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SciFly NYC // 95 // Daily Speculations Part I

Weekly Events 9/23 - 9/29

Hey SciFly Readers!

This week I want to share a couple of fun speculative sketches I have put together over the last week in response to the #DailyUI challenge.

Basically, they email you a prompt to design a different type of user interface element (sign-up form, settings, profile, landing page) every day for 100 days. I decided to sign-up for it after working on a super long design project at work where I have to focus on the here and now, the everyday challenges of an organization today.

As much as I love doing that kind of design, working creatively within constraints and with known user problems and research, I am constantly in a speculative frame of mind, and thought it would be fun to have a way to still have a little bit of constraints (via a daily prompt to design a specific type of thing) but much more freedom to get speculative, design however I wanted, and ultimately to get more comfortable doing quick sketches of many of the ideas I have jot down frantically in my phone and forget about for months.

So, enjoy a couple of my favorite speculative sketches so far from the DailyUI prompts.

Day 1 - Sign-Up & Day 2 - Credit Card Checkout

The first day I started this challenge, I was mildly annoyed that my partner wanted me to go to Lowe's (way farther way) instead of Home Depot, since apparently Home Depot is funneling money to conservative investors. I kept thinking that it's getting harder and harder to really vote with your dollar, given the convoluted nature of sprawling mega-corporations/subsidiary chains and the short-list of people and organizations who fund so very many things. How to fix this? Let's just use the blockchain and have our own 'money'... I started on Day 1 with the broad idea, and extended it a bit for Day 2, which was theoretically a credit card checkout, but I broadly interpreted that as payment.

Red/Blue is a speculative UI for a future app where society has been further & irreparably split by their political beliefs to only support and shop at organizations who share their values. By creating 2 new cryptocurrencies, BluePill and RedPill, users can be 100% sure they are putting their money where their values are, as that currency can only be accepted at verified Liberal or Conservative organizations. I could imagine this merging with A/R to go even further and literally tune-out opposing viewpoints, news, media, or any digital content that wouldn't fit within the user's chosen reality.

Day 4 -  Calculator

I have always thought it would be really cool if you could have a way to easily combine trends & signals into rich worlds for continued speculation by using AI trained on world-building techniques to somehow take inputs & generate different plausible futures, each featuring a context and user (setting and character).

No idea how exactly it would work in practice, but designed a fun way of thinking of it as a calculator where a user can input up to 5 variables from STEEP (Social, Technological, Economic, Ecological, Political) and generate a custom plausible future scenario.

Day 7 - Settings

Probably my favorite project to work on so far was Day 7, to design a settings window for an app or website. I had just started reading Neal Stephenson's Fall; or, Doge in Hell and was thinking a lot about layered reality, A/R, and a project I had worked on in the past with some amazing friends at a MIT Media Lab A/R hackathon including Rogue Fong and Adam Sauer,probably my first SciFly subscribers ever (I actually started SciFly on the bust home from the event at my group-mates encouragement). Our project, Rainbow, was an aspirational idea for blockchain verified layers of digital content in a world where ubiquitous augmented reality was the norm (if you have read the book, you'll see the connection). 

So I decided it would be fun to think about what settings might look like for this type of app (we called it Rainbow) and how I could use existing UI tools to mock them up, given they would have to work in an A/R prototype. Luckily I found a great Medium article on exactly this topic, and after downloading GoPro VR Studio, had a working UI sketch.

You can read more about our Rainbow project here, but basically the idea is that you can have a series of blockchain verified identities that allow you to access different streams of reality through your augmented reality wearable. This would allow each user to perceive the same surroundings in a totally different way, and actually layer on site-specific content as needed (notice how even though they are in cyber-punk land the MTA layer is turned on, and the subways are visible in their compass at the top of the design).
I'm only up to Day 8 for now, but I'll keep sharing some of my favorite ideas as I go along. You can also follow me daily on Twitter (yes, this is how I stay accountable) where I will post my designs at some point each evening Monday - Friday.

Thanks for listening and read on for this week's great speculative events!

"The future is here, now let's distribute it." 

Doc Martens

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Fall; or, Dodge in Hell
by Neal Stephenson

The Four Converging Technologies Giving Rise to the Spatial Web
by Peter H. Diamandis, MD

A prosthetic leg that can sense touch makes it easier for amputees to walk
by Charlotte Jee

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