?” GQ contributing writer Tyler Watamanuk wrote in a recent article for the men’s lifestyle magazine, condemning SpaceX’s design choices... 
Read More

Bringing Stories to Life: The World of Science Fiction and Fantasy Model Building  // Tor
Science fiction and fantasy fans love to dream about things that never existed. And some of them enjoy bringing objects and ideas from their imagination to life. Whether working from kits or making something from scratch, there is a great deal of enjoyment to be gained from model building, and satisfaction in seeing a finished project. This is a great time for those who enjoy the hobby: the internet has provided ways to share information with other modelers and to shop for kits and products from around the world, and the new technology of 3D printing has opened up even more ways to bring imaginary things to life. So if like a lot of people these days, you have some extra time on your hands, you might want to look into model building...
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Take your pillow fort to the next level with these elaborate free designs // FastCompany
Cat footwear has just launched a line of kids’ shoes that look like miniature versions of the work boots it’s known for. As part of its launch campaign, it’s issued a Fort Challenge, inviting families to get creative with their pillow forts. Its website offers three free blueprints and instruction manuals that will help you construct hideaways such as an outdoor campsite made from a clothesline and three sheets. If you want to design a fort from scratch, you can download a “create-your-own” blueprint that lets you customize the three fort structures.
Check It Out

What makes organizing fun in video games? // Polygon
If you’ve ever taken the contents of a messy closet or desk drawer and sorted them into a pleasantly organized arrangement, I’ll bet you thought at least a little bit about the video game Tetris. This seminal puzzle game has lodged itself so thoroughly in our culture that just about everyone has organized something in their life by “Tetrising” it...
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🔥Hacker Trivia Night [GAME/EVENT]🔥
Hack the planet. Frag the man. Free the world. A gamified computer education event awarding cash donations to community beneficiaries in need. The next game benefits Wonderville. Hacker Trivia Night is an engaging, educational, and fun online event benefiting local charities, small businesses, and neighborhood community groups in the form of a beginner-friendly hacking and cybersecurity game that anyone can play.
Learn More

Gaming, Shows, Books & Other Random Cool Stuff

Design is Storytelling, Ellen Lupton [Book]
Good design, like good storytelling, brings ideas to life. The latest book from award-winning writer Ellen Lupton is a playbook for creative thinking, showing designers how to use storytelling techniques to create satisfying graphics, products, services and experiences. Whether crafting a digital app or a data-rich publication, designers invite people to enter a scene and explore what’s there. An intriguing logo, page layout or retail space uses line, shape and form to lead users on dynamic journeys.
Check It Out

VA-11 Hall-A (PC, PS4, Switch) [Game]
In this visual novel slash bartending sim set in future San Francisco, you serve androids, cat girls and hackers, among others. Each of your customers comes to you with their drink orders and their worries, and thanks to great writing, your chats with the people on the other side of the bar do not only feel realistic, but leave you thoughtful about modern life and the direction we as humans are taking. 
Check It Out

Tales from the Loop [Amazon Prime]
Inspired by the wonderous paintings of Simon Stalenhag, Tales from the Loop explores the mind-being adventures of the people who live about the Loop, a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe - making things previously relegated to science fiction possible.
Check It Out

Speculative News, Articles, Resources (COVID-19 Related)

News, articles, and other writing on signals and trends regarding how the world around us is changing due to COVID-19 and speculations on how the future might be different as a result.

Skip this section if you don't want to hear any more about this right now or focus on something else.


Predictions Aren’t the Point: Lessons from Forecasting the Pandemic // IFTF FutureNow
One of the most common questions people first ask when learning about IFTF’s work is, “How many of your forecasts did you get right?” My answer is always some variation of “That’s not the point – forecasts are provocations, not predictions.” And yet, people still want to measure a forecast’s utility based on whether it came true or not. This might be a good vetting strategy for picking someone to manage your retirement investments – but it’s not the way to evaluate a futurist. Good foresight inspires action, not “wait-and-find-out-what-happens”. Now is an important time for foresight practitioners to get better at imagining more equitable, desirable, and optimistic futures—and then rallying a network of the right people to make those futures real. Here’s how the 2020 pandemic brought these lessons into focus for me.
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Paris installs hundreds of free hand sanitizer stations around the city // FastCompany
There have been a lot of off-the-wall design concepts geared toward keeping public spaces germ-free as cities reopen. Many are good examples of design innovation, but the City of Love has gone a step further and taken one to actual IRL implementation. Starting on May 11, Paris partnered with advertising company JCDecaux to add hand sanitizer dispensers to the walls at 1,500 bus stations and 435 public restrooms—or three-quarters of bus shelters and all public toilets...
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Elon Musk: "We Want to be a Leader in Apocoplypse Technology" // Futurism
Retired TV host and car nerd Jay Leno got a first row look at Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck electric pickup. In the passenger seat next to him was Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, who gave him a tour of the truck’s features — and later some tunnels he’s dug under Los Angeles with the Boring Company, another of his startups. In the TV segment, aired by CNBC, Musk boasts to Leno about the car’s bulletproof exterior. “When the apocalypse comes, you’ll be glad it’s bulletproof,” he told Leno. “We want to be the leader in apocalypse technology.”...
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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on the Metaverse, permanent WFH, and accelerating raises // Venturebeat
Nvidia posted big earnings gains and unveiled its 54-billion transistor A100 artificial intelligence chip in the past couple of weeks. We talked with CEO Jensen Huang about that and his view of the Metaverse, or the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One. We also asked him if gaming will emerge from the pandemic as the biggest entertainment industry by any measure...
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How lockdown is changing shopping for good // MIT Technology Review
Big online stores are based around vast automated warehouses. Smaller and cheaper versions of this tech will be key if smaller stores are to survive through a series of lockdowns...
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Automation Nations: A View Of How Industry Will Transform Itself After The Pandemic // GE Reports
Millions of Americans have been told by state officials to stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. But working from home isn’t an option for everyone, and some operations deemed essential and allowed to stay open can’t slow down or stop, even temporarily: Utilities have to keep the lights on and the water running, for instance. Others, like industrial manufacturers, are urgently needed to respond to the demands of the day, whether that’s medical equipment like ventilators and respirators or food and household goods like paper towels and toilet paper...
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Crafting The Post COVID World // Club of Rome
COVID-19 is killing hundreds of thousands of us. The lockdown that governments hope will stem its spread has revealed the fragility of the global economy with devastating impacts on vulnerable populations. The unfolding tragedy for millions of people is far from over. Yet several things are clear: This will hurt the poorest among us worst, and We will emerge from this emergency...
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Wearable tech can spot coronavirus symptoms before you even realize you’re sick // The Washington Post
Data from a wearable device can reveal coronavirus symptoms days before you even realize you’re sick, researchers have found in preliminary studies. That means fitness trackers could be on their way to becoming sickness trackers...
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A Tokyo Hospital is Livestreaming Surgeries in Virtual Reality // Futurism
At Tokyo Women’s Medical University, which is known for experimenting with medical robots and AI algorithms, surgeons are now performing operations under the watchful eye of a giant, 8K virtual reality camera. That way, medical students who can’t personally attend classes due to medical concerns can put on a VR headset and tune in from home...
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3D printing finally found its market, and all it took was a pandemic // Protocol
When the spread of COVID-19 decimated supply chains around the world, countries scrambled for important medical supplies — face masks, swabs, ventilators, drugs — but found few places to source them. In response, a global groundswell of companies and hobbyist makers rushed to fill the gap any way they could. For many, that meant 3D printing. Fast-forward six weeks, and tens of thousands of parts have been printed, helping to save lives and protect frontline workers...
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Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation // NYTimes
Broad unease about losing jobs to machines could dissipate as people focus on the benefits of minimizing close human contact.
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Hackaday How You Can Help List & Free Events / Classes
Check out our Hackaday How You Can Help spreadsheet, a comprehensive list of what efforts are currently looking for help, plus what’s out there in terms of Discord and Slack channels, lists of materials you might need if you choose to volunteer to build something, and even a list of recent COVID-19 Hackaday articles if you need inspiration. You’ll also want to check out our calendar of free events and classes, which might be a great way to use the isolation time to better your lot.
Learn More

National Emergency Library to Provide Digitized Books to Students and the Public
To address our unprecedented global and immediate need for access to reading and research materials, as of today, March 24, 2020, the Internet Archive will suspend waitlists for the 1.4 million (and growing) books in our lending library by creating a National Emergency Library to serve the nation’s displaced learners. This suspension will run through June 30, 2020, or the end of the US national emergency, whichever is later. 
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Donate your stimulus check to those who need it most.
Learn More


How We Feel lets you self-report your age, sex, ZIP code, and any health symptoms you experience. It only takes 30 seconds! Aggregate data is securely shared with select scientists, doctors and public health professionals who are actively working to stop the spread of COVID-19. The app doesn't ask you to sign in or share your name, phone number or email address.
Learn More

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund // WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading and coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic. Everyone can now support directly the response coordinated by WHO. People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support WHO and partners can now donate through the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.
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Design is Storytelling
by Ellen Lupton

Good podcast vibes for the nerdy set: Our recent faves in science, research
by Mara Katz

The Vast of Night is an alien encounter film like no other
By Nathan Mattise

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